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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 24 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: With Godly Artifact In Hand, The Whole World Shall Belong To Me

What are the godly artifacts for a dimension traveller? Wu Qingsong could give a lot of answers even with his eyes closed: cement, glass, gunpowder, soap, steel, perfume, highly concentrated alcohol, flintlock, mirror, refined white sugar, honeycomb briquette, etc.. This was due to the time when he was imprisoned by Klein, and there was a lot of time but nothing to do, so he could only let his thoughts drift.

But precisely because of this, most of these things have been vetoed by him.

He roughly knew the principles, but many details were not clear, especially things like cement, gunpowder purification, steelmaking, etc. He felt that he could only provide insights on the direction to take but could not give anything specific.

If he was someone with status and power, then he could probably gather this world’s skilled craftsmen and tell them the principles. He would then set a high reward for them to carry out a large number of diverse experiments, and finally find the corresponding methods, but with his current identity, it was completely unrealistic to engage in these things.

With his current funds and manpower, there was not much that he could really do. After a few laps on the streets of Umbel, he quickly crossed out glass, perfume, highly concentrated alcohol, mirror and refined white sugar.

There was magic in this world, and one of its most important branches was alchemy. The mages’ understanding and research of everything in the world might be far beyond the scientists of the previous world. At the very least, their lifespan was longer than any scientist and they had more than enough time to study and research.

The only obstacle that made this world undeveloped unlike the world Wu Qingsong came from was perhaps the fact that no one had popularized these things. They even went so far as to deliberately keep it a secret in order to accumulate their wealth.

There were many glass products and mirror shops. The price was, of course, expensive, but Wu Qingsong himself had no way to make cheap glass. In fact, knowing only the principle, he probably had to spend a lot of money and time to really make the first batch of glass, and the cost and quality also could not be estimated.

The method of purifying alcohol has long been available, but it was a common way for mages to purify their own experimental materials. Similarly, there were ways to purify sugar, salt and many other things. In the store, rows upon rows of perfumes, cologne, essential oils, all kinds of aphrodisiac, magic potions and the likes totally bedazzled him, so much so that he completely gave up the idea of making money through this method.

Next, small investments with quick results, probably only soap and honeycomb briquette are left?

This world already has something very similar to soap. It was also accidentally created by a mage after an experiment, but like many other things, the high-and-mighty mages had spells dedicated to cleaning, so they thought that this kind of thing did not have much use. Thus, there was no more in-depth research conducted and it was recorded as a mere useless result.

Many years later, this achievement was discovered by one of his butlers and he keenly explored the business opportunities that lie within.

The demands of the beastkin for cleaning were actually high, especially in the hot summer season. No one likes sweat, oil and other secretions from the body, in addition to the feeling of dust and dirt getting stuck in their hair. This was especially true for the rich.

The poor who struggled for food certainly had no time to consider this issue, and no one cared about them anyway. But in a city like Umbel, most beastkins at least took a shower every one or two days to make themselves a little more comfortable, which was one of the reasons why the city was full of public fountains.

The poor could, of course, only bathe with clear water, but the middle class and the wealthy were in great need of an item that could help them clean their hair and even bring about an aroma.

Based on the experimental results of that mage, the improved soap came into being, and it had always been a high-end luxury in the store, which meant the price was high.

Wu Qingsong certainly did not expect to win in this field, but he felt that he could definitely try to capture the market of the middle and lower class beastkin.

Handmade soap was not difficult to produce. He had a cousin who liked to make her own soap in her free time and use it herself. She had also sent some to relatives and friends everywhere. Although he did not make any himself, he literally watched the whole manufacturing process of handmade soap when he went to his cousin’s house.

The raw materials were nothing more than a variety of vegetable oils or animal oils, caustic soda and water. His cousin also liked to add various essential oils inside. But considering the high price of these things in this world, he decided to use the cheap fish oil found everywhere on the harbour as the main raw material for the oil, while the alkali would be obtained by reacting the lime water with wood ash used to treat fur.

The price of the latter was relatively high. Fortunately, the fur processing industry was one of Umbel’s most important industries. The amount of refined wood ash usage was very large, and it was one of the important commodities sold by the surrounding towns to Umbel. Thus, it was not difficult to find them.

The more and more shrivelled coin pouch encouraged Wu Qingsong to start moving quickly. Fortunately, there was not much raw material needed. After making up his mind, he finished all the purchases using one whole morning.

Liu Li soon smelled the scent of heated fish oil, which made her sneak out of the training and followed behind Wu Qingsong like a tail.

“Meow~ Wu, what kind of food are you trying to make? Let me help you?”

“How did you get here? Quick, go do your training!” Wu Qingsong said while pretending to be serious.

“Meow~ Liu Li has been practising for one whole morning. Liu Li is now very tired~,” the catgirl said pitifully. “Liu Li can’t even lift her paws now.”

“Hah~” Wu Qingsong certainly knew that a ‘good student came from a strict teacher, and an indulgent mother spoiled her child’. But in the face of such a cute catgirl, he really could not bear to expose her tricks.

“Fine, come help me boil the oil, but you’re prohibited from snacking!”

Soon, Ling also gave the slip and came here.

Just as Harold said, the two beastgirls have neither interest nor talent in fighting. If it was not for Wu Qingsong’s will, they would not accept such an arrangement. For them, things like cleaning, cooking and washing clothes are what they really do.

Looking at Ling and Liu Li, Wu Qingsong had nothing to say except: “Fine, take the day off and come help me together at making this.”

The two beastgirls could not help but cheer, and Harold could only sigh and left. From what he could see, Wu Qingsong was wasting time, but since he had already said everything there was to Wu Qingsong, then it was not his responsibility that he was willing to continue to waste time and money.

The two beastgirls were much more familiar with the work of the kitchen than Wu Qingsong, and their efficiency was much higher, which allowed him to concentrate on the lime water, then carefully add the refined wood ashes and wait for the reaction, then he carefully extract the upper layer supernatant and made a concentrate.

The liquid thus obtained would certainly be mixed with a large number of unknown impurities, but it should still be based on sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. Anyway, he was not prepared to take the high-end route, so this level should be sufficient.

The subsequent work was to mix the temperature-adjusted fish oil and lye, heat it with water, and then keep stirring. Because the thermometer was also a luxury item for him, he could only do these things by feeling and once again comforted himself. Luckily, I chose the low-end route.

The three people alternately stirred the mixture in the jar. From time to time, Liu Li would sneakily grab some of the oil-simmered fish leftovers, and ate them with relish. Wu Qingsong and Ling did not chide her. The mixture in the jar gradually came together and became a translucent gel. Wu Qingsong stopped Ling at this time and carefully lifted the jar and poured it into a mould made out of wood.

“And then?” Liu Li asked while chewing a dried fish.

“Then? Then we wait!” Wu Qingsong, once again, could not hold back and rubbed her ears and head. It was only until she cried out ‘meow meow’ before he let her go.

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