The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 80

Hey guys Zenthanith here! I’ve been noticing the drop in both ratings and views for “The God of Sky and Earth”, may I know if my translations are going wrong somewhere which caused the displeasure in reading the story? 🙁  Please do let me know if there is some problem in the comments below so that I can improve! And also help share it online with others on other media platforms!

Thank you to all those who have continued to support the series and please do continue to do so! I really do appreciate the support! Every little bit helps! Well then, see ya next time! ~Zenthanith~

Translator: Zenthanith

Editor: theprettyrainbow

Chapter 80: Seven Injuries Fist…

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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 75

Hey guys, Zenthanith here! This chapter will be the start of volume 2 of The God of Sky & Earth. Unfortunately, our previous editor om had to quit due to real life, but don’t fear for we have a new editor, theprettyrainbow!

Thanks for all your support so far! Pls continue to support the series and do not hesitate to leave comments down below if you have any feedback and to show your support as well. Hope you guys continue to enjoy the series. Have fun!

Translator: Zenthanith

Editor: theprettyrainbow…

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