Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Let Go of Them!

The addition of Wu Qingsong clearly made the group of young wolf girls somewhat at a loss, as did Wu Qingsong himself.

Everything that happened just now was too intense, so much so that he felt a strong sense of irrationality. Did Ken and Blanca really exist? Did they really just die?

Although in the three days after his sudden arrival in this world just to struggle to survive in the forest by himself, countless possible situations had appeared in his mind including those far more bloody and gruesome than what happened just now. He was still just a nineteen years old young man. When all of these situations really happened right in front of his eyes, only then did he realize, imagining such a situation and witnessing the real thing were two totally different things. They would never be equal to each other. There would always be a bottomless gap between them.

Under the gazes full of suspicion and hostility from the wolf girls, he slowly retreated. He found a corner that no one occupied and sat down quietly.

Those fierce wolf cavalries would certainly not introduce them to each other. As such, a sense of alienation existed naturally between them. Perhaps this was one of the aims of that elf named Klein?

The sky gradually darkened and the inside of the room entered a state of complete darkness. Wu Qingsong let out a slight sigh in relief, thinking that he could finally escape their awkward stares. But when he unintentionally lifted his head, he found himself surrounded by green glowing eyes staring back at him.

Fine, they were not humans but wolfmen…

The aroma of barbeque slowly drifted in from outside through the cracks in the house. The mastiffmen seemed to be singing songs, drinking, and merrymaking around a campfire. This allowed them to slowly relax their tense nerves. A few wolf girls even started to sob while others comforted them.

“Elisha, at least Ken and Blanca are still alive. This is better than anything!”

Wu Qingsong suddenly heard someone say this and could not help but to keep his ears open to listen carefully.

“They will definitely go to Nina and the others for help!” someone said in the dark. “We will all be saved!”

Wu Qingsong guessed that the target for comfort, the wolf girl Elisha must be the newly-wed wife that Ken had been talking about all the way here. This made his heart somewhat conflicted and uneasy.

Maybe they were the first ones to be caught, so they did not witness anything that happened afterward.

He saw Blanca torn to pieces with his very own eyes. Along this line of thinking, Ken who was younger, more impulsive and had rush to the village earlier than Blanca should not have a higher chance of survival. But at such a moment, was it necessary for him to tell them the cruel truth?

Looking at it from another angle, even if he said it, how would it help them? It would just despair them even more.

So he just sighed slightly and shrank himself further into a corner.

Unfortunately, the door was suddenly pushed open at this time. A few drunk mastiffmen staggered inside. Their bodies exuded the smell of inferior alcohol together with some sort of indescribable stench, which made the wolf girls panic and hide at another corner of the room.

“What do you want?” a slightly older wolf girl said.

“Hahahaha, what do you think we wanna do, bitch? Of course, it’s to do you all!”

The leading mastiffman was very tall, tall to the point of hitting the low ceiling of this room. He grabbed the wolf girl who dared to question himself with one of his hands and tore off the clothes on her body with the other before pushing her down under his body.

Such savage acts made all the wolf girls scream in despair but it only made those mastiffmen even more aroused. They laughed and rushed over to the other wolf girls but at this moment, a voice shouted out loud, “Let them go!”

The mastiffmen were stunned, because this voice obviously belonged to a man but they soon found Wu Qingsong who just stood up behind the wolf girls and sneered, “So it’s you, half-breed! It’s none of your business, scram!”

Their bodies were not like the wolfmen who were all tall and thin yet robust and aesthetically pleasing. All four of their limbs looked short and thick, yet their bodies were even more thick and burly. Wu Qingsong who stood in front of them, felt like he was facing walls but after witnessing Blanca dying right in front of his eyes, he could not endure watching these wolf girls getting raped.

If he hid in the corner and pretended as if nothing ever happened and turning a blind eye to it, how was he supposed to face himself in the future?

Did he come to this world just to be a coward?

The leading mastiffman suddenly reached out, grabbed his neck and lifted him off the ground.

“Half-breed, how do you want to die?”

His right eye seemed to have been slashed by a weapon and formed a long scar. The fur there is white, in stark contrast with the color of his fur on other places, which made him look even more vicious.

Wu Qingsong immediately began to suffocate. He grabbed the mastiffman’s arm and desperately kicked and hit but his strength was too puny compared to his opponent’s and thus posed no threat at all.

He laughed out loud. Only when Wu Qingsong’s face had turned red and his eyes bulged out, did he suddenly let go of his hand and let him heavily fall down on the ground.

“Scram!” he roared with vigor.

Wu Qingsong desperately breathed with all his might while grasping the small knife hidden at his back at the same time.

Perhaps because they thought he was harmless, those wolf cavalries did not even consider conducting a search on his body when they caught him. Yet at this moment, Wu Qingsong could only admit, even if the opponent was empty-handed, holding a knife in his hand would hardly tilt the scale in his favor.

Even if he could kill the one-eyed mastiffman with a sneak attack, what about the rest of them?

One name suddenly appeared in his mind, then he loudly shouted, “If Lord Wals knew that these women were touched by you guys, what would he think?”

He actually knew nothing about the owner of this name but at his moment, this was the only thing he could use.

To his surprise, two of those mastiffmen who only got tipsy became hesitant when they heard this.

“If you dare do it, I swear I will let him know what you guys did behind his back!”

Since it was so, he cried those words aloud.

“He doesn’t care about these sluts at all!” one-eyed mastiffman barked loudly, but because of this, Wu Qingsong knew that he had won this bet.

“I dare you.”

“I’ll kill you! This damnable half-breed!”

The enraged one-eyed mastiffman once again stretched out his paws.

Wu Qingsong hurriedly retreated and at the same time yelled, “I’m a half-elf, have you considered the consequences properly?”

The one-eyed mastiffman finally got pulled back by the others. In truth, Wu Qingsong was betting all this time. With his extremely limited understanding of this world, he had no choice but to use the little bit of information he had to piece together a force he could borrow.

That mastiffman named Nager mentioned before that even if he is “an inferior low-class product”, the noble blood of elf still flowed inside his body. This might be the only reason they did not just outright kill him. The elf named Klein ordered them to bring him here and locked him up together with these wolf girls while waiting for Lord Wals.

These fragments of information had become their lifeline in the end.

“He’s a half-elf, we can’t kill him. After we go back, Lord Wals might really meet him.” he heard a mastiffman say in a low voice. “Lord Wals’ temper is hard to predict. Maybe nothing will happen, maybe we would all get hanged…this is not worth it.”

“This time’s reward is enough for us to go back and find a few women who are not bad…” said another mastiffman in a low voice.

They finally reached an agreement but that one-eyed mastiffman used a gloomy gaze to glare at Wu Qingsong for quite a while before walking out of the room.

“You better watch out! Half-breed! If you dare talk, we’ll kill you!” one mastiffman who was all bark and no bite threatened so and immediately closed the door.

The wolf girls could not believe that they were really spared. Several of them kept to themselves and burst into tears silently. The wolf girl who got her clothes ripped and almost abused violently, lowered her head and arranged her clothes before coming over to Wu Qingsong.

“Thank you,” she said in a hoarse voice.

“I only scared them away for now,” Wu Qingsong shook his head and said. He could still feel his hands trembling at this moment and he could not stop it.

This was the body’s natural response to near-death suffocation but more than that, it was the excitement that could not be contained because of victory.

“It’s enough!” despite all this, this wolf girl still firmly said in a low voice. “Thanks!”

He could not see her face in the dark but it was enough for him to make out her wonderful bodyline. Such a woman, although she was only a furry beastwoman, her heartfelt gratitude made Wu Qingsong feel a sense of accomplishment.

He was just an outsider here. Though Ken and Blanca helped him and brought him out of the mountains. He had repaid them with the prey, although they ultimately could not bring the prey home. He was not even a part of this world. In a sense, this conflict between the native army and the native mountain people had nothing to do with him who dimension-traveled here.

It was the same for the fate of these wolf girls.

But he could not stand it when the atrocities happen near him, right under his nose yet he himself pretended nothing ever happened just to protect himself from harm.

He could not do so!

Fate had allowed him to come to this world, surely it was not to let him become someone despicable, someone who could only compromise.

If he was given the chance, he would choose to do the same thing all over again except he would do it better that time!

If this world was really as he thought, then even if these wolf girls escape the catastrophe that nearly happened tonight, they would inevitably face the same tragic fate in the future.

Though his words would not solve the underlying problem right away, at least the successful attempt this time made him realize that there was another him; a him that was completely different than the previous him.

If he returned to three days ago, he would never believe that he had the courage and ability to deal with such a problem, but now, he had actually done it!

Surely, he could do much more!

Thus, what he needed was just more knowledge about this world!

The storm that came this time blew away the awkward atmosphere in this temporary cage. When the wolf girls gradually calmed down, they no longer deliberately stayed away from Wu Qingsong. Instead, they sat down next to him. This fact made him excited.

Several people’s stomach began to growl but there was no sign of the mastiffmen bringing food to them. Thus the wolf girls huddled together and consoled each other. This prevented Wu Qingsong from finding the opportunity to learn more.

Additionally, the physical and mental exhaustion made him unconsciously close his eyes. But not long after, a long wolf howl came from the distance and awakened everyone.

“It’s Nina and the others!” the wolf girls stood up from the ground in surprise and put their ears on the cracks that are on the wall.

The mastiffmen outside seemed to be nervous. Wu Qingsong heard the sound of the whole lot of them panicking and the giant wolves were biting each other in resent while growling.

“Who is Nina?” Wu Qingsong whispered his question. This was the second time he heard this name from the wolf girls.

They hesitated for a while, then, the wolf girl who thanked him before said, “She is the hope of our wolf kin!”

The hope of the wolf kin?

Now, Wu Qingsong’s questions did not lessen but instead increase even further.

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