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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 32 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Nobel, I Need Your Help

“Meow ~ can we really buy such beautiful clothes?” Liu Li asked excitedly, rubbing her face lightly against the silk.

“Of course! Just choose what you like!” Wu Qingsong said with great pride.

Two bull men held up the shelves to place samples for them to choose as much as they like, while a sable girl recommended the goods with a smile on her face.

Although she couldn’t understand why the half-elf in front of her wanted to give these two beastwomen custom-made silk clothing, but business is business, and she always keeps a warm smile on her face.

“Lin, you also can choose!” Wu Qingsong said.

After delivering three times the soap, Wu Qingsong was flush with cash. Although he couldn’t be called a rich man, at least in Umbel, to buy a little luxury was not a problem for him.

In fact, in order to avoid being doubted where his wealth came from, under Harold’s operation, he had bought a bankrupt furniture workshop next to the former leather workshop and hired a steward and several workers.

Both workshops have been in normal operation. Although they are barely maintained, the steward and the workers do not know the real sales, and the outsiders do not know the actual sales and cost. As long as no one carefully accounted the business, there should be no problem.

Ramu was trying to find a way to help him get a document to get involved with an aristocrat. Although this means that an extra fee must be paid to the person who runs the business every year, and a theoretical profit must be paid to the aristocrat, it can avoid the harassment and exploitation of the three Umbel guilds. According to Ramu’s experience, it is fully worth it.

To Wu Qingsong’s surprise, Ramu Herb Shop was endorsed by archduke Santarx in order to avoid the harassment of the three guilds, and the tax revenue was much less than that of the same kind of shops.

“That archduke? Isn’t he your enemy?” He asked Ramu this question in surprise.

“Because he enacted a reward for catching Nina?” Ramu said. “Yes, for this reason, I paid a lot of money to get the certificate from one of his officers. The shop belonging to Archduke Santarx is actually the property of the criminal he wanted for a long time. It’s interesting, isn’t it?”

“Don’t they perceive it at all?” Wu Qingsong asked. “I mean, won’t they take it for themselves? In theory, this is their industry!”

“As long as you don’t overextend the business, the managers don’t really want to interfere. As long as they get a bonus from you every year, what’s the reason for them to really take back the shops? After all, it’s only to increase the archduke’s wealth to take back the shops, but if they don’t do it, we can keep increasing their own money. In fact, my shop will never even appear on the archduke’s property list, but the three Umbel guilds will never be able to really go and ask the archduke for verification because of such a small matter.”

“So? My two workshops?”

“It’s the same. In theory, your two workshops won’t earn much, so it’s only worth finding a baron to endorse for you. But you are a half-elf. It is much more convenient and trustworthy to do these things than us. As long as you don’t get too much attention, no one will remember what you looked like when you just came to Umbel after several years.”

It’s impossible for an aristocrat to get all the information about a small person as long as he moves his fingers. The Umbel city had less than 30,000 people, but it had been regarded as a large-scale commercial city. To stare at every strange face and record their every move? This kind of control should only be achieved in the Terminator world under the control of Skynet.

“I’ve been waiting for your new idea? Don’t you want to be rewarded?” She began to tease Wu Qingsong with her bitter eyes again, which made him run away in embarrassment.

Of course, there are new ideas. Many of the things on Earth are revolutionary if he exposed them to the people in this world. For example, he drew a few furniture pictures before and let the workers in his workshop try to make some. It was soon sold out.

But not long after he was happy, the workshops of the craftsman’s guild soon produced products with more exquisite craftsmanship, better materials, and lower prices, and even designed more similar furniture because of his inspiration. It turns out that those he sold before were all bought by them for research.

As a result, the furniture he made in the second batch was placed for a long time before being sold at a discount.

Wu Qingsong was frustrated by this incident.

You can’t put fingers on other people’s things. If you do, you will die. You can only smuggle them. And the new things you invented can be imitated by others. No wonder this world is so inanimate.

This made him really have no mind to think about any invention.

Anyway, if he just wants to live a better life, the income is enough now.

In contrast, his desire for improvement of his own strength has grown stronger under the pressure of such reality.

“I inquired, but no one has heard of your situation,” Harold told him. “You can either find a way to study magic in the imperial capital, or you can only find a way from weapons and skills. Folding crossbows, poisonous arrows, poisonous needles, poisoned daggers, and the assassination techniques used by female assassins may help you succeed when others are unprepared. But if you are facing the enemy head-on, I think it’s more realistic for you to consider hiring bodyguards.”

Wu Qingsong fully agreed with Harold’s statement, but he had another way to go.


Black powder is not in his consideration. Its power is too small. It is impossible for him to carry a large pack of powder around at any time, right?

What’s more, as a world traveler with a body that won’t get hurt, of course, he wanted to be more dauntless.

Unfortunately, for most explosives, he only knew their names. He could roughly guess the formula of Nitroglycerin from the name, while he couldn’t figure out other things simply from the names.

Picric acid? It doesn’t make sense. TNT? Who can tell me what those three letters stand for? Heisokin, what the hell is that? C4, all I know is to press F5 to switch, then press the button E…

So, only nitroglycerin I can make?

It should be enough in such a backward world.

The process of making soap can produce some glycerin, and what he needs now is other materials and the way to combine them.

Glycerin already exists. Nitration probably refers to nitric acid?

But how? Combine the two directly? Or is there a catalyst or something else? What’s the ratio?

Should the finished product be solid or liquid? Should he use a fuse or a detonator? If it’s a detonator, how can he make a detonator?

At this moment, he suddenly began to regret why he didn’t take chemistry in middle school!

Hey, don’t worry about it! Anyway, he won’t die. As long as the dosage is small and he pays attention to not attract other people’s attention, do it slowly, it should eventually succeed… Is that right?

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