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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 19 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Don’t Force Me, When I Get Mad, Even I Am Scared

“It’s just in front,” the guide repeated again.

This was not the first time that he had said this sentence and Wu Qingsong’s suspicions gradually grew stronger.

“Do you often frequent that shop?”

He grabbed his short sword tightly using one of his hands while his footsteps began to slow down.

“Just once in a while. It was so far that only those who lived nearby would go there so often!” this person said. “If it was not for my friend who lived near to it that brought me to that shop, hell if I would know that a shop which sells such a good seafood stew ever existed!”

This kind of reply was considered reasonable, which made Wu Qingsong slightly relieved.

In fact, even Wu Qingsong could not figure out the reason that a random diner would deceive him.

He was oblivious to his identity, neither did he know if he had money or companions much less the consequences of deceiving him. If this world had reached the point where one person would deceive another person for the sake of it, then he really did not know how the people in this world had survived until today.

The position of the sun began to sink a bit towards the west. For a newcomer that had just arrived at Umbel like him, it might be a bit difficult to find the way back after dark, so he sped up a little.

“Just how far is it?”

“It’s right around the corner of the street in front, whew, these five coppers of yours is not that easy to earn…” the guide grumbled. which dispelled Wu Qingsong’s doubts.

But in the next moment, his footsteps came to an abrupt halt.

In front of him was a dead end. The end of the alley was a place that looked like a warehouse. Although the door was open, no matter how he looked at it, it was not a place where a down and out old man in this population would live.

And this person, after stopping dead in his tracks, suddenly gave a loud shout, and immediately two beastmen ran out from a shop across the alley and blocked his way.

“What do you mean by this?” Wu Qingsong subconsciously stepped back and grasped the handle of his short sword.

And the beastman who brought him here suddenly changed his expression and laughed out, “Didn’t you want to learn swordsmanship? That person is in there!”

Wu Qingsong took a step and wanted to pass through the gap between them, but these beastmen were obviously used to this kind of thing. The three people cooperated and quickly blocked all his way out.

“Don’t ask for trouble, half-elf!” a bearkin with a naked upper body said maliciously. “Get in obediently, or you’ll suffer!”

“Help! Help!” Wu Qingsong yelled loudly, but this place was a remote path away from the main road. There were originally not many shops and pedestrians here. Right after his shout, the not-so-many pedestrians just disappeared altogether.

“It seems that you are not willing to obey?” The bearkin slowly walked up and flexed his neck. The hair on his body suddenly stood up, which made his upper body looked a size bigger.

Wu Qingsong unsheathed his short sword.

The beastman who had cheated him was a little hesitant, but the bearkin was laughing out, “With just this little toothpick?”

“I am a half-elf! Have you thought about the consequences of angering me?” Wu Qingsong said loudly. “I am a relative of the Leimu Town garrison’s battalion leader, Wals! You dare to go against me?”

The bearkin’s footsteps slightly slowed down. At this time, a person inside the warehouse at the end of the alley suddenly laughed: “The relative of Wals from Leimu town? Let’s not talk about whether he has the ability to interfere with this place, isn’t he dead for a few days already?”

“It’s you!”

Seeing his figure, Wu Qingsong finally understood.

It was the foxkin who rode on the same carriage with them from Caragados!

“Of course it’s me,” he said with a smile. “You can’t escape. Why don’t you give up your resistance and just obey?”

Wu Qingsong understood that he had encountered Umbel’s criminals. The worst part was that the questions he had asked the coachman on the road were likely heard by the foxkin, which allowed him to understand Wu Qingsong’s background. At the very least, this foxkin knew that he had no knowledge of Umbel and had nothing to rely on in this place.

As for what he wanted to do, whether it be to rob him of his money or do something much worse, it was of no importance at all right now.

Suddenly there was a gust of wind behind him. Wu Qingsong rushed forward two steps and escaped the sneak attack of the bearkin.

But it also made him completely entered the alley.

“Be careful! It’s hard to find half-elves, this is a highly sought goods! It’s worthless if you damage it!” the foxkin hurriedly said. “Especially the face! Don’t even put a scratch on it!”

These words made Wu Qingsong feel cold in his heart and he no longer hesitate. Holding his sword, he charged towards the foxkin!

But from that warehouse, another bearkin ran out and shielded the foxkin behind him.

“You have guts!” The foxkin sneered. “Come over if you can!”

The two bearkins smirked and slowly gathered around; their huge bodies blocked most of the alley. Wu Qingsong kept waving the short sword in his hands and forced them to retreat. The foxkin then called out behind them: “Take out the net!” ”


Wu Qingsong clenched his teeth. He grasped his short sword tightly and charged at the bearkin standing in front of the foxkin.

The opponent’s arm was much longer than him. Before his short sword managed to stab the opponent, the bearkin made use of the flaw that he had exposed because of his fierce attack and punched his shoulder heavily. That hit made him fall to the ground.

“I said be careful!” the foxkin’s voice came.

“I have already put away my paws!” the bearkin muttered dissatisfied and bent over to grab Wu Qingsong’s belt, trying to lift him up.


Wu Qingsong originally wanted to cut off his neck in one strike, but it was instinctively blocked by him with his other paw. The short sword made a deep and long wound on his paw and arm which caused him to roar out in pain before slamming Wu Qingsong to the wall beside him.

A human-shaped hole was created on the wall made of mud bricks. The bearkin roared out furiously. He grabbed Wu Qingsong again with his intact paw and prepared to give him a fatal blow. At this time, Wu Qingsong held on to his paw and desperately stabbed the short sword in his hand.

The bearkin once again roared madly. He grabbed Wu Qingsong’s head with his injured paw and lifted him up. He wanted to tear him apart with his own hands. However, while yelling out painfully, Wu Qingsong once again stabbed the short sword in his hand in front of him, and directly pierced through one of his eyes, straight into his brain.

This time, the bearkin never made any noise. His huge body paused for a while on the spot and heavily fell backward.

All of them were stunned by this sudden turnabout. Yet, a figure quickly crawled up and before anyone came to themselves, he had already held a short sword against the foxkin’s throat and rapidly went behind him in order to firmly get him under control.

“I’m here, is there anything that you would like to say?” Wu Qingsong asked. “Just be quick, I’m short on time!”

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