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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 29 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: The Result goes Further and Further on the Road of Crime

Wu Qingsong looked at the two people sitting opposite him with bright eyes, but to his embarrassment, Bernard was still indifferent, while Ramu still kept that smile, and the mood seemed to be the same.

Oh, good. What else?

It made him feel like a punch in the air, very uncomfortable.

“Uncle Bernard says you lack common sense, and it seems that you do.” Ramu finally broke the frozen air with a smile. “You can’t say you’re wrong, but costs and profits are not calculated like you are.”

“Oh?” Wu Qingsong finally had a chance to adjust his posture to make himself less embarrassed.

“As a half-elf, you should have been more clear about the right and wrong of elves than I am, but you are obviously a little ignorant, Wu?”

Sweat began to appear behind Wu Qingsong, but Ramu didn’t continue with this point.

“Do you know who is in charge of the soap business present?” She took a sip of tea and put the cup on the table. “It’s the Figit Chamber of Commerce in the East, and the master behind them is Archduke Figit. He is one of the most influential nobles in the Empire, a member of the upper house of the Empire, vice president of the Empire magic association, Honorary Professor of Padmiya Magic University, and one of the honorary members of the Empire Business Federation. Soap was discovered by chance nearly 250 years ago, but it didn’t develop into a luxury and only became popular since 100 years ago. As far as I know, the Figit Chamber of Commerce can provide more than 200,000 golden sols to his family every year to support his magic research. Soap is definitely one of the biggest products. Of course, the archduke will not ask about the specific affairs himself, but it is impossible for his officers to ignore it. Anyone, any organization, as long as they try to make achievements in this field, will inevitably be strangled by the Figit Chamber of Commerce! Otherwise, why do you think it’s so expensive? ”

“Are you afraid of this?” Wu Qingsong asked. It may be worse than what Harold said, but that’s why he decided to work with Nina.

They are by no means law-abiding citizens. As a rebel army, they must have enough money to support their actions, otherwise, they cannot persist. It’s impossible for Nina to support the long-term activities of the rebel army by only depending on the barren mountain villages he had been to. Without other sources of funds, Nina would never be able to be so generous to him, a potential partner who has not much relationship with her.

The rebel army must have its own way, its own dependence, and that’s what he wants to borrow.

“You overrated us,” Ramu said. “No one is not afraid of elves. If it is not because they only want to enjoy themselves and are not willing to pursue and capture us through the mountains, we will not even have the idea of resistance. Fortunately, all we have to face is their underlings. That’s why we can still survive.”

Wu Qingsong didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, Ramu didn’t torture him anymore.

“The profit of this business is very high. My shop alone can make nearly 1000 Renal gross profits from soap every year. And the reason why luxury goods are luxury goods is that only a few people at the top can enjoy them. If any beastman can afford to buy similar things, do you think the profits can still be kept so high?” Ramu continued. “A merchant ship full of soap can bring 100,000 Renal gross profits to the Figit Chamber of Commerce, and they can control the whole industry by controlling a small number of craftsmen. But if you change it into something like this, even if a ship can hold 100,000 bars of soap, its gross profit is only a few thousand Renals. In order to earn the same amount of money, they have to put in more people, put in more energy, and let more people come in and share the cake. Do you think they don’t occupy the low-end market is only because of the cost problem?”

Her words frustrated Wu Qingsong.

“If we want to make money from this, we have to avoid the eyes and ears of the Figit Chamber of Commerce. So, do you think it is easier to hide hundreds of soap produced on a small scale, or it is easier to hide thousands of soap produced for the same profit?” Ramu smiled, which made Wu Qingsong even more embarrassed. “Imagine that. Our people grease the palms of the pier watchman and the city gate officer, and they can bring a box of goods into the city. Naturally, the higher the value of the goods they carry, the better. So you see, we have no other choice.”

It seems that the rebel army’s way is smuggling. I just didn’t know what they smuggled before.

This was totally different from Wu Qingsong’s expectations. It seemed that there were no other ways. But it also meant that the output should not be too large, otherwise, the Figit Chamber of Commerce will definitely be shocked and come to look for them.

His previous idea has completely failed, and a great business plan was stillborn.

“We can start with small batches,” Ramu said. “We provide spices and medicinal materials, sell them to other places, and you are responsible for production. About the profits… How about we give you 30% of the profits?”

Wu Qingsong considered. The price of spices is even higher than that of refined plant ash, so their investment in capital, manpower, sales channels, and even risks are far greater than his, and what he pays for is only technology and relatively fewer risks. If it’s just to meet a small amount of smuggling, maybe he doesn’t even need to hire workers. He can do it all by himself and the two beast girls. In this way, the risk and cost are lower.

If they didn’t do anything about the price, the distribution plan should be generous and certainly far fairer than any of Harold’s proposals.

He couldn’t help but take a look at Ramu. Giving him such good conditions? She absolutely wants to get more things.

“I need a start-up fund.” He said.

“Are ten golden sols enough?” Ramu asked immediately.

Wu Qingsong immediately thought of Nina because of this kind of cheerfulness, but Ramu’s cheerfulness obviously had more utilitarian things in it, unlike Nina’s practice, which made people feel natural and comfortable.

“Yes.” So he nodded.

Ramu then began to discuss more details with him, including how the two sides would contact in the future, how to hand over materials and goods, and even how to hide and cover up their real activities.

“There is nothing special. We should try to reduce the number of times we meet here.” Ramu said. “You need a workshop, otherwise you can’t explain the purchase of raw materials, the amount of water used and the problem of pollution discharge. Confidentiality is also a very important issue. Do you have people you can trust?”

She obviously wanted to take more initiative in this transaction, but Wu Qingsong was unwilling to accept her other help. Otherwise, he would become a part of the rebel army completely, from a collaborator to a subordinate.

In that case, he would be too shameful to share the 30% profit. What secret does he have in front of them if he accepts it?

“I will solve the problem myself.” He said to Ramu.

“I hope so,” Ramu said meaningfully. “We’ll have a good cooperation.”

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