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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 10 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: We are done this time

“Kitty little sister, we need your help!” Wu Qingsong spoke to the cat maid by the vent hole.

Her shadow was there, Wu Qingsong could even see the tip of her white tail swaying gently in the air, but he could not figure out what she was thinking at the moment.

It might be too cruel to put such a big responsibility on the shoulders of such a little girl. A few songs, a few stories, and a little bit of food were not reasons enough for her to take risks, but at this moment, other than her, Wu Qingsong really could not think of anyone else.

The only thing he could give was a future that he himself could not guarantee, but he believed, if they managed to escape from here, he would be able to give them a much better life than before.

“If you don’t help, then the only thing we can do is die!” he said with despair. But then again, he did not even know her name. If it was him, would he really take such a risk for a complete stranger who her owner placed in the basement?

Ling obviously sniffed out the cat girl’s scent. She looked at Wu Qingsong inexplicably. Just when Wu Qingsong was about to give up, the little figure finally peeked out a small head from the vent hole.

She must have been hesitating for a long time, but eventually, she asked in a very soft, very uncertain voice, “Meow~you…what do you want me to do?”

“I need tools, tools that can break these iron bars!” Wu Qingsong became excited all of a sudden, “Please!”

“The tools to break the iron bars?” The cat girl repeated it gently, and then quickly disappeared into the vent hole. Wu Qingsong waited anxiously. He had no idea what she would bring for him. Hacksaw? File? Or something else? But after a long time when the cat girl finally came back, she only brought a few knives and an axe that was probably used for chopping wood.

She nervously put these things down by the opening of the cage, while her tail swayed back and forth.

Wu Qingsong did not know what to say. She must have done her best, but these things were obviously not enough to deal with these kinds of finger-thick iron bars.

“These… these are very good, but are there any saws?” he asked in the mildest tone possible. “Chisels are fine too.”

The cat girl once again disappeared into the vent hole. After a while, she was struggling to drag an iron rod that was almost as long as her body back.

Wu Qingsong looked at the new dirty smudges on her maid’s dress and felt very touched. He could imagine how much effort it took to bring this heavy thing back with her weak body. Although it did not seem to be useful at all, he still nodded hard.

“Thank you!”

All three of them began to work on the cage.

It turned out that the practice of using urine to speed up the corrosion of the iron bar was simply ineffective. If he was locked up here for more than ten years, then this might be useful. However, there was only twenty days’ time. Though there were signs of rust on the finger-thick iron bar, there was still a long way for the whole thing to rust.

Those knives were also not useful. The only thing that could be used was the axe and the iron rod, but the technology level of this world was probably at a very low level. The material of the axe should not be steel. After a few cuts, the edge of the blade had already been chipped. In the end, Wu Qingsong could only try to use the iron bar that was slightly flat on one side like a chisel, to chisel away at the root of those iron bars, again and again, hoping to loosen the joint.

These things were probably not welded together but were heated, softened and hammered to make them stick together. Then, this method should be good enough.

However, the sounds produced were too loud. Wu Qingsong could only let the cat girl keep watch so that the clanging of the metal would not be heard by anyone.

“What’s your name? Kitty little sister?” he asked the cat girl.

“Liu…Liu Li,” The cat girl answered softly before she quickly ran out of the vent hole.

After a day of continuous hammering, an iron bar finally began to loosen up, which let Wu Qingsong saw a ray of hope, but Liu Li quickly ran down at this moment

“Meow~ L-Lord Klein is back! ”

Wu Qingsong and Ling hurriedly hid those tools under the curtain before facing him.

“Tomorrow, or the latest the day after tomorrow, you should be able to come out,” Klein put the food in the cage as usual and said.

Wals and the others’ team had already prepared for the attack, but they were not going out for a fight but to rob, so they did not need much logistical preparation. The progress of their preparation was very fast and convenient.

For Klein, the act of sending food and water to Wu Qingsong every day and even dealing with his excrement every few days was hardly an acceptable matter. In a sense, he also had a relaxing feeling that was similar to getting released.

So fast!?

Wu Qingsong’s heart was like a drum that had been knocked heavily. The news was coming back so soon?

“What? You’re not happy?”

Klein noticed the expression on his face.

“No! Of course not!” Wu Qingsong replied in a frantic. “Just that, since tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I will be set free, can’t you let me move around in the house today? Even if it is only in the basement?”

“You can’t even endure for one day?” Klein could not help but sneer. “I have already taken a big risk, don’t you dare cross the line! Better rest while you can.”

He then went upstairs as usual, but what surprised Wu Qingsong was that he did not go to the study to read a book or rest as usual, but went out again soon after.

“Liu Li! Liu Li!” Wu Qingsong shouted out loud after confirming his departure.


A little silhouette appeared at the vent hole.

“Klein went out?”

“Meow~ Lord Klein has changed into his formal attire, he must be attending a banquet,” the cat girl answered.

Heaven never bars one’s way!

“Did he leave behind the key? This cage’s key!?”

“Meow~ nope!” Liu Li said without a doubt. “Lord Klein brought all the keys with him.”

“In that case, I’ll count on you to keep watch!” Wu Qingsong immediately picked up the iron rod and was on the move again.

The lock could not be pried open from inside the cage, and this work could not be accomplished by Liu Li. The only method was to find a way through the iron bars.

There was a net woven from fine wires between the iron bars, but the axe should be able to chop it off. Comparing the spacing between the iron bars and his body shape, he only needed to find a way to make three iron bars loose for him to escape sideways.

“Ling, think of a way to shake the iron bar that has gotten loose!” he commanded and proceeded to work with everything he had.

Ling and Liu Li did not know what kind of reason he had to so desperately escape for, but they had never been treated equally and in such a gentle manner before in their entire lives, which made them willing to act according to his instructions, even if they did not understand anything.

After mastering some techniques and experience, the second iron bar finally started to loosen after nearly two hours of crazy hammering, and the previous one was obviously removed from the base below under Ling’s utmost shaking. Wu Qingsong was encouraged by that, but at this moment, Liu Li appeared in the vent hole in a panic: “Meow~ Lord Klein is back!”

The banquet in this world ended this fast? Wasn’t the so-called banquet supposed to last until late at night, with everyone drunk, and followed by some one night stand and not returning all night?

Klein should be pretty popular with his face! Could it be that he was actually an otaku?

Wu Qingsong immediately stopped his work and hid the tools again. Then he looked around and gently grabbed Ling.

“We have to pretend that we’re asleep!”

Ling’s face was blushing red all of a sudden, but because the light was dim. Wu Qingsong could not see it. The two of them laid side by side on top of the curtain and pretended to sleep, listening to Klein’s footsteps entering the door and came to a halt upstairs before walking over to the basement.

What happened?

Wu Qingsong was slightly apprehensive. He listened carefully to the footsteps upstairs. Light shined into the basement, so he pretended that he has just been woken up and sat up.

“What is it?” he used an unclear voice to ask.

However, Klein did not say a single word. He lifted the oil lamp and walked around the basement before stopping beside the cage.

“Tonight, you…” Wu Qingsong said.

Yet, with a “whoosh” sound, Klein unsheathed the rapier in his hand and stabbed it precisely through a small gap in the cage into Wu Qingsong’s heart and pushed him backward. He fell heavily on top of Ling, making her cried out in alarm.


Wu Qingsong felt a sharp pain in his chest. Although his defense still did not break, the power of this blow was enough to make him breathless for a long time.

At this moment, Klein had already walked to the side they had damaged, his footsteps came to a halt.

“Just what are you…” Wu Qingsong said. However, Klein’s hand that was holding the rapier struck out and knocked on the iron bar that had been loosened, causing it to sway.

Klein’s expression turned dark completely.

The banquet that celebrated Wals and the others that sent troops to have a successful expedition was, of course, not yet over. But he met a squadron leader at the banquet and incidentally heard from him about the sounds of metals hammering coming from the basement of his house.

“Don’t tell me you’re forging your own weapon?” the other party had asked drunkenly.

The empire’s law certainly did not prohibit the half-elves from possessing weapons, but smithing was not a profitable industry. Unless it was making magic weapons, but all those who could make magic weapons were powerful mages. It was something impossible for Klein, a mere half-elf squadron leader to achieve.

The other party was obviously mocking him but Klein suddenly became vigilant.

In that house, there was only a cat maid that was timid as a mouse and that half-elf that was locked up in a cage, but sounds of metal hammering?

He stared at the other party’s eyes and confirmed that he had no reasons to tell lies in this matter. Soon after, he found a random excuse to leave the banquet and rushed back in a haste.

“You want to escape?” he said word by word.

Wu Qingsong did not reply. He did not know what went wrong. The situation that happened in front of him was the worst he could ever think of.

Klein suddenly turned his head around. Wu Qingsong seemed to realize something and immediately screamed with his loudest voice, “Liu Li! Run! Flee!”

“As I thought…”

Klein ran upstairs with quick steps and prepared to slaughter that traitorous cat girl, but after hearing Wu Qingsong’s warning, the little cat girl had already scampered.

“I’ll skin you!” Klein bellowed. He knew she had not escaped far away but with his status, he could not possibly hunt down a little maid all around the town personally.

“You’re dead!” he roared.

Leimu Town was not a place with very tight security, but it was also not a place where anyone could enter and leave. When the day broke, he would dispatch the new team he had just recruited, and those mastiffmen who were sensitive to smell would certainly be able to catch her quickly.

Once again, he went down the stairs.

Wu Qingsong was desperately shaking the two iron bars that had been loosened. He certainly could not go out, but Ling, who was much thinner than him, should be fine. Yet, the re-emergence of Klein shattered this hope.

“Don’t blame me for this.”

Klein put on a sinister smile.

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