Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Sorry, I Have A Cheat

Wu Qingsong soon heard the voice of the elf named Klein. His appearance curbed chaos among the mastiffmen. Half of the soldiers went back to sleep under his orders, and the other half was placed in various important locations in the village for defense.

“They came at just the right time!” his excited voice sounded from the outside. “This village really has something to do with them! They must all be killed off this time!”

However, the howling had only been changing directions around the village. They seemed to be looking for the weakness in their defense or it might all be plain harassment. Just that nothing substantial ever happened.

The wolf girls wore an expression that was a mixture of uneasiness and hopefulness until it was near daybreak before they all gradually fell asleep. On the other hand, Wu Qingsong was not able to sleep a wink.

His body was actually very tired, but his spirit did not agree. His sense of crisis was warning him of something.

After some time, the door was suddenly slammed open. Then, several armed mastiffmen walked in.

Wu Qingsong could not tell apart their faces but he recognized the one-eyed mastiffman. He was sneering at Wu Qingsong.

The leading mastiffmen randomly pointed at a few wolf girls. Wu Qingsong recognized that voice as that wolf cavalry named Nager. He seemed to be an officer like a junior leader or something.

“What are you guys planning to do?” he plucked up his courage to ask.

Nager looked at him with narrowed eyes. His mouth slightly raised with his lips parted, revealing a part of his gum and teeth, like a dog sending a threatening signal.

“Half-elf, take care of yourself before worrying about others,” he said in a low voice. “Don’t do anything beyond the limit of your ability and identity!”

“Bring them out!” he ordered.

The wolf girls cried out in surprise and this time, Wu Qingsong was unable to protect them. He could only watch as they get dragged out by the mastiffmen. The one-eyed mastiffman deliberately caught the wolf girl who thanked him yesterday and bumped into him while on his way out.

“After I get tired of them, I’ll kill them or maybe I’ll get to kill those traitors who came to save them first! Half-breed! You think you can scare us using Lord Wals’ name?” he snarled in Wu Qingsong’s ears in a low voice. “I’ll kill these bitches one by one! And you, you’ll personally get killed by me because of your attempt to escape! You will never get to meet Lord Wals. Hahahaha! Start trembling, Half-breed! Your days are numbered!”

Wu Qingsong clenched his teeth and once again grasped the handle of his short knife.

Was there any other way out?

He worked up his brain but with a situation like this, nothing useful came to his mind.

The stench that came out of one-eyed mastiffman’s mouth made him disgusted. The smugged expression on his face made him even more sullen. Since he could not think of anything, then at least, he would help this world get rid of one scum!

“I tell you…” he muttered something towards one-eyed mastiffman. His voice was unclear, which made the one-eyed mastiffman who was even more assured that victory was in his grasp, slightly impatient.

“What did you say?” one-eyed mastiffman said while lowering his head unconsciously, intending to hear the wailing of this loser in front of him.

However, what he got was a sudden piercing pain followed by an icy cold feeling in his throat.

He stretched out his paws to grab the little half-elf in front of him but his body was so heavy as though it was chained. He wanted to scream but with his throat pierced, not a single sound managed to get out.

How dare he…

That was the last thought that went through his mind.


When Nager stood at the door and saw that one-eyed mastiffman was still sticking close to Wu Qingsong while clutching his body, he was fed up.

Although he too loathed this half-elf whose identity remained unknown, but who knew what those emotionless lofty elves truly think?

They might think of him as another freak and trash that had tarnished the noble bloodlines of elves and proceed to brutally abuse, persecute and torture him. Yet, most of the time, they would never tolerate any others who were of the so-called “lowly races” doing the same thing as them.

If not, the moment he saw this half-elf with that indistinguishable feature, he would have killed him on site. Why else would he wait until today?

“Horner!” he called out again, but this subordinate that liked to cause trouble remained motionless while maintaining his original posture. Yet, the expression of the wolf girl by his side was obviously wrong.

The thick smell of blood drifted over. Nager saw a trace of wetness expanding under his feet and immediately understood what had happened.

“Damn!” he bellowed and pulled out his sword.

At this moment, that half-elf roared and pushed the body of Horner to him. He casually pushed the body away and as he expected, that half-elf pulled out Horner’s sword and stabbed towards him.

With a “dang!” sound, Wu Qingsong’s stab that was concentrated with all his spirit and strength was easily parried. Not only that, after Wu Qingsong’s sword was parried, his face was punched by a left paw that was wearing an iron glove, causing him to take a few unsteady steps back. His sword also fell on the ground.

Nager was aware of the power behind his punch. That half-elf’s chin should have at the very least fractured but this was what he asked for. Not that Nager wanted to offend the elves’ bloodline.

This half-elf killed a guard and even attempted to do the same to him. Klein’s order was clear, so now was the chance to kill him.

The smell of blood stimulated Nager. Although he was only some random half-elf with no influence, at least the blood of elf flowed inside his body so he was able to stain his sword with this blood. Not just anyone could have such opportunities.

He excitedly headed for the place where Wu Qingsong fell while casually pushing away a wolf girl that was trying to interfere and raised his sword.

Just then, a commotion occurred outside the room.

Long howls from wolfmen accompanied by dying screams of mastiffmen resounded, followed by the cold yet furious shout from Klein.

“You idiots! Hold the frontline! Push them back!”

A sudden piercing pain came from his foot, making Nager turn his head around just to see the half-elf that should have died stabbing his foot with a dagger. This made him bellow in pain and stabbed his sword down. Following that, he purposely twisted his sword.

The current face of the half-elf could only be described as hideous and painful but the feeling transmitted to him from the sword was wrong. He also did not fall down as Nager expected. Rather, he seized the arm that was holding the sword and stabbed the part that was not covered by the armor over and over again with a dagger. This unexpected scene made Nager roared again. He frantically hit his opponent’s head with his left hand until he flew out again.

“M**********r!” He pressed down on the wound in his right arm and yelled angrily. The place where he was stabbed was constantly bleeding. In more than ten years of his military career, there were many powerful opponents, but this was the first time he met such a weird situation.

He subconsciously took a look at the place where the half-elf had fallen and was horrified by what happened next. That guy struggled to stand up again and rushed towards him while gritting his teeth.

Nager finally panicked. He had met opponents who were more than ten times as ferocious. Even if the number of enemies was ten times his own, he would not feel a shred of fear. However, this thing in front of him was beyond his understanding. He took a look at his face. The face that was supposed to have turn into mincemeat after so many of his blows was totally fine without a trace of injury! His body that was supposed to have been pierced through was not even scarred. There were just a few holes on his clothes!

This was impossible!

Nager screamed, he switched his sword to his left hand and slashed it down on the half-elf’s head. He could clearly see the blade pressing down on his opponent’s neck and formed a dent but it was unable to cut open his flesh and chopped off his head.

He screamed and fell down but struggled to stand up once again. This made Nager totally lost control of his emotions.

He raised his sword against this thing that was beyond his understanding and wildly stabbed and chopped but every time, the opponent would just get up with an even more hideous expression on his face.

Finally, a sharp pain came from his back and made Nager screamed while madly waving his sword around. The wolf girl behind him who sneaked an attack on him got her shoulder cut by his sword. He finally saw blood flowing out like normal but in the next moment, a sharp pain came again but this time, he lost all his strength.

“You…you are not…you…what are you?”

He fell down weakly with his eyes open and died with disbelief. Wu Qingsong tightly held the dagger that killed off two mastiffmen warriors, not a single word came out from his mouth.

Roars and screams came from outside of the house and woke up Wu Qingsong. The young wolf girls that stayed inside the house were crying around the brave wolf girl. Nager’s sword had slash most of her body. She was obviously dying.

“Please…take them away!” she said to Wu Qingsong and then she breathed her last.

Wu Qingsong’s mind was a mess. The same was happening outside with all the killings everywhere. He picked up Nager’s sword from the ground and forced Horner’s sword to the oldest-looking wolf girl.

“Follow me!” He shouted.

He did not understand what had happened to his body but now was not the time to ask questions. For him, the important thing was the result.

That mastiffman soldier’s sword could not harm his body. This meant that even if he did not know any swordsmanship, as long as he gritted his teeth and turned those pain into battle will, he could defeat the enemy in front of him!

Those wolf girls who were taken out before were guarded by a soldier holding a sword. He saw Wu Qingsong running out of the room with a sword and got surprised for a second before chasing after him while shouting.

Wu Qingsong went at him head on. His sword skills were so poor it managed to stun the other party for a second before swinging his sword at his neck. This unobstructed swing hit him off his balance and made him fall down. At the same time as this swing hit him, the sword in his hand also stabbed into the other’s stomach.

“Go to hell!” Wu Qingsong shouted loudly.

It hurts, it really hurts a lot. But when the opponent fell in front of him, this pain turned into some sort of power that allowed him to forget his fear and struggled to stand up again before raising his sword and wildly slashed down at the enemy that had fallen.

One slash and then he was cut down by his opponent. Then, he got up and charged in with another slash.

The other party could not believe that he would die like this. Even when he died, his eyes were staring wide open and his lips slightly parted as though to say “How is this possible?”

Wu Qingsong’s body slightly trembled. For a nineteen years old young man, this kind of thing was too stimulating. It was beyond anything he had imagined when he first came to this world but his sense of responsibility gave him no time to soothe his heart.

He used his sleeves to wipe off the blood on his face and shouted at the wolf girls behind him, “What are you standing around for? Hurry up!”

Not far away, another soldier found them.

He raised his sword and rushed up once again.

While escaping with the wolf girls, Wu Qingsong lost count of how many soldiers were killed by him in this way. Three? Four? But in the next moment, the sight in front of his eyes widened up. A forest with burnt farmlands appeared in front of them.

Those smoke, sounds of weapons clashing and the people’s roars were as though they suddenly disappear and got left behind.

Did they escape?

The wolf girls suddenly screamed again. Barking sounds came from the forest beside them. After that, Wu Qingsong saw a familiar, huge greyish black figure.

It was a giant wolf that had lost control and escaped!

It obviously came from the battlefield, what with a broken arrow lodged in its body, bloody mouth and a body covered in blood.

In the spur of the moment, Wu Qingsong went and blocked the wolf girls behind his back. It slowly walked out of the forest, licked its teeth and tightened up its body with its fur standing up while snarling. Unmistakably, it would launch its attack at any moment now.

“You girls run away!” Wu Qingsong said to the wolf girls behind without looking away from it.


“Faster!” Wu Qingsong roared. The next moment, he raised his sword and charged forward.

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