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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 14 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Breaking Out

Excruciating pain was felt from his face, hands, and body. Klein could not help screaming out. He immediately stepped back a few times and peeled off the ignited clothes on his body while desperately beating out the flames on his body.

However, the flames seemed to stick to him, until that layer of skin sprouted boils, split open, and flowed out blood, did the flame finally die out.

On the other hand, those mastiffmen soldiers with thick hair on their bodies were even more miserable. The kerosene was poured on them as the bottles were broken, and were then immediately ignited. Their bodies quickly became lumps of fire. Not even rolling on the ground could extinguish those flames.

More fireballs flew over from the warehouse to the place where the soldiers were concentrated. This caused the soldiers who had just been recruited by Klein and had not trained much to immediately screamed and dispersed. Some even threw away the weapons in their hands and ran away to the distance.

“Follow me and charge!” Nina shouted promptly.

She definitely would not miss out on this opportunity!

Sword flash! A team leader that was still not aware of what had happened hurriedly brought his subordinates through the back door to act as reinforcement and got cut into two. The soldiers cried out in alarm. They stopped and hurriedly lifted their crossbows to shoot at the silver-haired swordswoman. But when the distance was this close, they realized they had no chance to launch an attack. The giant sword in Nina’s hands slammed into the crowd. Flesh and blood flew everywhere, causing these recruits to completely lose their will to fight.

Klein roared with despair and resentment, but his hands were already burned until they were dripping blood. In this kind of situation, he could never be the opponent of that Moon Lady.

“Stop them!” he commanded loudly while his figure rapidly retreated into the dark.

The wolfmen madly chased after the soldiers who were running away. This kind of fight that allowed them to use the few to beat the many was a first for them, not to mention the opponents were from the regular army.

“Don’t get tangled with them!” Nina ordered loudly.

There were nearly a thousand soldiers in the entire Leimu Town. If it was not for the chaos created by the fire and accidentally killing Wals, the garrison troops’ highest person in charge, even if it was just facing a complete squadron or even ten war wolves, they would absolutely have no chance to win.

“Let’s go!” she commanded her subordinates loudly.

The wolfmen reluctantly withdrew from their pursuit, took up their injured companions, and quickly followed her towards the town wall.

Wu Qingsong was not good with this kind of rapid movement where they climbed up and down in the dark and gradually fell behind, while Ling was weak because of malnutrition all year round and was no better than him. Nina looked back and noticed their situation. Immediately, she put the greatsword on her back and carried them under her arms each, and they quickly caught up with the others.

On the way, they met a small team of garrison troops. If it was in the past, they could only choose to confront them regardless of the cost or disperse and escape. However, there were still a few remaining Molotov cocktails produced prior to this, and the wolfmen did not hesitate to put them to use. After igniting, they threw them towards these garrison troops. The flames exploded on their shields and armor, igniting their hair and causing their tight formation to scatter in an instant.

“Fireball!” some of the soldiers shouted in panic. “Wizard!”

A wolfman took the opportunity to swing a big axe and charged into their ranks. Nina tossed Wu Qingsong to another wolfman, and with a single sword in her hand, she rushed in and split up their troops into two.

“Hold on tight!”

She put Ling behind her and let her hold on to her body. Then, she raised her sword with both her hands before slashing and hacking everywhere in the crowd like a spinning wheel. In the next moment, the rest of the wolfmen followed her in penetrating through the garrison troops.

“Leader?” one of the soldiers that survived asked. “Are we not chasing?”

“Are you crazy? They have a wizard!”

Wu Qingsong felt like he was riding a roller coaster, constantly raising, lowering, stopping and accelerating. The fierce jolts were suffocating for him. There was no way to see what was happening around him. He just vaguely felt that there was an unceasing exclamation followed by the cacophony of swords and blades clashing. Then, with a strong sense of weightlessness and another violent emergency stop, the surrounding suddenly became quiet and dark.

“We escaped!”

He was placed on the ground. The wolfmen looked back at the wooden town walls of Leimu Town and watched as the blaze dyed half of the sky in red, a surge of endless excitement in their hearts.

A wolfman could not help started howling at the sky, only to cease when Nina put a stop to it.

“We proceed!” Nina said.

They traveled in the dark for more than half an hour and finally saw the people and horses that came to receive them.

“Do you know how to ride a horse?” Nina asked Wu Qingsong.

After getting a negative answer, she sighed a little and let a wolfman take Wu Qingsong while she herself took Ling, and once again ran in the darkness at full speed.

After another endless jerking, though it was at least a lot better than before, at the time when the sky started brightening up, their speed finally slowed down and eventually came to a halt.

Only now did Wu Qingsong noticed that the wolfman at the end of the group was sprinkling some sort of powder from time to time. It should be an item used to prevent them from being tracked. The place they arrived at was neither a village nor a town, but a wooden house that was simply built.

“This is one of our temporary camps,” Nina said. “It’s not far from Caragados, you can wait here for your news.”

“Thank you!” Wu Qingsong was not feeling well all over his body but he still expressed his gratitude.

“You don’t have to thank me. If it’s not for you, at least half of us will have to stay there.” Nina shook her head. “You can rest assured that we will find the catgirl called Liu Li!”

Except for Wu Qingsong and Ling, all the wounded were left behind here. The old beastman was responsible for taking care of them and helping them deal with their wounds.

His skills were so crude that Wu Qingsong could not stand it anymore. There was neither disinfection nor sterilization. Wu Qingsong could not help but make a few suggestions and then somehow, he suddenly found himself assuming the post of a combat medic.

“Your technique is so much better than Uncle Bernard’s technique!” the talkative wolfman praised while sniffing. “How do you know so many things? Where did you learn them?”

“Alex!” The old beastman glared at him and continued to cook the bandages and tools in boiling water according to Wu Qingsong’s suggestion.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked,” the young wolfman shook his head. “Everyone has their own secrets.”

Wu Qingsong put on a wry smile. He actually did not want to deceive these wolfmen, but his origins really could not be said to anyone. However, he had never thought that the things that he took for granted were a kind of pioneering work for the world.

The wounded were receiving treatment while discussing the Molotov cocktails that he taught them to make and use. In their opinion, this kind of weapon would greatly increase the combat effectiveness of the rebels. With this thing, there was no need to fear the tight formation of those garrison troops in the future. Some people even began to brag right away that they could beat the entire team of the regular army solo in the future.

Wu Qingsong could not help but shake his head. It seemed that braggarts exist everywhere no matter the place, world or race.

He had intended to gather more information about this world from these wolfmen, but the badgerman known as Bernard had been paying attention to him with a prudent attitude. This caused him to not dare asking too much.

They waited for two days in this place. At dusk the next day, there were sounds of hooves coming from afar. All the personnel left behind cautiously picked up their weapons, but soon, a wolf howl could be heard from that far away.

“It’s Nina and the others!” Alex put down the axe in his hand and gladly said.

They got out of the wooden house to wait. Nina’s cloak had just been uncovered, and Wu Qingsong could see the little figure wearing a maid’s outfit sitting up on the horse’s back.

“Liu Li!” he cried out in surprise.

The feedback he got was a warm, soft and furry little body. She jumped down while grabbing along the horse’s neck which scared the horse.

“Wuuuuu~” she cried out sadly, like a kitten that had been abandoned but finally returned home.

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