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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 31 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Sure Enough, No Man is Rich WIthout Wealth

“Your skill is very good.” Ramu scrutinized every bar of soap. “But if you want to keep the business going for a long time, you can’t do it so well. What you make can be infinitely close to the real goods, even a little worse than the real goods, but it can never be obviously better than the real goods like this, do you understand?”

Wu Qingsong nodded. In fact, he also thought about it after he made the soap.

A small number of low-quality counterfeit goods may not attract the attention of the Figit Chamber of Commerce. Even with their power, it was impossible to control every corner of the vast empire tightly. That was something that couldn’t be completely done even on Earth.

But if there are goods in the market that are better than the ones they produce, they will inevitably have a strong sense of crisis, which will attract their attention.

The logic that we can do better but have to do worse is uncomfortable, but it is the rule of the world.

What can I do? Just accept it.

“This batch of goods can earn at least 2000 Renals!” Ramu said.

The cost of the soap bases is almost negligible compared with the selling price. The biggest cost is actually those spices and herbs, plus the cost of transportation, smuggling, and sale. Wu Qingsong roughly calculated that their cost is only about a quarter to a tenth of the wholesale price of the certified products. The more expensive the certified goods are, the greater the cost gap will be.

As smugglers, Wu Qingsong didn’t think they would pay taxes honestly. In this way, the profits will be extremely considerable.

Ramu looked satisfied, but Wu Qingsong had no choice. If it wasn’t for the elves’ vicious monopoly, he could have done much more.

“I’ll give you your share after the goods are sold.”

“If it is not convenient, you don’t have to be so urgent…” Wu Qingsong said insincerely. In front of beautiful women, any young man will probably have the instinct of showing off and being generous. But the money Nina gave him before, the money he got from the gangsters he killed, plus the ten golden sols Ramu gave him before, have been used up. Although he should be able to go to the landlady’s restaurant for a few days on credit, so he wouldn’t be starved, but it was a last resort, and he really didn’t want to be in such a mess.

“Really?” Ramu seemed to not understand his subtext, but looked up at him, her eyes shining like stars in the dark.

Hey, normally you should insist on giving me the money as soon as possible? What’s the matter with this kind of behavior?

However, he had said so, so Wu Qingsong could only say, “Haha, since we are partners, we don’t need to pay much attention to these things, do we?”

Ramu smiled, and then walked to Wu Qingsong. The distance between them became very close. In the dark, Wu Qingsong’s vision was greatly affected, but other senses were magnified. So close, he could almost feel Ramu’s breath and body heat.


He had to lean back a little bit…

Don’t play with fire!

Ramu leaned forward a little again and asked softly in his ear, “So, how can I thank you for your kindness?”

The little fluff on her face gently brushed on Wu Qingsong’s face, making his body more uncomfortable and he seemed to forget where to put his hands on.

Ramu chuckled again at this time.

“In fact, you’ve used up all your money, haven’t you?” She whispered in his ear.

It turned out that she had already known it!

Wu Qingsong felt like he was being molested, which made him slightly angry, but just as he was preparing a little lesson for her, Ramu suddenly backed back at this time.

“I’ll send someone to send you a sum of money as soon as possible, but I’m really short of money now, and the amount won’t be very large.” She brushed her hand gently across his face, then walked to the door of the small warehouse with a slight smile. “Don’t spend the money too generously this time!”

“I didn’t waste money!” Wu Qingsong immediately explained.

“Haha.” Ramu laughed again, then waved her hand to him. “You’re very interesting, Wu. To be honest, it’s the first time I see a half-elf blushing. Well, that’s it today! If you have anything new, don’t forget to tell me. Maybe I will give you a surprise that you are most eager for.”

This… bitch!

Wu Qingsong sat in place for a few minutes before he got up and left the warehouse, then locked it from the outside.

As for how Ramu’s people deal with these soaps next, and how they have it transported away and sold, it’s none of his business.

It only took three days for him to make soap bases, add spices and herbs, split and pack them, but Ramu may take a month or even longer to sell them safely.

Of course, Umbel will not be the target of the sales. Wu Qingsong estimated that their smuggling operations should be around the surrounding areas of the Turks mountain range. After all, that is their sphere of influence and there is enough force to ensure security. But in this way, the consumer group is certainly far less than his expectations.

Perhaps with the gradual opening of the market, their demand for goods will gradually increase in the future, but the high price, the limitations of the customer population and the invisible sales channels together determined that the sales will never be much. After all, they are smuggling, and the development of every new channel also means the increase of risks.

It takes only three days at most to achieve the production goal of the whole month, and the harvest is hundreds or even thousands of Renals per month. For most of the people in the world, this should be a huge sum of money and a good thing that many people dreamt of, but Wu Qingsong was far from satisfied.

Because what he originally saw was an industry with infinite possibilities and space. But now he knew that as long as the Figit Chamber of Commerce exists, all his achievements in this industry are just that. As long as it’s an industry that already exists in the world and is controlled by elves, he can’t set foot in.

And if he wanted to open up a new business, he must face the fierce plunder of countless beasts.

What a wicked world!

Wu Qingsong can’t help but think of it like this.

As a young man, he was dissatisfied with the world he once lived in, but compared with this world, Earth was as perfect as heaven… the classes in this world have been solidified to such a point, it can be said that it has cut off the hope of all the people’s struggle, and it is simply forcing people to stand up and resist!

The racoonman he had seen before sent a hundred Renals to him, which solved his predicament. To his surprise, half a month later, he received a message from Ramu to meet her in the warehouse at the wharf.

“This is your dividend.” She handed Wu Qingsong a purse full of golden sols.

“Are you mistaken? So many?”

“The goods were sold to the people in the south, who let us earn more money than we expected.” Ramu briefly introduced.

Wu Qingsong guessed that things wouldn’t be so simple. Are the so-called “people in the south” businessmen, smugglers, or rebels like them?

But he was happy to know that Ramu was willing to tell him that rather than swallow up the extra profits.

“They want long-term cooperation, so we need more goods now.”

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