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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 34 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Leading the Snake out of the Cave

“Is it his sword technique?” Asked Harold.

Wu Qingsong nodded, “Probably.”

His memory of Klein’s sword technique was very fresh, but it didn’t mean that he could identify the murderer’s sword technique from the corpse.

Due to his lack of experience, he could not judge that the opponent was using a rapier just by the size of the wound, as Harold did. However, in his view, the boarman in front of him was stabbed in the eyes and straight into the brain, which looked like Klein’s sword technique.

“If there’s a burning mark on the person’s face, it’s probably him.” He added.

“My man is dead now!” A tall boarman growled loudly. His tusks were thick and long, and he looked terrible. “Someone has to pay!”

“I won’t give you less than I should, but I’ve explained the risk clear before!” Harold said. “There’s nothing to say now that your man is dead. Pixar, this is your territory. I’m sure you won’t break your reputation.”

The boarman breathed angrily from his nostrils, “I will catch that bastard and eat him alive!”

“That would be better,” Harold said. “The sooner this matter is solved, the better.”

Harold employed a gangster on the Umbel wharf. There are more than 20 people, including their leader Pixar. Four or five members have been famous mercenaries. They are a relatively large underground force in Umbel, and they have a good reputation. Of course, the price of employing them is not cheap. This is the most reliable force Harold can find.

Of course, they can hire more people, but money is a problem. Hiring too many underground armed forces may attract the attention of the three guilds, which is not good for them.

These people may bring potential risks to Wu Qingsong’s business in the future, but even if Wu Qingsong is forced to leave Umbel and go to other cities after this incident, it is necessary to kill Klein.

Wu Qingsong had told Harold almost everything about Klein, including the secret that he wouldn’t get hurt. After several months, he had enough trust in the old wolfman, and Harold had shown that he deserved this trust in all aspects.

“To be sure, at least, he didn’t have an official relationship,” Harold said after being away from the gangsters.

They had analyzed this together before.

If Klein came to Umbel as a garrison officer, the guards of this city would not accept any of his commands, but would at least give him the necessary help. These greedy guys only need a small reason to seize the shops and workers, so as to force businessmen and workshop owners to pay. Klein only needs to tell them that Wu Qingsong is a suspect who cooperated with the Silvermoon wolfkins, and they will definitely jump up with joy and will never stop if they don’t squeeze out Wu Qingsong’s last copper coins.

“He doesn’t believe them, or he wants to have all the benefits on his own.” Wu Qingsong nodded.

Another thing to be sure is that Klein doesn’t just want information about Karazan this time. Otherwise, based on his ability, after knowing the whereabouts of Wu Qingsong, he could choose to break into the door directly one night.

Harold was old and physically disabled, he was naturally not Klein’s opponent. Wu Qingsong and the two beastwomen had no power to fight back. Klein could easily catch them and threaten Wu Qingsong to open his mouth.

He may want to know more secrets about Wu Qingsong, or he may want to find clues about the Moon Lady from them.

Bounty and revenge, he had a good reason to do so. But it was also because of his greed, Wu Qingsong had the chance to take a break and even fight back.

“We have to find a way to inform Ramu right now!” Wu Qingsong said. “We just handed in a batch of goods a few days ago. I don’t know when he has been staring at us!”

“I’ll do it. Those people of the Moon Lady have been wanted for so long. They should have their own way. You don’t need to think about them too much.” Harold nodded. “What I’m worried about now is that since Klein has found and killed the spy, he should know that he has been exposed. His ideas are likely to change. Maybe he will leave for a while to avoid the storm, but maybe he will take some risks and go directly to catch you. You must be very careful at this time! ”

Wu Qingsong nodded: “You too!”

Harold got two crossbows for Wu Qingsong from his channel. Because of this weapon’s great power, the crossbow was strictly forbidden to be held by the people in the Empire.

Harold and Wu Qingsong poisoned all the crossbows. As long as they could hit Klein’s body, Klein would not have the luck to survive.

But two days later, no one found Klein. Pixar used a lot of connections to find him everywhere. It was all in vain.

As if Klein had disappeared from Umbel, the people of Pixar had even begun to look for him in the woods and farmhouses outside the city, but they still had no harvest. A half-elf whose face had been burned down and had to wear a mask all the time should have been easy to find.

“He will never give up easily.” Wu Qingsong said, of course, he was the same.

Money was spent like running water every day, but it was necessary to let Pixar’s people work hard. But if this continued, he would go bankrupt before he finds Klein.

This is the drawback that he has no power of his own. Facing the same threat, Ramu and Nina will never have such a problem. On the contrary, such a potential crisis may even make their power more powerful.

“If you’re worried about money, I’ll put in some first,” Harold said.

This moved Wu Qingsong a little, but he shook his head.

“I can’t go on like this.” He told Harold. “He’s in the dark, we’re in the light. He can attack whenever he wants and leave whenever he wants, it’s too passive! We need to find a way to bring him out!”

“If he’s as cunning as you said, he won’t be so easy to deal with.”

“What if we lost our protection and fled Umbel in a panic?” Wu Qingsong asked. “What if he thinks we’re broke and can’t afford guards?”

“It’s going to be dangerous,” Harold said. “If you want him to fall into a trap, you must take a lot of risks first.”

“I won’t get hurt, I won’t die.” Wu Qingsong said. “And he is the exact opposite of me.”

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