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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 20 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: You Guys Should Be Satisfied Now


The other bearkin charged towards them.

Without the slightest hesitation, Wu Qingsong used the foxkin as his shield. Although the bearkin had pulled back his hands in time, his claws had made a long bloody ratch on the foxkin’s body.

He shrieked, “Miro! Are you out of your mind?”

“He killed my little brother!” the bearkin bellowed.

Wu Qingsong put a bit of force in the short sword in his hand, and the foxkin immediately screamed out loud, “Get away from me! Motherf**ker! Quickly! Or I swear that I will kill your whole family!”

The bearkin glared at Wu Qingsong who stood behind the foxkin while clenching his fist tightly, but eventually, he took a step back.

“It’s our fault this time!” the foxkin had come to himself and began to persuade. “Sorry! Everything is our fault! I got blinded by greed! I am willing to apologize and pay for your loss! As long as you let me go, I promise that I will never bother you again! I know a lot of high ranking officers in the garrisons. If you have any needs, I can help you connect with them!”

“Let them go inside the house!” Wu Qingsong said instead.

“Didn’t you hear him?” the foxkin shouted. “Get inside quickly!”

He immediately said, “There is no need for letting things get out of hand. Umbel is a small place. If something big happened, no one will have it easy.”

Wu Qingsong did not believe his words at all and even turned a deaf ear towards the implicit threat in his words. As a local bully, they were likely to know many town guards, otherwise, they would not be so brazen with their evil deeds. But precisely because of this, he would never believe that after freeing this foxkin, they would let him go.

Putting others aside, the resentment from that bearkin could burn. If the foxkin was not taken hostage, he would have already rushed over.

“Get them to move faster!” he ordered.

“Quick! Quickly!” the foxkin shouted.

The beastman who had deceived Wu Qingsong and another hired thug first entered through the door of the warehouse. The bearkin stood angrily by the door, but after giving a loud roar he still walked in with his head bowed.

“Take a look, it’s all done according to your will,” the foxkin said cautiously. “You can rest assured. I, Noel, has always kept my…”

A sudden pain came from his abdomen. The foxkin abruptly lowered his head and ruthlessly bit on Wu Qingsong’s hand that was holding the sword while using one hand to grasp his right arm that was holding his sword. Just as he was preparing to completely subdue Wu Qingsong, Wu Qingsong handed the sword to his left hand and pierced his chest with that sword!

“How could…you…you…”

The foxkin could not believe something like this would happen. The dagger that was hidden inside his sleeve was clearly already…

Wu Qingsong did not have the time to get tangled with him any longer. He pushed away the foxkin’s body and madly charged towards the warehouse’s door. At the same time, he used all his strength to throw the dagger towards the wide and opened warehouse door!

The bearkin was forced to dodge this attack sideways. But using this interval, Wu Qingsong had succeeded in closing the warehouse door and pressed down the latch.

The bearkin fiercely slammed into the door and made a loud noise. The fragile door latch obviously could not trap him for a long time. Wu Qingsong stuck the short sword in his hand on top of it and then he began to look around for anything that could be used.

“I will kill you! We know where you live! Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, I will kill you!” the bearkin roared as he slammed into the door, and this strengthened Wu Qingsong’s resolve.

There was an empty room on the side of the warehouse. It should be the place where the warehouse guard lived. Wu Qingsong rushed in, dragged out the chairs, cabinets and the like, and placed them against the door to buy some time. Then he found an oil lamp used for lighting and half a can of lamp oil.

The latch had already broken apart and the short sword got warped. The only things left to block the door were the furniture he placed there. Wu Qingsong finally found a tinderbox and rushed back with the oil lamp and the can containing the lamp oil.

One of the bearkin’s arms squeezed out from a gap and tried to push away the things that blocked the door. Wu Qingsong splashed half of the lamp oil on it and then grabbed the deformed short sword before violently stabbed it twice which caused the bearkin to roar and temporarily withdrew.

“What is this smell?!” The voice of the beastman who had cheated him here suddenly screamed. “God! Don’t do this! Please don’t do this! I have two children! They are still small! They can’t live without me! I beg you! Please! Don’t do this!”

His face appeared in the gap. After a while, the bearkin slammed into the door again, and the back of a chair made a creaking sound like it was about to break.

Wu Qingsong no longer hesitated. He ignited the oil lamp with the fire striker and flint in his hand, pouring the remaining lamp oil into the gap, and then threw the oil lamp into it.

The enraged bearkin rushed over again at the same time, and the flame immediately ignited the lamp oil on his body, and soon spread all over his body full of thick hair. He screamed out in agony. Looking like a huge torch, he slammed into the door and finally smashed apart the things that blocked it and directly rushed out.

He began to roll on the ground, desperately trying to put out the fire on his body. Wu Qingsong quietly approached him at this time, and seized the opportunity to stab a sword into his brain.

The remaining two beastmen also ran out of the warehouse that had already caught fire, just in time to see this scene, which made them completely lose their fighting spirit.

The beastman who had cheated Wu Qingsong was kneeling on the ground, desperately pleading for his life, and another beastman suddenly climbed up the side wall and ran away while he was unprepared.

Wu Qingsong hurriedly rushed up and caught the leftover beastman.

“I beg you! I beg you!”

His size was actually slightly bigger than Wu Qingsong and looked stronger, but Wu Qingsong had killed the two strongest bearkins and the boss in this small gang, Noel. This made him completely lose the courage to resist and only desperately pleaded, “My family depends on me alone, I had no other way… I beg you, please!”

“The escaped one, where is he staying? Does he know my identity?” Wu Qingsong asked in a deep voice with a sword against his throat.

“I can take you to him!” the beastman said with a smile. “Everything is Noel’s plan. He told me to follow you from the gate and look for opportunities to get you here! I didn’t lie, it was all his orders! I am just a small person, just a gopher. Really! I beg you, spare me, I will not say anything, nothing will be said!”

“Tell me his address!”

The sword in his hand pushed down slightly. The beastman cried out in alarm and quickly told him an address. While he was at it, he also told him the name and even the nickname of the beastman that had escaped.

He could even sell out his comrade, would he be able to keep his secrets?

Wu Qingsong shook his head.

This was not the same world as before.

He said to himself.

And thus, the short sword in his hand heavily stabbed downward.

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