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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 21 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Accidentally Became A Criminal

The short sword that was slightly deformed pierced through the beastman’s throat and the resulting feedback was indescribable.

Blood spurted out of the wound and splashed on Wu Qingsong’s face, waking him up from the thrill of killing. He took a step back and stumbled over his feet. This caused him to fall on the ground.

Four bodies were scattered around him, and their blood slowly gathered and formed pools around the bodies. The sight of it was gruesome. The smell of the blood and the choking smell from the smoke and fire mixed together and surrounded him, leaving him no place to hide.

This was not the first time he has killed in this world, but at that time, he was quickly pounced on and bitten by the war wolf and then captured by Klein, there was no chance for him to really think about it. Now, he had enough time to face the killings that he had done, which has currently stimulated the guilty feelings that came as a result of education and his way of life. Even the memories of the soldiers he previously killed resurfaced from the depths of his mind and overlapped with the bloody scene in front of his eyes.

This is not the previous world.

Wu Qingsong said again to himself.

Perhaps the law where the strong feed upon the weak has never changed. It only appeared in a different form.

For a 19-year-old sophomore bachelor, it was difficult yet simple to accept such a reality. It was simple because he has already accepted this law of the jungle within the setting of the world in countless games, novels and film and television works. The difficulty lies in accepting that those abstract, even illusory things are truly becoming reality, becoming the ubiquitous rule in his life and smashing apart everything that he has been familiar with for 19 years requires a process as well.

No matter how realistic games and movies are, they can’t bring out this kind of sense of touch and smell. And they won’t just thrust at you all of these things without any modification or beautification.

I’m fine. I can accept all these things.

He said to himself.

However, when he finally stood up, he accidentally saw the open wounds and the disfigured body of the burned bearkin. He could not help but throw up all the things he could throw up in his stomach.

These people had it coming.

He reassured himself.

As for me, to live on in this world, to live the life that I desire, adapting quickly to these things is a must.

So he forced himself to search the pockets of the four bodies and took all the coins for himself. He then used every means to throw them into the fire.

The fire did not spread fast, but when he finished all of this, the warehouse also finally began to burn up in flames.

Wu Qingsong knew that the residents who turned a blind eye to the criminal behaviour of the syndicate would soon find out about the fire. They would rush to put out the fire in order to protect their property and thus discovered the scene of the murder. So he hurriedly took off his blood-stained clothes and put on an old set of clothes found in the duty room. He then wrapped his body in a cloak and quickly left the place.

When he returned to the restaurant, the sky was pitch black, and all the fronts of the stores were hung with oil lamps to illuminate their signs.

Wu Qingsong saw two thin figures waiting anxiously for him by the edge of the light from a lamp, which finally dissipate the last tangle in his heart.

Even if it is just for their sake, I must adapt to these things as soon as possible!

“Wu!” Ling first detected his smell, which obviously made her sigh in relief and brought Liu Li over, but she immediately smelled a faint bloody smell and found out that he was wet all over, which gave her a big scare. “Are you injured?!”

“I’m fine.” Wu Qingsong immediately lowered his voice and said. “We’ll talk about this upstairs, you block the lady boss for me, don’t let her see me.”

Though full of doubts, Ling immediately followed his instructions to attract the attention of the lady boss while Wu Qingsong hurriedly went upstairs from the stairs next to the store, she and Liu Li followed next.

In the other rooms on the second floor, the guests have returned, but there were no lights in the hallway and the doors were mostly closed.

Wu Qingsong tightly wrapped his cloak around him and rushed into his room. After Ling and Liu Li came in, he carefully looked outside for a bit and closed the door.

Ling’s first action was to check his body, which made his heart warmed up.

“I’m not injured,” he said.

Looking at their concerned eyes, he hesitated, then lowered his voice and continued saying, “I will not get injured, this is a secret, can you keep it?”

Liu Li nodded while seemingly understood what he said yet also not, but Ling obviously could not understand his words.

In fact, at the time when they escaped from Klein’s house, Wu Qingsong had already told her the secret in a moment of desperation, but she obviously did not understand or remember it.

On the contrary, Nina and the wolfkins who followed him from the trapped warehouse knew this earlier than she did, but they naturally understood this as a magical effect and did not think any more of it.

After today’s events, Wu Qingsong knew that surviving in this world meant that in the future, they will certainly encounter some unforeseen things and dangers. Letting them know the secret of his body could prevent them from having unnecessary worries and misjudgments and thereby avoiding making unnecessary mistakes.

For example, if someone holds him as a hostage with a knife, then they know that they don’t have to give up resistance. Instead, they could even use this to plan a method to counter the enemies and turn the tables on them.

Thus, he pulled out the short sword and stabbed it heavily in his left hand.

Ling and Liuli screamed out together, but Wu Qingsong immediately raised his hand to let them see. It was unscathed.

“I won’t get hurt,” he said again in a very light tone.

They could not hear any sound coming from next door, but that did not mean they could put their trust in the soundproofing here. He did not want to take any unnecessary risks.

“Meow~” Liu Li’s tail could not help straightened up high, then it swayed back and forth.

“Klein caught me because he wanted to know the secret to this and locked me up.” Wu Qingsong continued. “Both of you know this secret but don’t tell anyone else, understand?”

The two beastgirls immediately nodded solemnly.

He did not mean to deceive them, but in his opinion, even if he told them all the truth, they might not necessarily understand him, rather he would completely confuse their thoughts and bring them unnecessary burdens. Telling them what they must know in a way that they could understand was the best option.

Sure enough, they immediately understood these words.

Wu Qingsong immediately told them what had happened to him previously, and the two beastgirls were frightened by the story he told, especially Liu Li. Along with Wu Qingsong’s retelling, she almost became a ball beside him.

“Do we run away?” Ling soon asked restlessly.

“Not for the time being,” Wu Qingsong shook his head.

He had thought over this matter on the way back.

The foxkin named Noel was obviously targeting the three of them in the carriage, and ready to swindle them to that place to be abducted. However, after the failure of his plan in self-recommending to be a guide, he took the lead in leaving them, so that they would not put up their guard. Then, he arranged his own accomplices near the city gate to track down the three of them and look out for opportunities to trick them to that place.

Thinking this way, that beastkin who deceived him should not have had the time to tell the others where they lived.

The escaped beastmen was the biggest threat. He must have known their appearances, but he might not necessarily be able to find them.

What’s more, the fire over there had completely spread out, and the city guards had perhaps been alarmed. They might even be searching for murderers and arsonists. At this time, running to an unfamiliar street pose more danger to them than staying here.

In order to prevent someone from tracking his own smell, he specially went around a big circle and also jumped into uninhabited pools on the side of the road to wash away the smell. As long as they did not run out to the street, even if that beastman told their backings in the garrison troops about their characteristics, they might not necessarily be able to catch them.

Would they search the entire city because of a fire and the death of a few hooligans?

Wu Qingsong did not think so.

On the contrary, if they rushed out of town at this time or wanted to leave by boat, they might just get caught by the other party.

“We should be safe in this place,” he said to them in a low voice. “At the very least, these few days should be safe.”

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