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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 30 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: An Old Man at Home is Like a Treasure

“I want to hire you.” Wu Qingsong told Harold.

The old wolfman looked at him in surprise and didn’t understand what he meant.

“I mean hire you as in another capacity, not as a swordsmanship teacher.” Wu Qingsong said. “I need your experience and wisdom.”

Harold soon understood, and his face turned bad. “Are you dragging me into the water?”

“You’ve been with me for so long, and you know what I’ve done. If something happens to me, even if we don’t sell you out, do you think that you’ll be safe?”

The old wolfman stared at Wu Qingsong gloomily, as if to tear him apart.

For a moment, Wu Qingsong felt that his hook was about to swing.

“Of course, you can choose to leave Umbel. If you want to do that, I can give you some money as compensation. But I really need an experienced, intelligent and trustworthy person to help me now. Apart from you, I can’t think of anyone who can do it.”

Wu Qingsong looked at Harold’s eyes and said earnestly. “Can you help me, please?”

“That’s because you don’t know anyone else, do you?” Harold said sarcastically.

“But you are the best.” Wu Qingsong said with a little embarrassment. “I know that you can be trusted, and I know that you are not willing to waste your life like this. You’re not that kind of person, aren’t you?”

“Uncle, please help us!” Ling said by the side.

“Meow ~ yeah, yeah!”

Harold started shaking his head, but a few minutes later, he finally said, “Who is your copartner?”

“A group of smugglers.” Wu Qingsong said.

“If you really want me to work for you, don’t try to deceive and hide me from such things.”

Wu Qingsong felt that his face was burning from abashment, but in fact, he was a little worried about Harold.

After all, if he told Harold the truth, Harold may keep the soap secret for them for fear of being killed, but the reward for taking Nina’s head doesn’t have such risk.

“These guys are not good people. My guest, you should be careful of these people…”

He seemed to hear the horseman’s words again.

Even Harold himself said that if he was ten years younger and without disability, he would have caught them…

But he had no more choice. Harold had at least passed the previous test. Now, who else can he look for? The owner of the restaurant?

“I was told not long ago that sometimes it’s a good thing to know less.” He came up with an idea and repeated Ramu’s words in another way.

“If I don’t know who I’m dealing with, how can I help you?” Harold didn’t take it, he said mercilessly. “I won’t do it for you if I don’t know the risks and benefits.”

Wu Qingsong looked at him and finally nodded. “You should know the Silvermoon wolfkins?”

“The Moon Lady?” Harold’s face changed again. “You…” He shook his head hard. “You’re not good at other things, but you’re good at getting into trouble.”

“Not the Moon Lady!” Wu Qingsong looked at Ling and Liu Li. Before entering Caragados, he had told them what they could say and couldn’t say, and they always performed well. “It’s her people. We don’t need to have too much contact with them. It’s just the relationship between supply and money. What we have to do is very simple, the risk is very small, but the income is very high.”

“In this world, there has never been a simple thing with small risks but high returns. There are many things that are more difficult, more risky, and lower returns.” Harold said. “What kind of agreement have you reached with them? You don’t have to tell me the specific names of people and places, I don’t want to know, I just want to know, what kind of conditions have you got? ”

Wu Qingsong told him the oral agreement with Ramu.

“30% profit?!” Harold’s ears rose high. “What did you… Forget it, you don’t have to tell me.”

“Then, will you help me?” Wu Qingsong asked.

“50 Renals a month, and I want 20% of your earnings as a bonus! Pay first.” Harold said. “What do you say?”

“Deal!” Wu Qingsong immediately reached out to Harold, and Harold shook him heavily.

This was not a small sum of money, but Wu Qingsong believed that Harold was worth the price.

“You’ll need a leather workshop to deceive the public.” As soon as they let go of their hands, Harold said. “And I happen to know of a workshop that just went bankrupt.”

The old wolfman’s action was far more flexible than his legs and feet. Only two days later, he helped Wu Qingsong rent the workshop at the lowest possible price, bought all the tools and instruments of the original owner at a low price, and reported to the craftsman’s guild.

After bribing the inspectors sent by the guild, the other side truthfully gave them the lowest evaluation level, which means that they only need to pay the least taxes and goods to the guild every month, but correspondingly, they have to pay 20 Renals to this person every month, and pay another 20 Renals to an official through him. At the same time, they can also get cheaper supplies of refined wood ashes that will not be listed in the guild records through this person’s relationship. Of course, this is also the business of this person, and it is a business in partnership with a higher ranking official of the guild.

Harold was obviously familiar with such things, and then, in the name of renovating workshops and disinfection, purchased a batch of obviously excessive quicklime through the port guild, which solved the problem of most raw materials.

Wu Qingsong, on the other hand, reached an agreement with the owner of the restaurant to purchase the waste oil after frying and cooking from them at the original price, and entrusted them to process a batch of fish oil for themselves, so that the problem of oil supply was solved.

“I’ll stare at them,” Harold told Wu Qingsong.

Although he felt that the landlady didn’t care about the purpose of their purchase of the oil and could not guess what they were doing, he supported Harold’s caution. Of course, it also meant more spending.

Harold hired several people through another relationship to spy on the landlady and the craftsmen’s guild, and to pry into any information that might be relevant to them.

Wu Qingsong didn’t contact these people, and they didn’t know who hired them. As a former mercenary, Harold naturally has an underground network of relationships, and also knows who can be trusted and who should know the least of things.

The ten golden sols from Ramu were quickly consumed, and Wu Qingsong’s original funds were also exhausted. However, after several tests, Wu Qingsong determined the best proportion of this batch of materials and made a batch of high-quality soap bases.

The problem now was to wait for Ramu’s people to send the spices and herbs that need to be added into the soap bases, and then they would copy the products of the Figit Chamber of Commerce.

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