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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 13 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: The FFF Inquisition Is The World’s Strongest!

Nina was the last to retreat back into the warehouse. The arrows outside shot at her like raindrops, but none of it managed to hit her.

But the situation of other people was not as good. The talkative young wolfman took an arrow in the thigh. Fortunately, his bones and the blood vessels were not injured, but the wolfman in armor got shot through his right arm. His blood spurted out nonstop. Two other wolfmen had arrows in them too, and although they would not die immediately, they could no longer continue fighting.

In order to get into the Leimu Town, they did not bring a lot of armors, and those soldiers obviously did not use normal bows but the military-specific crossbows, which was particularly powerful.

“Don’t worry about us!” several injured wolfmen said in unison. “We’ll attract their attention, you guys kill your way out quickly! Avenge us in the future!”

“I won’t leave you behind!”

Nina’s cloak was finally uncovered, revealing her silver long hair and snowy skin. To Wu Qingsong’s surprise, she was actually very beautiful and was not the muscular woman he imagined. Tall and slender with the greatsword held in her hand, the huge contrast gave him a strong visual impact.

If she did not use a cloak to cover herself, her appearance would immediately attract attention wherever she went.

“Is there a secret passage or a back door here?”

Wu Qingsong knew that he had little use at this time. One-on-one, he might be able to use his undead body and enemies’ carelessness to kill them, but if the other party was prepared, he would just be a delivery guy.

The commander outside was Klein. This was the worst case scenario.

“This is just a warehouse we rented temporarily, why would there be any secret passage!?” said the old beastman. “Your Highness, don’t waste any more time! There aren’t many people outside, you still can rush out now! Wait until they get more people and it’ll be too late!”

Nina shook her head hard. These wolfmen were her most loyal subordinates. How could she abandon them and escape by herself?

“Turn these things into shields!” she said to all the wolfmen. “All the wounded should deal with your wounds quickly! Prepare to fight! No one should give up until the very last moment! The Silvermoon wolfkins have no cowards that give up before the fight! I will be the spearhead and you all will follow after me!”

She smashed a large wooden bucket in front of her into two parts with her sword, thus two large wooden shields that could be used to block the arrows were prepared. The wolfmen pulled themselves together under her encouragement and took apart the things in the warehouse to become shields so that they could fight to their death.

Under such circumstances, Wu Qingsong had no choice but to fight like the others, all for his own freedom and Ling’s life. Just as he was about to ask the wolfmen for a weapon, from those barrels that were split apart he suddenly smelled the scent of something that was not alcohol, but something more pungent.

“What was in these barrels before?” he could not help but ask.

“It’s the oil used for fire.”

“Are there any more of those oils?” Wu Qingsong immediately asked again.

The wolfman in armor hesitated, not knowing what his intention was, but another wolfman nodded and said, “There is still half a bucket left.”

“We can use these things!” Wu Qingsong said.

“Arson? We’ll end up burning ourselves first!” the talkative young wolfman said

“If you also use these things?”

Wu Qingsong grabbed the jars of the low-alcohol wine they had before.

Obviously, no one in this world knew about the “Molotov cocktail” this weapon, but Wu Qingsong just happened to read its recipes and usages in a novel about a group of people that time-traveled to the dinosaur era. He also found some honey and some refined flour in the warehouse, which would greatly increase the power of the Molotov cocktail.

The wolfmen looked at him confused, but after a little hesitation, Nina ordered, “Do what he said!”

Soon, all the jars were filled with kerosene blend and the rags were used to plug the opening of the bottles to make them Molotov cocktail. Although this was the first time Wu Qingsong ever made and used it, this kind of thing was easily obtained by the poor and the rioters. He had seen the rioters use such things more than once in the news and thus he was very confident about this.

“We will get shot by the arrows before we can ignite these things,” said a wolfman. “And we don’t even know where they are.”

“Let me be the first to go out!” Wu Qingsong said.

If the others were caught by Klein, the worst thing they could have was death but he himself was likely to face endless torment, which made him volunteered without thinking much.

Why were they not coming out yet?

At this very moment, Klein was getting apprehensive.

The capture of Wu Qingsong might mean a lucrative long-term gain, but when would there be results? And it was difficult to say if there would be any other variables along the way. But, the benefits of catching Nina Lamus were much more realistic. This made him rejoice about his luck.

However, he did not have enough power at hand. At this time, he finally began to miss his original squadron.

If those people were still under him, capturing the dozens of people in the warehouse was not a problem at all. A living Nina Lamus was worth 300,000 Renal, and a dead one was only worth 50,000. No one would make a mistake between these two choices.

But now his men consisted of only less than 80 recruits who have just been recruited from the slums and more than 20 soldiers who lost their way in the chaos when they followed Wu Qingsong’s smell.

It might not be a problem for these soldiers to hide in the dark and shoot their arrows, but if they were forced to attack the warehouse, they might expose the fact that they were weak. Klein was not confident in taking down Nina Lamus by himself.

With no other choice, he could only send people to look for Wals and other squadron leaders to request reinforcements, but the people he sent did not return even after a long time.

Damn it, such a large fire, those wretched bastards wouldn’t still be piss drunk right!?

Klein was forced to split the limited forces he had into two to keep an eye on the front door and the back door of the warehouse while sending people to grab the civilians nearby to understand the structure of the warehouse.

Fortunately, this place was his home ground. As time went by, the reinforcements would arrive, and those wolfmen…

The main entrance of the warehouse was suddenly pushed open, and someone came out from the inside with half a barrel. Standing there, Klein could clearly see the battle axe in his hand.

Thinking of breaking through my defense line in this way? This was looking down on me too much!

Two other wolfmen who covered their bodies with wooden barrels also slowly moved out of the warehouse. Klein sneered at this sight.

“Release the arrows!” he ordered loudly, and a dozen or so arrows that were concentrated around him were fired at the same time, and the wooden barrel that was walking in front was nailed like a hedgehog. The small wooden barrel could not cover that person. His legs, body, and arms were obviously shot by a few arrows, and that half of the barrel fell to the ground, but he did not fall down and shouted in the direction of the crossbows: “Over there!”

Several lumps of fires swirled in the air and flew toward the crossbows. Klein pulled out his rapier in disdain and took a step forward and smash that thing into smithereens with just one slash. But what he did not expect was that more of that fire broke out in the darkness as it shattered. Soon after, the liquid that dripped on him suddenly turned into raging flames!

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