The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 82

Chapter 82: The Five Peaks Were Open

Four months had passed since Jiang Yun’s disappearance. And this day, the bell of the Seeking-Tao Sect rang again, calling all disciples together. Dao TianYou, the Lord of the sect, showed up and announced a news. Two months later, the activity Cross the Five Peaks would start!

It was a very exciting announcement for everyone.

Cross the Five Peaks was a shortcut for all factotum disciples and outer disciples to become inner disciples. However, as a magic treasure of each peak, even if the Peak Masters had to consume a lot of Spiritual Energy to exert it. So it could only be opened once a year.

It was less than a year from the last time to open the Five Peaks. Therefore, it now got an unexpectedly early start, which made many disciples overjoyed.

Because even though it was extremely hard to cross the Five Peaks successfully, it was a precious experience chance, as these five magic treasures contained different Tao that the five peaks were expert in. Even if disciples failed in this activity, they could more or less get some enlightenment on their Tao practice in the process.

Though failed, many disciples could enhance their cultivation level in a short time after that activity.

Because of this, every disciple wanted to have a try. But unfortunately these magic treasures had an upper limit on the number of people they could accommodate. Therefore, the sect ruled that only disciples over the Sixth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm could participate in this activity.

This not only gave factotum disciples hopes, but also controlled the number of people to attend this annual activity, roughly fixed at a thousand, with around 200 people each peak averagely.

Although a thousand people sounded quite a lot, it was obviously not a large number when compared with the total number of disciples in the Seeking-Tao Sect which was almost ten thousands. Therefore, in order to get this opportunity, disciples should always work hard to reach the Sixth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm as early as possible.

This was a kind of encouragement for disciples.

Hence, hearing this news, almost every disciple had been devoting themselves in cultivation. Especially those who were in the Fourth or Fifth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm hoped to reach the Sixth Level in this two-month time at any cost so as to get the chance to cross the Five Peaks.

Time went by, and two months passed quickly.

When the first rays of sun shone in the morning, with bell ringing loudly, a large number of disciples rushed towards the Main Peak, the Fence Tao Peak.

The so-called Cross The Five Peaks was not really open the five peaks at the same time. Instead, each day only a peak would be opened, which as a result would last for five days. Since the Seeking-Tao Sect was famous of swordsmanship, every time the first peak to be opened would definitely be the Main Peak, …

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