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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 22 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Training Day

Wu Qingsong and the others lived a secluded life after that. Fortunately, the restaurant was just downstairs. Drawing water and using the toilet did not require them to go far away. Thus, the chances of being discovered were minimal.

Wu Qingsong carefully observed the surrounding area. In his eyes, the layout of Umbel looked very good. Almost every street has a semi-open sewer. Every certain distance, there would be a fountain that transports clear water through an earthen pipe. This setting not only facilitate the lives of the residents, but it could also help in the prevention of epidemic and act as part of fire prevention facilities.

This might also be the reason why the fire that day did not cause too much harm.

The restaurant is a good source of news. Wu Qingsong carefully pried for the news, but not many people knew that there were a murder case and fire in a certain warehouse.

He asked Ling to go to a nearby clothing store to buy a few different sets of clothes that could hide his appearance, and then stealthily passed by that place.

The door was closed. The escaped beastman seemed to have never returned, and there seemed to be no garrison troops lying in ambush nearby.

The most inconspicuous person of the three, Liu Li was sent to the city gate, the dock, and the public square to see if there was an arrest warrant for them. The result was also a no.

Did the beastman escape out of fright? Has the matter subsided?

Wu Qingsong could not believe that his luck would be so good.

In fact, as time went by, he even began to wonder if he could recognize the escaped beastman. For him, differentiating the furry face of a group of male beastmen was, after all, still too difficult.

No matter what, they still have to carry on with their life.

After this little disturbance, other than letting them understand the dark side behind this prosperous commercial city and that they must always be cautious, the biggest gain for them might be the coins that Wu Qingsong got from the bodies.

It was less than half of the money Nina gave them, but it was enough to support them for a longer time.

With this money, Wu Qingsong finally decided to move to an independent small courtyard. For a person with many secrets, living in the same place with many strangers was definitely not a good choice.

The lady boss was obviously disappointed with their decision, but she still helped them to find a small, relatively independent and secluded courtyard that was in line with Wu Qingsong’s expectations, with a monthly rent of 25 Renal.

As for the rest of the rent they had paid before, she was adamant in not giving it back and instead promised to put it in their tab and deduct from it when they came to have their meals.

“What a miser!” Ling said with some dissatisfaction.

“Fortunately, the food in their restaurant is quite delicious. Didn’t Liu Li take a liking to it?” Wu Qingsong appeased her.

He gradually discovered that the characters and habits of the beastmen were related to their kind, just like Liu Li. Sometimes he really could not tell if she is a human-shaped cat or a cat-shaped human. On the other hand, though Ling was quite delicate, her character has more or less a bit similarity to that of a mastiff’s; obstinate and has a tendency to be unforgiving.

But it was precisely because of this that in a sense, he felt that Ling was a bit too obedient to him, to the extent that she almost never gave out her opinion.

The most important thing was of course to improve his ability to survive in this world. Wu Qingsong found a job agency nearby and found a retired mercenary to teach himself swordsmanship. The intermediary fee of five silver coins was certainly not cheap, but after getting cheated once, Wu Qingsong felt that it was entirely worthwhile to use this money to avoid risks.

This was an old wolfkin named Harold. His left hand was completely broken from the wrist and replaced with an iron hook. His legs and feet seemed somewhat uncomfortable. They must have been injured in the past.

According to the person at the job agency, he used to be a member of Umbel’s most prestigious Leia Mercenary, a strong and experienced swordsman, but Harold himself told Wu Qingsong, he was only a member of the many subordinate organizations of the Leia Mercenary. The experienced part was not wrong, but he was not necessarily strong.

“But I should be good enough to teach a rookie like you,” Harold said. “There are better swordsmanship instructors than me out there but I can tell that you can’t afford it, just by looking at you.”

Oh, you are FRANK!

Wu Qingsong said in his heart.

Wu Qingsong needed to pay him 30 silver coins every month. This was totally a robbery in the eyes of Ling, because a strong Mastiff mercenary in Leimu City has only that much of a salary every month. But after having been in contact for a while, Wu Qingsong felt that the money was really worth it.

Although Harold never spoke any pleasant words, the seriousness in his work was really worth the remuneration. Of course, more importantly, he often talks about the things that happened when he used to be a mercenary in his spare time, and this was exactly what Wu Qingsong needs!

“You have passed the best time to learn martial arts, though young, your bones and muscles have been shaped, there is not much room for development. My suggestion is that you should learn how to shoot arrows instead of slashing people with swords. If you have to learn how to use a sword no matter what, the only choice is the rapier that is commonly used by the half-elves,” Harold said without any hesitation after checking Wu Qingsong’s physical condition. “That’s the only weapon you might possibly be able to wave around. By the way, no mercenary group will ever recruit newcomers like you. As for the regular army, if you don’t have any background, there is no hope for you.”

That is because you don’t know my capability!

Wu Qingsong said in his heart.

Such cold water certainly does not have any effect on him. There were at least seven or eight of the regular army soldiers that died by his hands. Of course, that was all with special factors in it, but Wu Qingsong believed that as long as he works hard, the immortal body would be his most powerful secret weapon.

However, he couldn’t just outright ignore Harold’s suggestion. Whether it be an adventurer or a warrior, shooting was one of the most basic skills, so he had to spend another gold Sol to purchase the sword and wooden bow for practice.

Weapons in this world were simply top-class luxury goods. Any weapon that looked slightly passable would get priced at above five gold Sol, and good protective gear would be even more expensive.

“The biggest difference between mercenaries and soldiers is here,” Harold said with a seemingly interesting look. “Mercenaries often has only one sword, a broken wooden shield and a wooden bow that can’t shoot too far, while soldiers have at least one hard leather armor. When war broke out, the soldiers rarely lack support from their companions, while most mercenary can only rely on themselves.”

The training began very quickly. Naturally, nothing needs to be said about the inclusion of physical training. Every morning, Wu Qingsong must run around their residential area for an hour, then use the stone lock to exercise his arm strength, use the frog hops to exercise his lower limb strength and so on.

After that was the training of the body reaction, Harold hung a lot of large and small sandbags on a tree in the yard, and then let Liu Li climbed up the tree and randomly throw them down.

The first thing Wu Qingsong had to overcome was the instinct to close his eyes when something flew over his face, and Harold’s method was to use a stick.

As long as he closed his eyes while facing these flying sandbags, there was bound to be a stick coming at him.

“On the battlefield, closing your eyes means giving up the opportunity to dodge, defend and counterattack, allowing the other side to freely slaughter you! Even if an arrow was shot at you, you must also open your eyes to see where it was shot at, to see if there is a chance for you to avoid or block it! Most of the time, closing your eyes once means your head is gone!”

These words were reasonable but it was not easy to put it into practice.

For Wu Qingsong, the easiest thing to do was to practice archery because other than arm strength and stability, the understanding of parabola and wind speed allowed him to quickly understand what Harold called “secrets” about archery. In fact, if Harold was willing, he could simply give out a simple equation to tell Harold what kind of mathematical knowledge and physics that was hidden inside.

“If it’s not for your strength that was too low, you will be a natural archer!” Harold praised him once which was very rare, but without waiting for him to be happy, Harold said: “Hang a stone on each of your arms and stick to this position for an hour every day!”

Damn it!

Wu Qingsong cursed in his mind.

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