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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 27 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Ramu Herb Shop

“Ramu Herb Shop…” Wu Qingsong took the words written by a person he hired and searched for the same signboard in the business district near the port area.

It was even more lively here than the commercial street near the city gate. In fact, the entire Umbel business district was basically concentrated on the sides of the street connecting the port and the gate, while other places were warehouses, workshops and residential area.

Learning knowledge and writing was a very extravagant thing in this world. Wu Qingsong especially went to the business school established by the Commerce Guild to find out that the conditions for a person to enter the school must first be smart enough and loyal, born in Umbel or young people who have settled for more than three years, and another condition was that they must serve the Three Big Guilds as apprentices for seven years, but even if you are willing to sign a contract that was practically a slave contract, the fees were still very high.

Private teachers were also hard to find. In Umbel, literate people often hold a position in the Three Big Guilds and do not have to resort to doing such things. Another fact that makes people feel helpless was that these people regard literacy as a symbol of their identity that made them above those who worked as labourers, and at the same time, the capital for them to settle down and get on with their pursuit, and they would never easily teach it to others except for their children.

However, Wu Qingsong was fortunate enough to find a teacher who could wipe away his illiteracy, the son of the restaurant owner.

Of course, he was not qualified to go to business school to study, mainly because he had no money, but fortunately, he learned to read in a company during his apprenticeship. Wu Qingsong reached an agreement with him…. Or rather his mother, to teach him mathematics as the cost of learning how to read from him.

But why do illiterate people know math? The lady boss was not aware of such a loophole and Wu Qingsong certainly would not reveal it himself. But this poor lad could only take a day off every ten days, so although the agreement has been reached, there was no chance to implement it yet.

Because of the fear of leaking secrets, Wu Qingsong did not find someone else to inquire about the location of the Ramu Herb Shop. Instead, he walked back and forth in the business district for two laps with his own feet and finally found the shop in a remote side of the street.

He stood in the distance and quietly observed for a while. He found out that most of the people going in and out of the shop were middle-aged beastwomen, and there seemed to be no signs of the shop being watched. Then he found a chance when no one was around and quickly went in.


The owner was a short-build beastwoman. Her face was very pale, but there was a black circle around her eyes, especially under the eyes. It was like some sort of ink were smeared on it, but it did not affect her beautiful appearance. Rather, it has made her exude some kind of exotic grace.

Seeing the appearance of Wu Qingsong, her ears and thick tail stood up high. Wu Qingsong saw circles of black and white patterns on that tail.

“So, what do you need?”

Her eyebrows were raised high and seemed to have known his identity, but Wu Qingsong still took out the wooden sign Nina gave him and showed it to her.

“In that case, please go to the back lounge to have some tea.”

The owner looked at him with interest and immediately closed the store’s door and put a sign outside the store.

It should be something like a “temporarily closed” thing?

Wu Qingsong thought and looked around the interior of the shop at the same time.

The store was not really big, but it cleverly combined furniture and various displays to give people a strong visual impact. There was something mysterious about it. On the side of the wall, there was a row of large cabinets filled with large and small jars and boxes, and on the other side was a cabinet with many small drawers. A lot of flowers and plants were placed in the area where the sunlight shone through, giving people a vibrant feeling.

There was a kind of scent that he could not describe in the store. It should be a kind of aromatherapy, which made people feel very comfortable.

At this time, as the owner rang a bell next to her, a raccoon kin walked out.

Wu Qingsong couldn’t help but giggle. The raccoon kin looked at him with a puzzled look. His expression was very comical, and Wu Qingsong couldn’t help but laugh again.

“Sorry,” he quickly said.

“Do you have some sort of prejudice towards the raccoon kin?”

Although the other side did not have a tall stature, their temper was obviously not that good

“No, I’m very sorry, I just never met your kind of beastkins before.”

This kind of answer obviously did not satisfy the other party. But when the owner yelled behind Wu Qingsong, the male raccoon finally restrained his anger and took him to the lounge behind the store.

This first meeting could not be said to be a success, but the male raccoon left the room after sending in a refreshment, which finally made Wu Qingsong feel more comfortable.

“I thought you had already left Umbel.”

The owner pulled her fluffy big tail and sat gracefully on the sofa opposite him, then gently lifted a cup and took a sip.

“You heard of me?”

“A delivery man once mentioned that a black-haired half-elf might knock on the door to ask for help.”

“Nothing else?” Wu Qingsong asked clearly.

“For me, the less I know about their business, the better,” the owner said with a smile.

Her attitude made Wu Qingsong slightly uncertain because he did not know whether this shop was a base of the resistance organization led by the “Moon Lady”, an intelligence organization, or just a cooperator that only had a bit of relationship with them?

The identity of the other party would have a great impact on the next step of his plan. Although it was not a deep friendship, he had at least dealt with Nina Lamus twice already, which was not bad overall.

Her bounty could also be seen in the square of Umbel. As a wanted criminal with a high bounty, she was able to personally rescue the attacked village, or even go to Leimu City in-person to perform the destruction mission, while not forgetting to rescue a person like him who did not have much relationship with her. She took the lead in battles and did not give up on her companions. These facts made Wu Qingsong’s first impression of her very good.

Of course, she also faced dangers in order to bring Liu Li out of Leimu City, personally sent them to Caragados and carefully prepared clothes for them. She then gave out some reliable advice and left them a lot of money. This made her image in Wu Qingsong’s mind more intimate and credible.

If not for that, he would not have thought of her immediately after hearing Harold’s words.

She should be a potential partner who was trustworthy and also had a certain amount of strength, but if this was just a shop that only had a limited relationship with her, then the beastwoman in front of him obviously could not be included on the list of trustworthy people by Wu Qingsong.

“Can I get in touch with them through you?”

And so, he tried to ask.

“No problem, but you should be aware of the risks. If it’s not very important news, the news may take a long time on the road,” the raccoon woman said unhurriedly while sipping her tea.

“We should be regarded as companions on the same front. Then can I know, what is the relationship between this shop and them?” Wu Qingsong finally could not help asking.

The raccoon woman chuckled and shook her head, not answering his inappropriate question.

This made Wu Qingsong a little embarrassed, and a little angry and frustrated, so he stood up.

“Then, please tell the Moon Lady as soon as possible, I have important matters to discuss with her face-to-face. If it is not convenient for her, I can also wait outside the city or go somewhere near Caragados.”

“May I know what kind of matter is it about?”

Wu Qingsong smiled slightly like she had before and did not answer. The other party did not get angry but stood up like him.

“So, if they have a reply, how should I inform you?”

Wu Qingsong hesitated a little.

“I will pass by once a day. If there is a result, please put that pot of red flowers outside the door.”

“Then, how should I address you?”

“You can call me Wu.”

The raccoon woman smiled again.

“Hello, Wu, you can call me Ramu. I have a feeling that we would be good friends.”

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