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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 28 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Looking as Though the Pinnacle of Life is within Reach

Wu Qingsong began to walk around the wharf area at different times every day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes in the dawn.

But the red flower had not been put outside the door of the Ramu Herb Shop.

What’s going on? The news hasn’t arrived yet? Or is Nina inseparable from other things?

Wu Qingsong felt for the first time that without newspapers, it was so inconvenient that all the news depended on people’s oral communication. If there were any news about the rebel forces in the former world, it should be published on the Internet and in the newspapers soon. Even if it was just a gloss-over, at least it could let him know if something happened.

This reminded him that it might be a good idea to start making newspapers in the future.

“Someone’s looking into you,” Harold told him with a sullen face on one particular morning. “An old friend of mine told me that someone was looking into your whereabouts.”

“Who?” Wu Qingsong suddenly became nervous. Even regardless of the event in Leimu City, he killed four people in Umbel City!

“It should not be the authorities. If they suspect something’s wrong with you, the first reaction should be to arrest you and interrogate you instead of secretly investigating like this.” Harold replied. “It should be someone from the chamber of commerce. You said you would go and contact reliable buyers, were they investigating you?”

Ramu’s people?

Wu Qingsong couldn’t help getting angry. But after thinking about it, if they didn’t investigate his background at all and look for Nina for his words, then the rebel organization should have been disintegrated a long time ago.

He then waited for a few more days, and after Harold’s warning, he began to realize that in fact, someone had been quietly following him these recent days, which should be to see who he was in contact with.

It’s a bad feeling. It’s like all your privacy have been exposed to others.

When he became more and more impatient and wanted to go directly to Ramu to find out about this, he was surprised to see a big pot of red flowers at the door of the vanilla shop.

He hesitated for a moment, then pushed the door open and went in.

“Here you are?” Ramu was still in a relaxed manner, but Wu Qingsong always felt that there was some kind of bad taste in the expression on her face, as if she was going to have a good laugh at him.

“What is the result?” Wu Qingsong asked.

“Wait a minute,” Ramu said, then closed the door again.

“When will Nina see me?” Wu Qingsong had been very angry, so he asked directly.

Ramu raised her eyebrows a little, then smiled, “You look upset?”

“If you are being followed up all day long, you may not be able to laugh.”

“Sorry.” Said the raccoon girl insincerely. “But it’s been nearly a month since Nina gave you this wooden card for you to come to me. Maybe you can be trusted at that time, but a month can change many things, even a person completely. I can’t believe you without reservation.”

“So, in fact, you knew about me from the beginning?”

“Not much, but enough,” Ramu said. “Please go to the back room.”

They once again entered the lounge. Wu Qingsong stared at Ramu’s every move. However, the other side accepted his gaze and even adjusted her dress freely to make her look more beautiful.

“Now you can believe me?” Wu Qingsong asked. “When can I see Nina?”

“I can decide a lot of things, including this. Yes, I believe you now.” Ramu answered slowly.

“Maybe you believe me, but I don’t believe you.” Wu Qingsong said.

The raccoon girl couldn’t help laughing. Although Wu Qingsong was angry, he had to admit that her voice was very pleasant and had an indescribable charm.

“Well, tea first.” Ramu covered her mouth with her hand and smiled for a moment. Then she gently rang the bell on the table. After a while, a familiar voice came in from behind holding the tea tray.

“Uncle Bernard?” Wu Qingsong said in surprise.

It was the old badgerman who had been involved in the event in Leimu City. While waiting for news from Nina and Liu Li, they took care of the wounded together in the treehouse near Caragados. Although his personality was not talkative and there was not much direct communication between them, he was also one of the few people Wu Qingsong trusted in the world.

“Your Highness is too busy and is not able to come, so she sent me over.” Bernard put the refreshments, the boiling water, and the teapot on the table, and then said. “Miss Ramu is one of us. You can trust her.”

The scene became a bit awkward for Wu Qingsong. Fortunately, Ramu managed not to laugh, but played with the tea sets. Then she poured a cup of tea to Bernard and Wu Qingsong respectively, “Please try my craft.”

Wu Qingsong doesn’t really like this kind of drink with too many seasonings, but it’s just a complicated beauty that elves pursue, so it’s very popular in upper society. Along with that, many middle and low-status beastmen also try to make tea in this way. The hostess of the hotel likes to be so coquettish, but seriously speaking, the tea made by Ramu, no matter from the smell and appearance, can be said to have formed an overwhelmingly crush on the tea of the hostess in all directions.

Ramu made tea and gave a simple explanation, which quickly eliminated the previous embarrassment.

“Then, Wu, what do you really need to see Nina about?” She asked, holding her cup and looking at Wu Qingsong lazily. This kind of look had a special charm for young people like Wu Qingsong, and it soon made him move his eyes away.

Fortunately, he had been carrying a small piece of soap with him for making samples these days, so he quickly took it out.

“I wonder if you are interested in this?”

“Fragrant soap?” Ramu was obviously disappointed.

She stood up and walked to the shop. She soon brought eight soaps with different colors and a pleasant fragrance.

Compared with these soaps, Wu Qingsong’s soap was just like garbage.

“How much do you charge for such a soap?” Wu Qingsong asked confidently.

“It depends on the difference between the spices and medicines added in it. It may range from one to thirty Renals.” Ramu obviously thought of something from his attitude and words, and her attitude became subtle.

“The cost of my soap is five copper coins.” Wu Qingsong said proudly. “This is the first batch of samples. The quality is not very good, but I have the confidence to do better. If you need to add different fragrances and medicines, I can also do it. The cost is far lower than what you bring. In fact, I am more inclined to promote this kind of soap without any addition in my hand, which has strong decontamination ability and low price, and can absolutely monopolize the middle and low-end market. ”

“How much expensive soap can you sell in a month? Twenty? Thirty? Even if your price is higher, how much profit will you make? Hundreds of Renals?” He finally had the confidence to turn and stare into Ramu’s eyes. “I only sell twenty copper coins for this kind of soap, which will make it a life necessity for every beastman! Even if it’s only in Umbel City, it can sell at least 10000 bars a month! What if the tanners use it to clean their fur? What if it’s sold to other cities? It won’t be difficult to sell 100000 bars a month! The point is, it’s going to be monopolistic to you! Even if we only make five copper coins per bar of soap, a month’s profit will be 5,000 Renals!”

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