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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 18 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Novice Mission

According to his own experience in modern society, Wu Qingsong took the two beastwomen to a place that should be a residential area.

The past experience of traveling with his family told him that places with high traffic such as attractions and stations because there was no shortage of customers, the services that could be obtained at the same price were often lacking.

A tour how-to said this: Never look for something to eat near the scenic spot. You should follow the locals to find something to eat in their usual place.

Soon, they found several restaurants on a relatively deserted street, and the people who came in and out were obviously locals.

The combination of a half-elf and two young maids clearly was a little bit eye-catching. However, as a resident of a trading town, their ability to accept strange things was obviously stronger than that of an agriculture-based town like Calagados.

The owner was a middle-aged beastwoman who still had quite a charm. She recommended their specialty to Wu Qingsong; a dish made with sea fish, shellfish and vegetables. The three people ate while nodding their heads repeatedly.

“It’s so delicious!”

Liu Li could not help picking up the dishes and licked them clean making Wu Qingsong feel a little shameful.

“Do you know if there is a house for rent nearby?” he asked the owner. “Doesn’t have to be big, just clean.”

“Guest, do you want a separate yard or just one or two rooms?” the owner looked at their combination and asked.

“How much for the separate yard?”

“One month for around twenty Renals.”

“So expensive?” Ling immediately clicked her tongue.

“This place is Umbel!”

The shop owner shook her head.

“If you’re staying at an inn, even for a single room, one month would cost at least thirty Renals.”

“What about the rooms then?” Wu Qingsong asked.

“Guest, if you’re not picky, I have two empty rooms upstairs. You can take a look first and we can discuss everything else later.”

This arrangement seemed to be no problem. The owner then handed over the shop to his husband temporarily and took them upstairs.

There was not much of a difference between this house and the surrounding residential houses. The whole wooden structure has three floors. Tightly cramped together with the houses on both sides, Wu Qingsong felt that he had returned to the ‘village in the city’ next to the school. The room where the owner took them to see was at the end of the second floor. The doors of the two rooms were facing each other. One room was facing the street downstairs and they could smell the fragrance of the food from downstairs here, while the other room was facing a small alley. Through the layers of houses, they could faintly see the dock and the sea in the distance.

The furnishings in the room were simple; bed, closet, two stools and a small table that could be used as a writing desk, and a chamber pot in the corner, which looked very clean.

“The washbasin is at the crossroads by the corner. It’s very convenient to get water,” the owner explained diligently. “It takes only half an hour from here to the dock. It’s also near to the town gate or to the craftsmen area. Guests, this is not me boasting, in Umbel, this place has the best location!”

This, of course, had some exaggerated elements. In fact, from what Wu Qingsong saw, their location should be at the southeast of the town, a little far, but it was not considered bad.

“How much for both the rooms?”

“How about ten Renals? If you guys are having meals here, then I can give you a 20% discount!”

Wu Qingsong negotiated with her for a while and finally settled the rent as eight Renals per month. The meal fee was 40% off according to the price on the menu, but they could not eat at the table in the restaurant.

Both sides were very satisfied, although Ling still felt that it was too expensive compared to Leimu town but Wu Qingsong felt that the environment here was already good enough.

“Right now we’re new to these things. Wait until we got familiar with this place, then we can decide whether we want to move!”

“I guarantee that you won’t find a better place than ours!” the shop owner immediately said.

Wu Qingsong paid the rent for two months, and then, under the guidance of the owner, they went to the nearby shops to purchase some essential supplies. Now, they could really be counted as settling down in this town.

With a place to live, Ling and Liu Li finally breathed out a sigh of relief and looked much more at ease. Both of them were used to doing housework, and immediately took over the work of tidying and cleaning up. Wu Qingsong suddenly had nothing to do and went downstairs to chat with the shop owner couple.

Only then did he know that they were both ottermen. The shop owner’s husband was a chef and she herself took over everything else like collecting payments and welcoming guests. There was another slightly young otterman in the shop. At first, Wu Qingsong thought she was an employee. After seeing their intimate relationship and inquired about it, he got to know that she was actually a concubine, which was to say that this family was formed from two wives and one husband!

“This is…”

Wu Qingsong carefully inquired about what was going on, and he was pleased to learn that such things were very common throughout the continent.

In the past, due to the long-term war, there were many women and very few men. It was normal for one male and a few females to form a family together. Such a tradition had survived even until now.

Different from Wu Qingsong’s past world, many beastmen families were not centered around the husband. The first wife was the head of the family. When something unfortunate happened to the husband, she could even bring over all the concubines to marry another person.

Wu Qingsong guessed that this must be a tradition leftover from the years of war.

This was…This was really a pure evil practice o(^▽^)o

If there was a chance in the future, he must personally and carefully criticize this kind of wicked conduct!!! (?ˉ?ˉ?)

Of course, this was in no way Wu Qingsong’s main objective. From their idle gossip, he obtained some first-hand information about Umbel which caused some slight headache for him.

Going to school was obviously a very extravagant thing. If he wanted to find a teacher to learn to write and read, it would probably put a dent in his finances. And he also learned that although Umbel had a lot of job opportunities as a trading town, especially for half-elves, most high-income jobs needed one to be able to read, write, and calculate. Otherwise, they could only do some labor work, and compared with these beastmen, he obviously had no competitiveness in this matter.

As for his desire to find someone to learn swordsmanship, it was even harder. Many things in this world were passed down from father to son, or they had to devote themselves to the master to serve as apprentices, and also to act as free labor for a long time.

In this trading town, the possibility of using force was not high. Things like swordsmanship were often something that only nobility could play around with. If sailors and laborers wanted to change their destiny to become a soldier or a mercenary, they would often get a weapon first, and then try to sign up to join the town guards or the mercenary groups, and slowly train during their service and mission.

“If you want to find a swordsmanship tutor, then you probably need to go to the district for the rich?” the shop owner said with uncertainty. “I heard that there is a swordsmanship dojo there, but the fees should be quite high isn’t it?

Sure enough, no matter which world, money has always been the most important factor.

However, Wu Qingsong believed that there was not only one way to solve a problem. Since the normal way was not affordable, couldn’t he think of other ways?

“Do you know any old adventurers or mercenaries nearby? Perhaps even retired soldiers or retired Commerce guild employees?” he asked.

“If you are looking for an old man who knows the way of the sword, I know one,” a guest who came to eat suddenly said this time. “The old guy used to be a mercenary and seemed to be a little famous. But after breaking a leg, his days went downhill. He could only make a living by doing some wood carving. Recently, it seems that even meals are a problem for him.”

“Where is he staying?” Wu Qingsong immediately got excited.

Whether in the story or in the game, wasn’t this old man with a glorious past and a low status the most standard starting tutor for the protagonist?

“The distance is not that far, but…”

Clearly, that person was not up for some charity.

“Five coppers for bringing us there?”


That person immediately agreed.

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