The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 89

Chapter 89 One Man, One Sword

At the same moment that Jiang Yun’s figure stopped moving, Wei Zheng Yang’s face, which was always somber, finally revealed an expression of relief.

In fact, he did never hope that Wang Jian would kill Jiang Yun, he only wanted to use Wang Jian to slow Jiang Yun for as long as possible.

The Chop Sky Sword was a peculiar weapon with the first half of the blade being a dull body and only the last tenth-part of the sword being sharp.

Everyone knew that a sword could kill people only due to its blade. As a result, this generated the strongest and sharpest sword intent, where the meaning of the sword could even take a certain form.

Even Wei ZhengYang could not control a formed sword intent. He had no idea when and where a sword intent would appear. But he knew that the longer one stayed on the blade, the more likely one would encounter a formed sword intent.

Wei ZhengYang’s intention had been achieved. Now a sword meaning took form in Jiang Yun’s body; what was more, it appeared in a human form, which meant the strongest and sharpest among all the forms.

Although he could not see into Jiang Yun’s body, he was sure that it would definitely stop Jiang Yun’s progress.

In fact, Jiang Yun was aware of the danger clearly when he saw the human-shaped sword intent appear in his Dantian.

Because when it appeared, his Thunder Strength inside the body, which formed a thunder net, was instantly torn apart by it. Although the thunder net wasn’t completely ruined, there was a crack there, allowing the human-shape sword intent to drift through and enter his Dantian.

Jiang Yun was not a sword cultivator, and he had no idea about sword. What impressed him the most was the hazy figure from the Surrogate Talisman given by his Second Sister. That figure waved casually, but it really amazed him.

However, at this moment, looking at the same blurred human figure, Jiang Yun could clearly feel the power contained in it, more powerful than that in his memory.

Although Jiang Yun did not know whether he could resist this Sword Intent now, however he had to do something to stop it from running throughout his body.

‘It seems that I can only use Tao Doppelganger!’

Even Gu BuLao did not know that in Jiang Yun’s last month of seclusion, he had made a Tao Doppelganger, the physical Tao Doppelganger!

And the reason why he had not used it, naturally was to conceal his strength. Once his strength was exposed, it will be known to all that he has reached the tenth-level in Meridians Unclooged Realm.

But now, if he did not use it, his test would probably be over, so he had no option.

Jiang Yun slowly raised his fingers to his eyebrow. After the formation of Tao Doppelganger, it was condensed into a mark hidden under the brow.

But at …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Meaning Of Sword Transform To Substance

Other testers summoned their own sword to resist the surrounding Sword Force as soon as they stepped on the Chop-Sky Sword.

However, Jiang Yun had been walking a distance of nine tenths. Not only did he not use a sword, but also he didn’t make any action. Instead he only used his physical strength.

Now, as he entered the final one tenth, the coming Sword Force was condensed into an impenetrable wall, and its power increased a lot. Each of them that pierced his body left a small trace. Although it could be repaired in an instant, it would greatly slow his speed.

Therefore, at this time, Jiang Yun finally made a move!


Jiang Yun was really not a sworder, so the way he used was naturally the most powerful art he can perform at present. But he immediately found that there was no other power in this sword except the Sword Force and the meaning of sword.

This was why only those who pursue the Tao of sword dare to rush through Fence Peak.

If he was Wu Shang, even though he was skilled in the five-element arts, he cannot use any of them.

After discovering this, Jiang Yun was not in a fluster.

‘Blood mist!’

Blood, which is also water, also evaporates into fog.

In a split second, Jiang Yun’s body was surrounded by a red blood dragon-like mist. Its body was like a tangible one, and it suddenly rushed to the airless wall ahead.


In the great roar, the wall of Sword Force crumbled.

Jiang Yun had more spiritual power than all cultivators in Meridians Unclogged Realm, so the force of the collision made by this blood mist was too strong to imagine.

With only a simple impact, there was a hundred feet long crack on the wall of Sword Force. Jiang Yun flashed and past it.

After that, Jiang Yun spilled two drops of blood and let himself cross the distance of three hundred feet. At this moment, Wang Jian was less than thirty meters away from him.

Jiang Yun did not look at Wang Jian at all, but thought that whether there were other ways for him to walk through the rest, otherwise, another six or seven spouts of blood would be hurtful to himself even if he finally ran through the sword. What’s more, there were four more mountains waiting for him.

‘It seems that I can only use that…..’

Just when Jiang Yun was ready to go forward in a different way, Wang Jian in front of him turned suddenly and stared at him with bloodshot eyes. He slowly raised the sword in his hand, which was surrounded by blue thunder.

Wang Jian didn’t know who Jiang Yun was, let alone what Jiang Yun had done. However, at the moment, Jiang Yun was obviously able to threaten him. Therefore, even without Wei ZhengYang’s explanation, he was not prepared to let Jiang Yun surpass …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Shock Everyone

Wang Jian had been extremely relaxed all the way, coupled with his strong confidence, he had been dormant for four years. For today, he not only had to walk through the sword with the first status, but also had to surpass Fang YuXuan’s achievements, so he was not inclined to look back to see others, not to know Jiang Yun’s sudden appearance.

This sentence of Wei ZhengYang’s made his body cannot help but slightly shiver, it was not shocked that Wei ZhengYang let him kill someone, but shocked that there were still people can catch up with himself.

However, he still did not turn back, because now he, already dare not have the slightest distraction. Because in this last one tenth, except for the number of Sword Force and sword meaning had been more than the degree of terror, meanwhile, the meaning of sword here, can transform to substance!

The Sword Force can transform to substance, while the meaning of sword, an invisible and immaterial thing, as long as it grew strong to a certain extent, it can be substance as well!

Although he did not know exactly which stream of sword meaning will turn into substance, while Wang Jian had been extremely gingerly, every step was careful, like walking on thin ice.

When Wang Jian stepped into the final one tenths of the sword, Jiang Yun had already walked the sword of six tenths in just a quarter of an hour, while he became the No. 5 from the last position.

In front of him, there were only four men, Wang Jian, HuoYuan and two other disciples.

While Jiang Yun did not know how shocking his performance was in the eyes of onlookers. And his speed had to slow down at the moment.

For every part that had been walked before, the number of Sword Force and meaning of sword though increasing, it increased gradually. But after six tenths, their number doubled sharply from five tenths.

The intensity of the attack from sword like the rain of a downpour, crackled against his body, adding some resistance to his test.

Fortunately, his inner thunder net can still easily block those surging attacks.

Although his speed was indeed slower, it was relative to his own speed past, while it was still much faster compared to others.

When Jiang Yun finished seven tenths, he could see in his eyes the three figures just hundreds of feet away from him.

The three apparently did not find Jiang Yun, especially the two outer disciples still talking while breathing heavily.

‘Old Luo, you still don’t use all strength?’

‘Hey hey, don’t you also still have some reservation?’

‘Well, when the last quarter comes, we’ll give everyone a big surprise!’

‘Ha ha, good…’

The two people’s voice, suddenly stopped, because at their side, Jiang Yun had taken strides, easily passed them.

‘That’s impossible!’

They stared into Jiang Yun’s receding figure almost at the same time, and when they got back to their …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Eleven-Level In Meridians Unclogged Realm

If one wanted to break through the sword in less than an hour, such a thing had never happened in the history of Seeking-Tao Sect, even then no one dares to think about it.

Therefore, even the three of DongFang Bo had little hope for Jiang Yun’s test this time. In their opinion, the reason why Gu BuLao wanted Jiang Yun to rush through peaks at this time was to let Jiang Yun accumulate some experience for next year.

However, Jiang Yun did not think so at all. At this moment, he had only one thought in his mind, which was to seize this opportunity to go through all the five peaks, so that he could worship Gu BuLao as his master.

He did not want to wait another year, even at his present age.

For whether it was the first five years of peace with Feng WuJi, or Lu XiaoYu, who had went to No-Returning Road, and the disaster that may come to five-mountain island at any time, he was extremely valuable time.

Therefore, after stepping on the sword, he did not hesitate to improve his speed to the extreme, toward the top of the sword.

As for the countless Sword Force from all sides, he did not defend himself intentionally, but letting them to pierce his body, with continuous clang sounds.

These Sword Force might had been sharp, but it was impossible to penetrate his formidable body.

Even the meaning of sword, which could attack the spirit, was shattered directly in the moment when it rushed into Jiang Yun’s body, by the thunderbolt net made up of the Thunderbolt-Bead that was constantly moving through his body.

Although the meaning of sword was immaterial, it cannot break through the network of thunder. What’s more, the power of thunder in Jiang Yun’s body was comes from another world–a pure world made by thunder!

No one knows except Gu BuLao, now Jiang Yun’s state had reached the peak of a cultivator in Meridians Unclogged Realm in Mountain-Sea Continent–eleventh-level in Meridians Unclogged Realm!

With the help of Gu BuLao, although the process of getting through the eleventh meridian was still extremely painful, Jiang Yun did not encounter any other trouble. Even in terms of speed, it was much faster than the tenth meridian, which was naturally because the force of thunder was stronger than his physical strength.

It only took two months, and he successfully stepped into eleven-level in Meridians Unclogged Realm!

That was to say, when he retreated for five months, in fact, he can get rid of that Tao-breath from Gu BuLao, but at that time, Gu BuLao let him continue to train the Tao Doppelganger!

To open the meridians with the forces that do not belong to this world, each one of the forces will be accompanied by a special ability–Tao Doppelganger!

While Jiang Yun also saw Feng WuJi, who had owned the Tao Doppelganger made by star force, the power is …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Have I Seen Ghosts?!

Compared to half a year ago, Jiang Yun’s appearance had no change. With a little confused face, he sat there motionless, as if he had just woken up from a dream.

“Hey, brother Jiang!”

A friendly voice caught his notice. He looked up at the cliff and found that three persons were smiling to him.

“Big Brother, Second Sister, Third Brother!”

Jiang Yun suddenly stood up with smile. He took only a step, then he jumped directly over the height of nearly a thousand feet and appeared in front of them.

However, Jiang Yun turned his head suddenly and looked behind him. For a moment, he could feel a faint sense. But he looked around and saw nothing but the falling waterfall and the huge stone.

“It must be my illusion!”

Jiang Yun didn’t think too much. He turned again and bowed deeply to DongFang Bo and other two people. Since without them, he had never made such an achievement!

“Haha. You don’t need to be so polite! Get up!” DongFang Bo laughed and lifted up Jiang Yun’s bent body. He looked at him up and down, then his face showed a satisfied look.

“Hey dude, you look good!” XuanYuan Xing gave Jiang Yun a punch on his bare chest. However, his face changed suddenly due to this punch.

Because the anti-shock force that came from Jiang Yun’s chest made his hand a little numb.

XuanYuan Xing was shocked. He was about to say something, while Gu BuLao gave his words in a discontent tune, “If I have known that you only need half a year, I would give you less Tao Energy. Since I have already given you, let us not waste it! I will seal it inside your body, and you can use it whenever you need!”

Then the golden light around Jiang Yun rushed into his body in a flash.

“Thank you, Peak Master!”

Jiang Yun knows clearly that the Tao Energy given by Gu BuLao was very precious. The remaining half breath which could be summoned at any time in the future could hide his vibe for half a year. Hence, he hurriedly gave a deep bow to where Gu BuLao was.

“Since you’ve already come out at this moment when the Cross The Five Peaks is being held, you should try it. Or you will have to wait another year!”

Gu BuLao’s words not only made Jiang Yun stunned, other three were shocked as well.

Although XuanYuan Xing had guessed that Jiang Yun might come out for this event, the Fence Tao Peak had been opened for four hours and it would be impossible for Jiang Yun to finish the whole distance within the rest of the time!

Jiang Yun was stunned, “Have the Cross The Five Peaks started already?”

DongFang Bo nodded, “Yes! The first peak was opened four hours ago. It’s the Fence Tao Peak. If you want to attend this event, you should be hurry. Only …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 84

Chapter 84: The Sword Light and Sword Consciousness

Though the thunder was very loud, nobody outside the Hidden Peak could hear it. Only Gu BuLao and his three disciples heard it clearly.

Gu BuLao slightly squinted and said, “Will he come out soon? Then he really catches a good time!”

DongFang Bo and the other two disciples had shown up on the cliff opposite the waterfall as soon as the thunder had sounded. They were staring down, with face surprise and expectant.

Although they could actually see nothing, not to mention Jiang Yun’s figure, they could feel that the thunder became more frequent. This turned their face from surprise to serious.

DongFang Bo frowned, “What the hell is Brother Jiang doing? There’s no danger in making such a big noise, is there?”

SiTu Jing though said nothing, she was worried as well.

XuanYuan Xing stealthily took a glance at Gu BuLao who were sitting on the top of the mountain. Then he grinned, “Take it easy. Our master is not in a hurry at all. He will definitely be alright!”

“Oh, Smart-Boy!” Following XuanYuan Xing’s words, Gu BuLao’s voice sounded near these three disciples. It could be found that Gu BuLao was kind of happy now.


Hearing their master’s words, these three guys were relieved. They knew their master’s temper pretty much. He always had a poker face. However, his voices suggested his good mood now. Brother Jiang must be fine and possibly have something good happened.

Gu BuLao spoke as expected, “Don’t worry. This guy will come out soon!”

These three were in great joy. XuanYuan Xing smiled, “Master, what strength does brother Jiang have now?”

“You will find it when he shows up!”

Gu BuLao became silent then. They dared not to ask more. Seeing each other, XuanYuan Xing suddenly realized something, “Brother Jiang comes out for the Cross The Five Peak event, doesn’t he?”

That was possible since Gu BuLao promised Jiang Yun to become his disciple only when Jiang Yun crossed all these five peaks successfully.

DongFang Bo frowned, “However, the Fence Tao Peak has opened for over half an hour. Even if brother Jiang comes out right now, I’m afraid it’s too late!”

SiTu Jing said flatly, “He can catch next year’s chance!”

“Well, brother Jiang is young enough. It’s fine to wait a year!”

They then finished talking and kept watching the waterfall, waiting for Jiang Yun with patience. Unconsciously, two hours passed.

While in the time they had been waiting, the competition on the sword became white-hot!

Though at the beginning disciples who stood on the hilt had almost rushed to the body of the sword at the same time, only a while later, the distance between each other grew gradually. Even some had fallen from the Chop-Sky Sword.

Because once standing on the body of the sword, its Sword Light and Sword Consciousness would be inspired, attacking everyone indiscriminately.

Furthermore, the farther you went on its body, the stronger Sword Light …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Four-Year Dormancy

Looking at the Hidden Peak, all the people understood who Bao YuanQiang was talking about. That was Jiang Yun!

That day when Jiang Yun had beaten Zheng Yuan had made those who had witnessed that fight deeply impressed. Jiang Yun was only at the Meridians Unclogged Realm, but he had been able to fight with one at the Blessing Land Realm. What was more, he had almost killed Zheng Yuan. It was really exciting to see how well Jiang Yun in such a powerful strength would performance in this event.

“However, after that fight, Jiang Yun has not appeared for more than half a year. He is definitely trying to promote himself to the Blessing Land Realm. I’m afraid that he might not come for the Cross The Five Peaks at this moment.”

“He has been famous due to that fight. He should have been accepted as a disciple by a certain Peak Master or Elder or even the Lord of the Sect. It’s unnecessary for him to attend this event!”

People were talking excitedly. While Bao YuanQiang said with more disdain, “Bah! You should admit that you are ignorant! Who told you that he has been at the Ninth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm already? Who told you that he has been promoting himself to the Blessing Land Realm?”

“He said it himself! Furthermore, he had beaten Brother Zheng. He could never make it if he hadn’t been at the Ninth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm!”

Bao YuanQiang pointed at these people and said, “You! You’re just like parrots, saying what others says. How could you believe what he said? If I tell you that I’m at the Ninth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, will you believe it? Have he given any evidence? As for the hearsay that he had ever beaten Brother Zheng……Ahem! There was low-down on it.”

Everyone was attracted and asked at once, “What’s the inside information?”

Bao YuanQiang lowered his voice deliberately, “According to Master Xiao, Jiang Yun should take some drugs that can promote his strength during a short time. That’s why he could be so powerful that day. However, it also caused a lot of damage to his body. The reason why he didn’t show up for such a long time was very likely to be that he has been healing himself.”

Upon hearing the name Master Xiao, all these disciples were immediately in awe. Because Master Xiao was the only second-class chemist in the Seeking-Tao Sect!

This made the credibility of Bao YuanQiang’s words increased. Because though they might dare to doubt Bao YuanQiang, they would absolutely not dare to question Master Xiao.

“Aha! Then that can explain how a mortal could cultivate to the Ninth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm within only ten months! He must take some special pills!”

“I heard something as well. A brother told me that Jiang Yun was kind of strange. Now I see!”

“I have been taken him as the model …

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The World That Tao Rules – Chapter 82

Chapter 82: The Five Peaks Were Open

Four months had passed since Jiang Yun’s disappearance. And this day, the bell of the Seeking-Tao Sect rang again, calling all disciples together. Dao TianYou, the Lord of the sect, showed up and announced a news. Two months later, the activity Cross the Five Peaks would start!

It was a very exciting announcement for everyone.

Cross the Five Peaks was a shortcut for all factotum disciples and outer disciples to become inner disciples. However, as a magic treasure of each peak, even if the Peak Masters had to consume a lot of Spiritual Energy to exert it. So it could only be opened once a year.

It was less than a year from the last time to open the Five Peaks. Therefore, it now got an unexpectedly early start, which made many disciples overjoyed.

Because even though it was extremely hard to cross the Five Peaks successfully, it was a precious experience chance, as these five magic treasures contained different Tao that the five peaks were expert in. Even if disciples failed in this activity, they could more or less get some enlightenment on their Tao practice in the process.

Though failed, many disciples could enhance their cultivation level in a short time after that activity.

Because of this, every disciple wanted to have a try. But unfortunately these magic treasures had an upper limit on the number of people they could accommodate. Therefore, the sect ruled that only disciples over the Sixth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm could participate in this activity.

This not only gave factotum disciples hopes, but also controlled the number of people to attend this annual activity, roughly fixed at a thousand, with around 200 people each peak averagely.

Although a thousand people sounded quite a lot, it was obviously not a large number when compared with the total number of disciples in the Seeking-Tao Sect which was almost ten thousands. Therefore, in order to get this opportunity, disciples should always work hard to reach the Sixth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm as early as possible.

This was a kind of encouragement for disciples.

Hence, hearing this news, almost every disciple had been devoting themselves in cultivation. Especially those who were in the Fourth or Fifth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm hoped to reach the Sixth Level in this two-month time at any cost so as to get the chance to cross the Five Peaks.

Time went by, and two months passed quickly.

When the first rays of sun shone in the morning, with bell ringing loudly, a large number of disciples rushed towards the Main Peak, the Fence Tao Peak.

The so-called Cross The Five Peaks was not really open the five peaks at the same time. Instead, each day only a peak would be opened, which as a result would last for five days. Since the Seeking-Tao Sect was famous of swordsmanship, every time the first peak to be opened would definitely be the Main Peak, …

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