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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 33 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Haunted

Wu Qingsong took action again, but the situation was much more complicated than he thought.

The first difficulty is saltpeter. He thought that potassium nitrate was the nitrate used to make fur. But he put the nitrate in the container and heated it for a long time, but there was no acid gas. At last, he remembered that potassium nitrate should be combustible?

Sure enough, the so-called nitrates used to make fur have no combustible effect at all.

Does he really have to scrape the mud off the toilet to make potassium nitrate like what he read in novels?

“What the hell do you want?” Harold finally asked.

“An acid, a strong acid!” Wu Qingsong told him with no hope.

“Strong acid?” Harold didn’t ask him anything more specific, but he gave a possible answer. “That place may have some.”

Harold introduced him to a quiet shop in the wharf area. From the outside, it was just the most common small shop that runs everything. However, according to Harold, it was a paradise for all the mercenaries, adventurers and conspirators in Umbel, because there were all kinds of poisons sold here, as well as strong acids used to disfigure and kill. It was also a place for secret information.

“The three guilds don’t care?” Wu Qingsong was a little surprised to hear that such a shop existed.

“It is said that the biggest shareholder behind the shop is the commercial guild, but who knows? No one would say who they really are or what they’re trying to do, so no one cares.” Harold said.

Wu Qingsong walked into the shop one night with his face covered. It was very empty. There was a long counter on the side near the wall. Behind the counter was a large cabinet with many drawers. An old foxman was drinking tea behind the counter. In the corner outside the counter, there were two strong bear men whispering something while drinking.

“Hello, what can I do for you?” The foxman saw Wu Qingsong come in, immediately put down his tea set and stood up, smiling.

“I was introduced by Grey Eye.” Wu Qingsong said in a low voice according to Harold’s instructions.

The foxman smiled and nodded, “What do you want?”

“I need a strong acid…” Wu Qingsong said.

But he didn’t know how to describe concentrated nitric acid, because he didn’t know what it was like.

“It should be a kind of liquid after heating ore and then putting the gas into the water.” This was the only clue he knew.

This kind of information obviously made the old foxman a little confused. He may be more proficient in poisons. “We actually have a lot of better acids.” He told Wu Qingsong. “We have the best lava lizard’s gastric juice, which can dissolve a lot of things! We also have the stomach acid of swamp crocodiles and Caledonian fish. They are all very easy to use. Don’t you want to have a look? ”

“I have a special use for that acid.” Wu Qingsong had to say.

“That’s a pity.” The foxman said. “What you said may only be available in places like the alchemist’s house. If you can give the exact name and characteristics, we can also order it for you from Padmiya or Phoenix.”

“All I know is that it should be heated with nitric oxide and then the gas is put into the water.” Wu Qingsong tried to explain to him what nitre is, but apparently, it’s hard for the foxman to understand why he wants an acid made from something like that.

“Maybe I can help you find out…” His attitude was obviously beginning to be perfunctory.

“Do you need a deposit?”

“Of course! The deposit is a golden sol, which can be deducted from your payment. But if we can’t find what you said, we will charge half of the consulting fee.”

“No problem.” Wu Qingsong has no good hope here, but this money is nothing to him now, so he still gave the foxman the money.

At this time, the bell at the door rang, but when he looked back, he only saw a figure leaving.

“Some customers don’t like too many people around.” The foxman explained with a smile and issued a receipt for Wu Qingsong.

Wu Qingsong couldn’t write yet, but he could understand simple words and numbers.

The Empire uses a kind of alphabetic writing, with nearly 30 initials and more than 70 vowels, which form a variety of words and sentences. However, it is said that elves use more complex writing, except for a few half-elves, few people know about it.

Wu Qingsong came out of the shop, but he didn’t see anyone outside. He habitually went around the street in a circle before returning to the yard where he lived at. Before entering the door, he especially looked back and saw that there was no one behind.

Lin and Liu Li, as usual, came up at once and picked up the things in his hands. Liu Li ran around holding them and puts them in their proper positions. Like a competent wife, Ling gave him towels to wash his face and hands, took off his coat and changed him into some more comfortable clothes.

Even though it had been several months, Wu Qingsong still couldn’t adapt to the situation of being taken care of properly and obediently, but he couldn’t prevent Lin and Liu Li from doing so. Even if he mentioned this, they would show an expression that seemed to be abandoned, so he could only give up.

Wu Qingsong thought that it was because they couldn’t find the value of their own existence and had no sense of security, but even if he worked hard, it was hard to reverse the thinking inertia they had formed since they were young.

He could only comfort himself that after Harold found a coach for them and let them learn the skills of fighting and protecting themselves, maybe everything would be better.

But seriously speaking, in fact, although it was a little exaggerated, for Wu Qingsong… it was quite pleasant to accept this.

“Someone’s looking into you.” The next day, Harold brought such a message.

“Who?” Wu Qingsong was a little surprised. He almost forgot that he was paying an extra commission every month to guard against people with ulterior motives.

“It’s said that he is a man with a mask on his face. He has a hoarse voice, a medium height, and a noble sword. They think it could be a half-elf. ”

“Half-elf?” Wu Qingsong’s heart suddenly pounded.

If there was a half-elf in the world who would always think about him, and he was unable to forget, it was undoubtedly Klein.

Klein not only knew Wu Qingsong’s secret, but also threatened his life!

He didn’t die? And he’s in Umbel?

Then don’t blame me! Do you want to take revenge on me? Okay, I want to find you and take revenge on you too! Let’s see who is more ruthless!

“Can you find someone to deal with him?” Wu Qingsong said without hesitation. “The best ‘specialists’!”

Harold seemed to be shocked by his words. In his impression, Wu Qingsong had never been so fierce.

He looked at Wu Qingsong carefully, then nodded slowly.

“Such people can always be found if you are willing to pay. If you give a lot of money, even the guards of the city will be willing to do it for you.”

“No, not the guards of the city. Money is not a problem, but you must find the best! And as soon as possible!”

Harold nodded again.

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