Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger!

“It’s right after that hillside in front!” the wolfman named Ken said excitedly. “The meat that my wife roasts are the best in the entire village! Slurp, I guarantee that you’ll definitely lick your paws!”

His large tail behind him was wagging left and right when he said this. Evidently, he was very excited.

“His wife is also a beauty who is famous far and wide!” another wolfman called Blanca grinned and said.

After long hours of a strenuous journey, the image of a female having a wolf head similar to these two, together with a muscular human body flashed through the mind of Wu Qingsong. Without knowing the reason, his body felt a shiver ran down his spine.


He barely managed to squeeze out a smile in order to deal with Ken’s enthusiasm.

Before meeting these two wolfmen hunters, he had been going around in circles inside this forest for three whole days.

Starting from the excitement at the prospect of becoming a dimensional traveler, and then being forced to face the reality that he had a high chance of dying in this forest. Additionally, the attempt to search for food, water, and a way out and also almost getting killed by a wild boar that was larger than a cow in the middle of his search, until he accidentally lured it into a trap…

Having such a rich life experience in such a short period of time has allowed him to accept it and to stay calm when facing these two seemingly scary native people. For the nineteen years old Wu Qingsong, this was definitely a great achievement.

Perhaps it was because he had involuntarily become a bait and allowed these two hunters to easily profit, their attitude towards him could be described as friendly. Not only did they not doubt his lies, but they also provided him a lot of useful information. When they knew he was alone with nowhere to go, they zealously invited him to the village.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine!” Ken, the optimist was passionately talking all the way. According to Blanca, he had only been married for half a year. Obviously, this wolfman was currently immersed in bliss.

He and Blanca each carried half a wild boar. Yet, they walked through the forest and hill with ease. Not a single sign of hardship could be seen on their faces. The empty-handed Wu Qingsong could only grit his teeth and struggle to keep up with their pace.

He estimated that the weight of the wild boar which was large to the point of being illogical was around one ton. Even if the blood had been let out and the viscera removed, there should be at least seven to eight hundred kilograms of its weight left. These wolfmen who could easily carry around things weighing three to four hundred kilograms while running around in the hill and forest without looking the least bit tired truly lived up to their name of having a body that was far stronger than humans.

According to what they said, they were now in an isolated area on the southern part of a mountain range called Turks which was located in the middle of a vast continent called Ladiano. The people and vast land around this part belonged to the Illiar Barony. The city in the middle of the barony was Sier which was located southward from here and the rather prosperous city needed around five days of journey to reach.

However, all of them were things they heard from rumors. They had never been to that place before.

In fact, they were the so-called mountain people. If it was not for the trip to the nearby town to sell dried meat, fur and herbs they found occasionally during their hunt, they would never leave this forest.

“You should be able to find a decent job at that place,” the older-looking Blanca said meaningfully.

Wu Qingsong felt that there was something in his words that he could not understand at the moment, but in the current situation, he had no reason to ask about it.

Three men, to be precise, two wolfmen and one human walked towards the direction of the village while chatting. In the beginning, Wu Qingsong spared no effort to guide the topic of their chat in hopes of getting more information about this world, but gradually, exhaustion and hunger began to overwhelm him and his mind went numb.

“It’s just in front!” Ken said, still in his passionate mode.

After they went over a hill, the trees suddenly became sparse and thinly scattered farmlands appeared in front of them. At the end of the farmlands was obviously the very village that Ken had been repeating all the way here. However, their footsteps came into a halt simultaneously at this moment.

Several thick wisps of smoke were rising from the middle of the village and they were obviously not some normal smoke.

“What happened!?”

Ken suddenly became anxious. He carried the half wild boar and broke into a run for a few steps before he came into the realization about something and threw it by the roadside. Then, he went on all fours on the ground like a real wolf and rushed to the village following a small path.

Blanca called out to him for a few times, but it did nothing to stop him. He had no choice but to also put down the wild boar by the roadside. He took off the bow and arrows on his back and chased after him with a grave expression.


Wu Qingsong was somewhat unprepared for this situation. Due to the trees blocking his sight, standing here could only allow him to see the dark smoke but not the situation in the village.

At this moment, what should an outsider like him do?

“Wait here. If nothing happens, I’ll bring someone back to get the meat,” Blanca’s voice came from far away.

This might be the most appropriate arrangement at the moment but Wu Qingsong’s heart had a strong feeling of uneasiness. He subconsciously clenched the handle of the small knife that Ken had given him to cut meat. Arriving at this world not long ago without mastering any self-defense skills, the amount of help that such a small knife could provide him hardly needed any imagination.

Vaguely, there seemed to be some noise coming from the thicket not far away. Wu Qingsong reckoned that that was the sound of people fighting but it was not clear to his hearing. After a few minutes, the sound suddenly became clear. It was the roar of some kind of beast!

Blanca’s figure stumbled while fleeing towards his direction but almost at the same time he appeared, several even larger figures suddenly appeared in Wu Qingsong’s sight. They were wolves that were larger than even horses! On their backs were warriors wearing metal armors!

It was unknown where Blanca had thrown away his bow and arrows. Currently, he was running wildly on all fours like an animal on the ground but in the next moment, those giant wolves had caught up to him. His figure suddenly disappeared and then there was a series of barking sounds mixed with the sounds of tearing and swallowing, which made his blood run cold.

Wu Qingsong felt like his legs had been nailed to the ground, his breathing stopped at almost the same time.

His instinct was telling him to flee but his mind was telling him that it would be useless. He had seen how Blanca and Ken moved about in the hill and forest. When they moved at their top speed, they were like real wolves. But in front of these wolf cavalries, that Blanca was not able to escape. This meant that even with nearly fifty meters of distance between himself and those beasts, there was no way he could safely escape.

Blanca who was over 1.9 meters did not last even one minute before disappearing from the face of this world, leaving behind only a puddle of blood on the ground. One of the wolf cavalries began to usher his mount towards him slowly. Perhaps it was because he did not run away, their gaits were quite relaxed.

“Who are you?”

The knight on top of the giant wolf also had a canine head but was wider compared to Ken and Blanca. The snout was also shorter, without much hair looking like a fierce mastiff with cold and cruel eyes.

“I am Wu, I just happened to be passing by.”

Wu Qingsong tried to make his voice sound tranquil but he was only a nineteen years old young man who had just witnessed a person he knew being eaten alive in front of him. This more or less made his voice tremble and change.

“Passing by?” the wolf cavalry sneered. The giant wolf below him showed its teeth while snarling and began to crouch as though it was going to pounce on him. “In this kind of place?”

Cold sweat immediately drenched Wu Qingsong’s back but he still tried to force himself to calm down.

“I am a traveler coming from the north side of this mountain range.”

“Do you know the people in this village?” asked the wolf cavalry. At the same time, he was staring at his eyes with a ferocious gaze, which made Wu Qingsong even more nervous.

“I don’t know.”

He tried very hard to shake his head.

“Hehe,” the wolf cavalry sneered. He steered the giant wolf to the side of Wu Qingsong, walked around him slowly and then said, “Follow me, half-elf. Let Lord Klein judge your words. You better not be spewing out lies. He’s currently not in a good mood.”


Wu Qingsong could not understand what he meant but apparently, he had passed for the time being.

The cavalry ushered his giant wolf to the side of the wild boar meat and picked them up with his long spear before rushing towards the village down the hill.

The other wolf cavalries stayed at the place where Blanca was torn apart while looking at him coldly which left him with no choice but to walk over to them slowly.

Wu Qingsong was not in the mood to observe the simple farmlands on the hillside, neither did he have any thoughts to bother with the houses that were almost built solely from wood, which were now on fire. Blood was everywhere in the village and that made him totally unsettled. The limited information that he got from Blanca and Ken was far from enough to make a decent excuse to get him out from his current predicament. His only hope lies in the word that the wolf cavalry had inadvertently revealed.


What did that mean?

Did he look like a half-elf by any chance?

The meaning behind Blanca’s words before, was it related to this word?

Was this the opportunity to let him escape his current crisis?

He had thought that he would see an even more ferocious mastiffman. He had even considered the possibility that Lord Klein the wolf cavalry spoke about would be an even more vicious beast. Yet, when he truly met him, he was greatly surprised.

Not because this Lord Klein was too savage and ugly but because he was too handsome.

Long blond hair, deep blue eyes, and skin that was fair enough to make all women go mad, as well as the iconic long pointed ears.

He turned out to be an elf!

An elf that had always represented beauty, kindness, justice and natural harmony! He was now surrounded by a group of dirty and cruel beast-like mastiff-men, like a sheep surrounded by wolves.

What was going on!?

For a moment, Wu Qingsong had even suspected that he was also a captive like himself, but soon the actions of those wolf calvaries thoroughly destroyed his conjecture.

They came down from the giant wolves and carefully placed the wild boar meat with respect in front of him before proceeding to mutter something to him.

“An inferior low-class product,” that elf had only taken a look at him coldly and said so. “Nager, you are wasting my time!”

“Lord, what should we do with him then?” that wolf cavalry asked in a low voice. “There’s noble elf blood flowing inside his body, even if there’s not much…”

Klein thought for a second before impatiently said, “Lock him up together with those captives, bring him back and let Lord Wals deal with him. If he escapes, kill him! Now get him out of my sight!”

Wu Qingsong did not even get a chance to speak. Soon, the wolf cavalries roughly picked him up by his collar and brought him to one of the few houses left that were still considered intact in the village before opening the door and threw him inside.

Together with the sound of exclamations, Wu Qingsong fell down in bafflement. After struggling to get up, he was surprised to find that a group of young women was standing in front of him.

No, not women!

All of them have pointed dog-like ears on top of their heads. Certain parts of their faces also have thick hair. All of these reminded Wu Qingsong of their identities. It also brought with them some indescribable wild beauty and behind each and every one of them was a big fluffy tail without exception.

Wu Qingsong’s outlook of this world had collapsed once again.

These…These are the females of wolfmen?


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