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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 23 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: It’s Not That I Don’t Want To Put In The Effort

“I’ve never seen someone like you,” Harold shook his head and remarked.

Wu Qingsong felt helpless because he had been training hard in accordance with Harold’s training plan for him. However, over the past month, the yield from his efforts, energy and time put in was far from satisfactory.

Simply put, his strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and responsiveness have all been strengthened by a little bit, but that’s it. If all his initial stats were four, then he should have been able to reach the highest stats of ten. However, his stats had become stagnant after reaching five and no longer rose.

Harold even suspected that Wu Qingsong was procrastinating when he was not paying attention. This might be the only reasonable explanation, but why would he give him 30 Renals every month just for looks?

After personally staring at Wu Qingsong’s fully loaded training for a week, he had to frustratingly admit that his training plan did not have any effect on Wu Qingsong.

In a sense, Wu Qingsong’s body did not change as it should be. All the training he did only served to stimulate the potential that he should have within his original range of physical strength, but it did not make him stronger or more agile.

Harold even felt frustrated to the point that he was unwilling to accept Wu Qingsong’s money, but Wu Qingsong knew where the problem was.

It was said that the development of myofibrils is caused by a large number of exercises causing numerous tiny tears, which stimulates the body to produce a series of complex reactions that eventually lead to an increase in myofibrils, making them more compact and stout.

But his body won’t get hurt… It seems that even this tiny tear that happens because of exercises won’t happen anymore, which leads to his muscles not increasing, which means that his strength, speed and endurance could not be increased through exercise.

Well, sure enough, fate could not bear to see me becoming a barbarian and so it forced me to be a noble master?

Although so far, Wu Qingsong had not really seen even the most insignificant magic effect. He constantly heard people talking about the power of mages but there was no doubt that this world did have magic, and it was monopolized by the ruling class, the elves. It was a taboo and it was a technology not permitted for any other races to have.

He heard a terrible rumour from Harold, that every territory would send troops to villages every few years to test the newborns. The act of hiding babies was a felony enough to be sentenced to death.

All newborns born with magical affinity would be killed or taken away, and all the immediate family members of this newborn would be killed in case any newborns with magical affinity were born.

Such rumours have led to many beastkin babies to be killed by their relatives just because they have shown a little bit of irregularity. For them, this was very painful, but at least it was better than getting the whole family killed.

The imperial government, of course, scoffed at such rumours, claiming that it was a lie poorly fabricated by the rebel forces everywhere to encourage people to rebel against the empire. But there were villages that showed no signs of rebellion getting massacred every year, and those soldiers who carried out these operations would more or less pass on these matters.

“There are indeed magicians among the half-elves, but I have never heard of any that succeeded with self-study.” Harold poured cold water on him as usual. “You also don’t look like a half-elf with connections.”

Wu Qingsong was completely speechless, a wolf just looked down on him ….. When I learn magic, I must make your dog’s eyes blind!

“I can’t teach you, so our agreement is…” Harold said with some regrets.

For a disabled old man like him, such a job is hard to come by. In places like Umbel, few people will find someone like him to learn swordsmanship. Most of the beastkins on the lower level embarked on the mercenary road with only their strength and spirit, and then slowly learn the fighting skills from their companions in the battle, while the upper level like businessmen or nobles have better mentors. People like him do not have much of a chance to be a teacher.

“You can continue to guide me on the technical aspects, and maybe you can take the time to guide Liu Li and Ling?” Wu Qingsong said.

Harold might not be a famous teacher, especially with his poisonous tongue included. He had only some experiences but he was the best and the most trustworthy instructor he could find.

In fact, because Liu Li frequently ran around with him; running up the tree every day to throw sandbags for him, her flexibility and endurance had obviously been strengthened. This made Wu Qingsong feel that since he has already reached a bottleneck and could not change in a short period of time, why not try to make Ling and Liu Li stronger?

In a team, it might be a normal pattern for one strong person to lead two weak people, but since he had temporarily lost the possibility of becoming a strong person, raising the level of the two weak people could also enhance the strength of the team.

“The both of them?” Harold was bewildered and then looked at Wu Qingsong as though questioning why he wanted two such weak girls to learn skills that did not match their characters at all.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “Did you know that some people are naturally not suitable for swords and the only thing they can hurt when you let them pick up the swords is themselves. In my opinion, they are such people. They have no talent for it at all.”

“How would you know if you don’t try?” Wu Qingsong replied. “Even if the only thing that happens is making their body a little stronger, I think it is worth the effort.”

Harold murmured something, and then shook his head: “I can’t teach them, they won’t be able to learn what I know.”

Wu Qingsong was somewhat disappointed, but Harold hesitated for a bit, and then said, “But if you can wait a month or two, maybe I can find someone who can teach them.”

“Then… fifteen Renals per month, please continue to teach me combat skills and your experience in adventuring. Also, please do some basic training for them on the side” Wu Qingsong immediately agreed. Anyway, there was nowhere for them to go right now.

“Whew, fifteen, so be it!” Harold helplessly said.

Ling and Liu Li were somewhat surprised by Wu Qingsong’s arrangement. They never thought about the need to wield a sword one day, but due to her trust in Wu Qingsong, Ling did not say anything, and Liu Li simply followed Ling. Since Ling did not raise any objection, she also accepted this arrangement.

And so, the torture that Wu Qingsong had suffered was quickly transferred to them. Of course, compared to Wu Qingsong, their amount of training was reduced by half, but this was enough to make them feel despair.

On the other hand, Wu Qingsong’s time suddenly freed up a lot. This allowed him to contemplate the other more materialistic problem.

Time to think of ways to earn some money.

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