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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 11 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Brandish His Sword Towards Dog Beastwoman

Klein step by step walked slowly towards Wu Qingsong and Ling. The only thing Wu Qingsong could do was to firmly grasp the iron rod used to smash the iron bars and moved his body to block in front of Ling.

However, he knew that with the large gap in their strength, if Klein wanted to kill Ling, it would be as easy as pie.

“Didn’t you want to go to Karazan? I’ll bring you there! I know the way!” he suddenly shouted.

Klein was distracted by that but then he immediately realized that this was nothing but Wu Qingsong’s attempt to stall for time.

Before this, he repeatedly asked Wu Qingsong the same question under different situations and conditions. He observed and tested Wu Qingsong’s demeanor and had basically confirmed his words.

Escaping from such a place and wandering aimlessly in the forests and mountains for a few months by himself. It would be weird if he remembered the way.

“Do you think I will believe you?” he said scornfully before slowly pulling out his rapier and walked toward Wu Qingsong.

Wu Qingsong felt his mouth went dry. His eyes were fixed on the rapier in Klein’s hand, but the rapier had only flashed once and a sharp pain came from his abdomen. His body instinctively stepped back, heavily knocked on the iron cage, and then fell on Ling’s body, which made her cry out in surprise.

“Right, there was an accomplice,” Klein narrowed his eyes and said.

He felt pleased.

Weren’t you invincible? Weren’t you unafraid of anything?

Seeing Wu Qingsong’s panicked expression, all the previous memories of yielding to him came up in his mind and he sneered.

“I swear you will regret it!” Wu Qingsong screamed without any basis. “I swear, if you dare to hurt her, you will die miserably! You know that I can’t die! I will use every means to seek revenge on you!”

Of course, he knew that the more he was concerned about Ling at this time, the more dangerous she would be but with Klein’s indifference, if he felt that she had no value, it was likely that he would kill her to vent his anger. He did not dare to gamble on it.

Maybe he was not some very powerful, righteous hero, but he could not stand a girl he knew worthlessly dying in front of him.

But, Klein increasingly smiled in contempt. So this was your weakness!

“I know what you want!” he shouted towards Klein. “If you stay your hand, I’ll exert my utmost effort to beg Khadgar to teach you magic! I swear! But if you harm her, I’ll beg him to kill you, kill everyone that had any relation with you! I swear!”

It was Khadgar after all?

Klein sneered. He walked slowly around the cage, while Wu Qingsong stood up again, desperately blocking Ling behind him.


Ling did not know that Wu Qingsong could not be injured. His actions made her feel that she was being cared for and protected for the first time in her life. This made her unable to hold back her tears again, but this time, it was the tears of happiness.

“No need to care about me!” she said in a low voice.

“I won’t watch while you die!” Wu Qingsong gritted his teeth and said.

However, almost at the same time his voice fell, a rapier suddenly flashed in front of his eyes. This time, it did not hit him but passed under his armpits…


Wu Qingsong fell into despair. Though they had only met for such a short time, if it was not for him, she would not…

Klein’s rapier once again pulled back like a poisonous snake. Wu Qingsong turned back and saw that on Ling’s forehead was a small triangular wound. Blood was dripping out. She was already stunned, and her body became rigid.

“I’ll give you one last chance,” Klein said. “Next time, she won’t be so lucky.”

At this time, Ling recovered from the shock of getting back her life. Her feet turned completely soft and she fell down in the iron cage.

“What about Liu Li?” Wu Qingsong felt his whole body shuddering but he still forced himself to ask.

“She must die!” Klein replied. “Traitors must pay the price!”

“But…” Wu Qingsong said loudly, yet the rapier slammed into his mouth and violently stirred, causing his tongue, throat and entire mouth to twitch.

“Don’t you dare test my patience.” Klein said. “Who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to argue with me? Not afraid of anything, are you?”

Wu Qingsong was in so much pain that no words could get out from his mouth. Klein pointed his rapier at Ling and ordered, “Hand over all those things! Now!”

Ling looked at Wu Qingsong and hesitated. After he nodded slightly, she squeezed all the tools out from the gap in the cage.

“This is the last time!” Klein kicked those tools to a place where they could never get them and warned while staring at Wu Qingsong.

At this moment, there was a faint noise coming from the outside. Klein frowned and put his rapier back into the scabbard and ran up.

The basement became quiet, but the noise from outside grew more and more clamorous. Then, they seemed to hear someone calling for help.

“Fire! Fire!”

Apparently, Klein must have run out. As an officer of garrison troops, there was no way he could stay here and do nothing under this situation.

Wu Qingsong acted immediately.


He shook the two iron bars that had started to move with everything he had. Eventually, after making a sound, an iron bar fell out of the place where it was fixed, and it was soon followed by another one.

Wu Qingsong endured the pain and pulled the wire mesh with his own hand, and in the end, he tore open a hole that could allow Ling to go out.

“Quick!” he said to Ling.

“But you can’t get out!” Ling cried out.

“You go and take that iron rod back for me!” Wu Qingsong said loudly.

Ling finally obeyed his order and squeezed herself out of that gap. Both of them hammered the third iron bar with all their might. At this moment, there were sounds of footsteps coming from above their heads.

“Hurry up and run!” Wu Qingsong said without hesitation.

“I don’t…”

Ling shook her head desperately. What was the use of going out there? The first slave trader to see her would grab her and sell her off, and she did not have the capability to escape from Leimu town into the wilderness. For her, the choice of dying here, or living a miserable and perhaps even more tragic life in other places was simply not a choice.

At the very least, there was someone here who cared about her yet did not ask for anything in return.

“I won’t get hurt! I won’t die!” Wu Qingsong said anxiously. The footsteps were getting closer and closer to the basement door. “Listen to me, Klein had no way to kill me but he might bury me! You have to find Liu Li and flee with her, then think of a way to save me, understand?”

Ling shook her head and kept crying, similar to the time they had just met each other, none of his words could get through to her.

Wu Qingsong gritted his teeth and gave her a slap. She was stunned.

“Find Liu Li! Flee together with her, then think of a way to save me! Understand?” he repeated.

Though at a loss, Ling finally nodded her head. At this moment, a person had already jumped down from the door of the basement.

“Run quickly!” Wu Qingsong told Ling.

Yet, the person who jumped down the basement shouted happily, “I found him!”

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