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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 12 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: The Mantis Is Here, How Far Would The Oriole Be

Wu Qingsong was unprepared for this sudden change, but soon he realized that these people and Klein could not be of the same group.

“Wolfmen!” Ling said in a soft and alarmed tone at the side.

Soon after, a few wolfmen jumped down from the basement entry. The first wolfman had run up to them at this time.

“Black-haired half-elf, we came here to save you!”

“Many thanks!” Wu Qingsong said. “But…”

“Stand back for a little bit!”

A tall wolfman rushed up from the back. Wu Qingsong took a step back subconsciously. He raised an axe and slammed it against the chain, and followed by another. The chain that had been trapping Wu Qingsong for nearly a month was thus cut off from the middle and landed on the ground.

“Come on!” said a wolfman in a standard armor impatiently.

“You guys are?” Wu Qingsong quickly got out of the cage and asked at the same time.

The only wolfmen who could relate to him were the wolf girls he had saved before, but he could not believe that these wolfmen would venture into this place to save him just for this reason.

“We’ll talk on the way!” the armored wolfman barked.

Ling was somewhat at a loss in this situation. Wu Qingsong pulled her and rushed upstairs behind the wolfmen.

Klein’s house had been turned upside down. A wolfman was igniting fire everywhere. Looking out of the window, he could see that there was a fire in the surroundings. In the dark, many people were running around in a panic, asking for help and screaming in fear, one after another.


The wolfmen, on the other hand, were leading them to the backdoor.

“We still have one more person…”

Wu Qingsong suddenly thought of Liu Li but where would he find her in this chaos?

“There’s not enough time!” the armored wolfman said. “We’ll talk about this later!”

They suddenly dodged into an alley on the side of the road. After a while, a small team of about a dozen soldiers hurriedly ran past the street in front of them. They waited a bit and walked along the alley towards another direction.

“We are from the rebel army!”

Wu Qingsong could not tell apart the faces of the wolfmen in the dark, but even if it was during the day, he might not necessarily be able to do so. He could only differentiate them by their voices, and it seemed the one talking just now was the first wolfman that jumped into the basement.

Wu Qingsong felt Ling’s hand gripping harder. Her father and uncle both died in the battles with the rebels. Although she might not hold any feelings for them since whether they were dead or not, her fate might still be the same, but it was definitely more or less painful for her.

And so he held her hand tighter and pulled her along behind the back of these wolfmen.

Their actions were very fast, and soon they left the area where Klein lived until a place that was obviously a slum. The fire did not spread to here, but the fact that the military camps, warehouses and the area where the officials lived were lost in the fire, the civilians that lived here were still alarmed. Some people were simply worried that the fire will spread to here, while others attempted to conduct robbery or tried to get some valuables from the fire. They lurked in the crowd and the situation turned very chaotic.

From time to time, the army ran across the street, causing those who were trying to take risks to restrain their desire for riches.

The wolfmen had already put away their weapons at this time, wrapped their bodies in cloaks, and rapidly led them through the crowd. Soon after, they arrived at a place that looked like a warehouse and quickly went in.

“This is a temporary stop for us.” The previous wolfman whispered to Wu Qingsong.

There was only one old beastman in the warehouse. Wu Qingsong felt that he looked different from a wolfman and should be another kind of beastman.

“Nina and the rest haven’t arrived yet?” the armored wolfman asked.

The old beastman shook his head.

“Then, we’ll wait a while for them!” the armored man said.

The old beastman took out some dry meat, bread, and low-alcohol liquor from some unknown place. Thus, the wolfmen began to eat while discussing some things excitedly in low voices.

The wolfman in armor handed Wu Qingsong some food. He felt his stomach rumbling with hunger at this time, so he gave some to Ling, and proceeded to wolf down his food.

“That’ll teach those damn half-elves a lesson this time!” said a young wolfman excitedly. Another wolfman gently pushed him, hinting that he had a half-elf sitting next to him.

This made the scene a bit awkward, but for Wu Qingsong, cussing out the half-elves meant nothing for him at all.

“Many thanks to you guys!” he took this opportunity to thank them.

“We are just paying back a favor to you,” said the wolfman in armor. “You saved our people, and we saved you once, and that’s that.”

“Were you guys the ones who set those fire?” Wu Qingsong asked.

“Of course!” the young wolfman replied excitedly and proudly. “They shouldn’t have the ability to send punitive forces to our villages now!”

Klein did not reveal much information about Leimu Town. In fact, Wu Qingsong knew very little about this world. There was no way those could help him understand and analyze his current circumstances. He could only rely on the bits and pieces to determine that these wolfmen should be those who had previously been devastated by Klein’s troops, and their purpose was mainly to destroy the military and storage facilities in Leimu Town and prevent them from further military operations.

This made him a little disappointed, but he was quickly relieved.

If these wolfmen specifically ventured to save him, then he would doubt whether they had any plans for him.

Soon after, the soft sound of footsteps could be heard outside, and several wolfmen immediately picked up their weapons. A regular rhythm of the knocking sound on the door quickly rang out, and they calmed down immediately.

The old wolfman opened the door, and seven or eight wolfmen entered quickly. There was a tall swordsman with a cloak walking behind them. The greatsword in his hand was almost as tall as Wu Qingsong. It was awe-inspiring.

“Got him?” the armored wolfman asked eagerly.

The man with the cloak looked at Wu Qingsong and nodded. He took out a bloody head from under the cloak and threw it on the big barrel used as a table.

Such a scene made Wu Qingsong cough immediately, and Ling could not help but exclaim, “Lord Wals!?”

“You know him?”

The man in the cloak was a little surprised and only then, Wu Qingsong realized that he was a she.

Ling timidly clenched Wu Qingsong’s arm and shrunk behind him.

“She is a local from Leimu City,” Wu Qingsong explained promptly.

“Nina, you killed Wals!?” The young wolfman asked in surprise.

“He took a group of soldiers to put out the fire, and everyone around him spread out,” said the woman named Nina. “I don’t know who he is, but he obviously drank a lot of wine, there are not many soldiers around him, and he seems to have a high status. It would be a pity to not use this opportunity and kill him.”

“This time Leimu Town should have lost the ability to send troops completely!”

The wolfman in armor picked up the head, but he immediately asked Ling in an uncertain manner, “Are you sure this is Wals?”

Ling hesitated for a moment, then nodded under Wu Qingsong’s encouragement.

“It seems that we overachieved the mission this time,” Nina said as she went to the door and looked at the situation outside. “Since Wals is dead, they should not be able to organize a search in a short amount of time, take a break, and then we leave!”

Several wolfmen nodded and began to eat their food quickly, but Nina went straight to Wu Qingsong.

“Thank you for saving those girls,” she said to Wu Qingsong.

Her height made Wu Qingsong slightly pressured. Although he could not see the face covered by the cloak, her voice was unexpectedly nice, and there was something soothing about it.

“Anyone will do that in that situation,” he replied. “It’s me who wants to thank you for the saving.”

“And I, you,” Nina replied. “Soon, we’re going to break out of here. What are you going to do?”

“Do you still have people in the town?” Wu Qingsong asked. “We still have one more friend, she is…”

Nina stared at him for a while and then nodded her head, “Tell me her name and characteristics.”

“She is a cat girl named Liu Li who used to be Klein’s maid!” Wu Qingsong replied immediately. “If you can, please find her as soon as possible, otherwise Klein will kill her!”

Nina nodded her head, “What about you guys?”

“We’ll follow you!” Wu Qingsong replied immediately.

Nina was slightly stunned.

“You want to follow us?”

At this time, Wu Qingsong realized the ambiguity in his own words. In a sense, he was an unidentified outsider. The two sides might have a bit of relation, but how could the rebel army casually accept unidentified people?

“No, I don’t mean it that way! I mean, can you please take us to a place where they can’t catch up while waiting for Liu Li’s news?”

“This is fine.” Nina agreed. “We can send you to Caragados.”

The new place’s name made Wu Qingsong confused. The map that Klein had brought to him before should have marked down this place, but because he did not know elvish words, he would not know about it even if he had seen this place.

Nina took a look at their tattered get-up and got someone to take out two sets of clothes from a corner for them to change into and then said, “Let’s go!”

The wolfman in armor was the first to walk out of the warehouse. The outside was as silent as before, so he nodded to indicate everyone to follow him outside.

The fire scene in the distance was still in chaos, mixed with the clamoring of the people. The wind blew and made the fire seemed bigger. With the inferior skill level of this world, Wu Qingsong felt that it was almost impossible for them to put out such a large fire. If there was no rain, the whole city might even get burned down.

But the wolfmen around him did not have the slightest twinge of guilt, instead, they were excited.

Was this the truth about war?

Wu Qingsong sighed slightly. As a modern person, he might still need some more time to really adapt to this world, adapt to things that they take as a matter of course, which in his opinion, were always unbearable.

“The east side wall, let’s go!” Nina raised her own greatsword and spoke to others.

Just then, there was a sudden shout on the opposite roof, “Release!”

Countless arrows were released in the dark like raindrops. Nina roared and swung the greatsword in her hand, and all the arrows that were shot at her side fell to the ground. But, there were still a few wolfmen that were caught off guard and got shot by a number of arrows. They fell down to the ground screaming.

Wu Qingsong’s body also got shot by a few arrows. It was so painful that he grimaced. Fortunately, his body had blocked in front of Ling, and she did not suffer any injuries at all.

“Release!” the command sounded again. Nina pounced forward, quickly swinging the greatsword in her hand and blocking most of the arrows.

“Pull back! Pull back!” she ordered loudly.

Wu Qingsong and other wolfmen that were in charge of the wounded ran back into the storehouse. Almost at the same time, Klein’s voice sounded from the outside.

“Nina Lamus? This is really a pleasant surprise! Surround them! Don’t let a single one of these rebels escape!!”

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