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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 15 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Newbie Village Online

Soon, Liu Li hid away because of shyness and timidity. Wu Qingsong had to spend a lot of time to calm her down, and in the process, he finally heard some new information.

Leimu Town practically got half-ruined.

This might not be entirely due to Nina and the gang. They just set fire in several places, such as military camps and warehouses. But when they launched the attack, the higher-ups of Leimu Town were drinking at the banquet to celebrate their expedition. It was almost impossible to organize an effective disaster relief operation. The top commander of the Leimu Town garrison, Wals, was inexplicably beheaded by Nina shortly after the start of the fire, which sunk the Leimu Town completely into chaos. It also made them lose the chance to keep the fire under control.

The fire not only burned down the warehouses and military camps of the Leimu Town garrison but also burned away a large number of workshops and slum areas. It was said that nearly 200 people died because of the fire, countless were wounded and nearly 2,000 people became homeless. Even several of the most valued warwolves by the garrison troops in the southern part of the town were burned to death in their cages, while the rest either escaped to the forest around the Leimu Town, or they went crazy because of their burns and started attacking people in the fire scene. Only less than half of them were caught after the fire.

The fact that the fire caused such huge losses, the warwolves could be counted as one of the most important reasons.

“Meow~ We met two of them in the forest when we came over, it was awful…” Liu Li told Wu Qingsong with a very soft voice. Her speech rate was very fast. Without paying attention, he would not understand what she was saying. Wu Qingsong had to put his ear close to her in order to catch her words, which made the two look very close, and Ling seemed to be somewhat at a loss due to this.

“What about Klein? Any news about him?” Wu Qingsong especially asked Nina about this.

“My subordinates did not catch his name in the list of people that died in battle,” Nina replied. “But there was no sight of him among the officials dealing with the aftermath, so his injury should not be light.”

She had already learned from Bernard about Wu Qingsong’s advice on the way they deal with wounds. This made her more curious about this mysterious half-elf. However, she had no intention of inviting Wu Qingsong to join them. In this rebel army led by her, the main members were either the survivors of the Silvermoon wolves or the descendants of the vassals of the Silvermoon wolf royalty. There were almost no outsiders. Although her instincts told her that Wu Qingsong was unlikely to be a spy appointed by the government, it still would not necessarily produce a good result if she invited a half-elf who had an unknown background.

There was no shortage of half-elves among the rebels. In fact, as far as she knew, the first to start rebelling against the empire was the half-elves, and at that time, the kingdom of the Silvermoon wolfkin was still in existence.

Even when the half-elves generally had higher status and a relatively bright future, for various reasons, there were still many half-elf figures in the various rebel forces.

However, as the last royal member of the Silvermoon wolf, she was in charge of the people around her. Wu Qingsong obviously had a lot of secrets, and these things meant potential benefits but at the same time, it meant trouble. In most cases, the possibility of it causing trouble outstripped the benefits.

Wu Qingsong nodded silently.

He saw the Molotov cocktail blasting in front of Klein and igniting his body with his very own eyes, but he felt uneasy hearing that there was no news of Klein’s death. During the time he was captured and imprisoned, he was already familiar with the kind of person this guy was. Even without the Karazan thingy that he made up, after experiencing these things, as long as he was still alive, he would never spare him.

“If you are worried about him, you can go west. You can’t ride horses, or else we can give you a horse,” Nina said at this time. “From here to the south less than five li away is Caragados, we will take you to the side of that town. You can take a ride from there to the west and go to Umbel. It is already the domain of the Niselle Marquisdom. And it’s a free port. The things in Leimu Town shouldn’t affect that place. If you think it’s not safe enough, you can find a boat to the south or the east. As far as I know, Klein is just a squadron leader, he shouldn’t have the ability to pursue that far.”

“Thanks for the recommendation,” Wu Qingsong said.

It sounded good at first but in this case, it just meant that the general knowledge he had was almost useless in this world. Ling and Liu Li used to work almost exclusively as maids, and they had little knowledge of the outside world.

Wasn’t such a combination too abrupt to face the world?

However, Wu Qingsong did not have the thought of following Nina and the others. Although everyone had cooperated under certain circumstances, they still lacked an understanding of each other. Wu Qingsong did not even know the situation surrounding this world, and he was not clear if Nina was truly on the side of justice.

Right now, Klein and his men were more like villains, but he still hoped to learn more about the world and then decide what he should do in the future.

Anyway, what would happen, would happen in the end. As a magical existence that never dies and had the knowledge from another world, he believed that if he gave himself enough time, he would be able to do something extraordinary.

“Then we’ll set out immediately!” Nina said.

They had been staying in this place for too long. For people like them, it was not a good thing to stay for long in a place that was not their core activity area.

The others took the wounded and began to move northwest to the mountains whereas Nina and another wolfman rode horses to send Wu Qingsong and the gang to Caragados.

“If you have any problems, take this plate to the Ramu Herb Shop in Umbel’s docking area.”

During their parting, Nina threw a wooden sign to him and then gave him a big bag and a short sword.

“As a half-elf, you should be able to carry weapons into the town, and those guards should not make things difficult for you. But the news about the Leimu Town should have spread to here. Although there should be no bounty or arrest warrant for you, you should still get to Umbel as soon as possible!”

The bag was very heavy. There seemed to be clothes on the outside but there were also sounds of metals jingling coming from inside, it must be coins.

“Thanks a lot!” he gave his heartfelt gratitude.

In this kind of situation, he felt that there was no need to be pretentious. As long as he had enough time, he would be able to repay this favor very soon.

“Take care, half-elf. I hope there will be a chance to meet in the future,” Nina said, and then she left just like that.

At this moment, Wu Qingsong realized that she had not asked for his name yet.

There was a bit of frustration there. Looking at her back, he did not know why but he felt slightly disappointed.

The curious baby Liu Li immediately wanted to know what was in the bag. After opening it, they were surprised to find that there was one large and one small maid costumes, and a set of casual clothes that were similar to what Klein used to wear. Although the size could not be said to be completely in line with their bodies, wearing it would never make people feel that these were stolen clothes.

On the outside was the appearance of someone tough, experienced and capable but turned out she was someone who paid attention to details… Wu Qingsong could not help but think so.

Just then, Liu Li found a coin pouch under the clothes. When she opened it, she cried out amazedly, “So much money!”

Inside the coin pouch, there were more than ten gold coins, thirty to forty silver coins and seventy to eighty copper coins, which were quite heavy in their hands.

Ling was also quite surprised. Before, her uncle’s monthly salary was only thirty silver coins, which was also the most commonly used coin in the empire, known as Renal. The gold coin was used in large business transactions, called Sol. One Sol could generally be exchanged for at least ten to fifteen Renal. The copper coin was the smallest unit of currency. One Renal could be used to exchange one hundred copper coins. In the pub, the most common mild beer needed only ten coppers, and one not-too-bad steak cost fifty coppers but if it was the worst black bread, only two coppers were needed.

Purchasing power was, of course, complicated to calculate. Wu Qingsong roughly made an estimate. Nina was basically giving them $5,000 casually. This money might not be much, but it was enough for them to do something.

Ling and Liu Li obviously looked uneasy. In their whole lives, they might never have been so far away from their hometown.

“Then, let’s start our new life!” Wu Qingsong said to them loudly. “Rest assured! I’m here, everything will be fine!”

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