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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved - Chapter 5 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Imperishable Undying Half-elf

After discovering the half-elf captain escaping, Nina herself took the lead in pursuit.

However, the war wolf was considered one of the fastest animals in the forest. When they had rushed over, Klein had already escaped the encirclement completely. It was unknown why he had lingered outside the village for a moment but when he made his move, he had disappeared into the forest before they caught up to him.

The Moon Lady’s brow furrowed. She certainly knew about the bounty placed by the elves on her head and also what Klein’s escape implied. This mountain area had always been a hidden base of operations that her rebel army had put in great effort to win over. Although it was hard to accept, her last minute decision to come here might not have brought the liberation and freedom that she promised instead, she might have brought a disaster similar to the one that had happened to the village.

She immediately ordered the wolf warriors by her side, “Quick! We have to finish the battle as fast as possible and evacuate all the people from the villages nearby!”

“Theresa died! But we haven’t found Elisha and the other children!” an old wolfkin warrior said anxiously. “Not even a sign of their corpses!”

“They should be in the vicinity!” Anna replied to him. “Elder Auray, don’t worry, these beasts have a habit of leaving the young girls as commodities. They should be alive!”

The battle dragged on but Klein had succeeded in his escape. As for the mastiffmen, rather than fighting for their lives, it would be better to describe them as dragging more wolfmen down with them. The wolfmen who were unable to adapt to this sudden change sustained severe losses but Nina saw through this point very quickly and commanded them to use the long spears to obstruct the mastiffmen in their final struggle while using the javelins and arrows to reaped their lives.

It was not until more than an hour later, that the last mastiffman finally fell. Same as before, no one surrendered, and the wolfmen did not accept any of the wounded.

The empire’s only way of handling the insurgents was execution. The only difference lay in the methods carried out, hanging, decapitation or perhaps used as a gladiator. Due to this reason, the rebel army had to adopt a similarly harsh policy to avoid the possibility of bringing catastrophe to the village and this kind of situation had persisted for hundreds of years.

“Found them!” just as Nina used her greatsword to behead the last mastiffman, someone called out excitedly from a hillside nearby.

The silhouette of a few wolf girls appeared on the hillside, which allowed the wolfmen to sigh in relief.

They had gathered here to battle in the first place was to avenge the death of these innocent villagers but at the same time, it was to save them. Though a lot of them had prepared themselves to see their bloody corpses, to see them well and alive was a thing worth celebrating for all the wolfmen.

The armors and weapons on the mastiffmen were taken out carefully. After some repair works, these things would become the rebel army’s equipment. All the corpses were piled up in those houses. The wolfmen then demolished those houses and set them on fire.

“Nina big sister!”

The wolf girls who were given a new chance at life ran towards her joyfully.

Nina appeased them one by one and proceeded to ask them while slightly taken aback, “How did you girls escape? Did someone saved you?”

“It’s a strange half-elf! He saved us! But he…” the wolf girls said with teary eyes. “Aunt Theresa died too…”

At this moment, Wu Qingsong was finally freed from the mouth of the war wolf but he had landed into an even worse predicament; Klein was currently using his rapier to stab his body in different places again and again.

“Just what do you want?” Wu Qingsong was forced to dodge while yelling his question. “Are you a pervert?”

The special ability that had just awakened allowed him to have a lot of thoughts and confidence about his future. However, reality was cruel. Despite the fact that he would not be harmed, he was now much too weak. Facing someone strong like Klein, he was no different than serving himself on a silver platter. The opponent had countless ways to torment him until he wished for death.

He could not avoid his agile movements and sword skills. No matter how he fled and blocked, it all ultimately resulted in him getting pierced unceasingly. Finally, he just bluntly lay down and assumed a “big(大)” posture, snarling “Come, you damn degenerate! If you have the skill, kill me then! Hahahaha, what can you do to me? Come, put in a bit more effort!”

“What is the theory? Stone Skin Technique?”

Klein completely ignored his insults and continued stabbing with his rapier.

“No, it’s not Stone Skin Technique, your skin maintained elasticity…just who on earth are you!?”

His expression suddenly turned grave.

In spite of the fact that there was still a large disparity between him and a real elf, he had enough confidence in his swordsmanship. Under the circumstance that no usage of magic was allowed, he believed that he was not far off compared to a magic swordsman. This was the talent blessed by the elf bloodline in his body. It was also the result of his training since young.

As a matter of fact, if not for his appearance that was too similar to a real elf inducing jealousy and isolation from most of the half-elves while rejecting to become the female elves’ toy, he imagined his accomplishment would not stop at being a mere squadron leader.

The rapier in his hand was a first-class article that also came from the capital, Padmiya. Though not a piece of costly magic equipment, purely the destructive ability was comparable to the highest level among this kind of equipment.

Yet even the combination of these two could not bring about any substantial injuries to Wu Qingsong’s body. What made Klein even more confused was the fact that Wu Qingsong’s pain did not appear to be fake, and upon receiving damage, there was no vibration or fluctuation of magic power from his body. This indicated that all the damage was not negated, rather it was all inflicted on his body in full, only that that was no way to tear open his skin and meat and no way to leave any mark.

Wu Qingsong guffawed, “Kneel down and beg me then! Rabbit whose chrysanthemum got poked by the tens of thousands!”

Klein frowned. He did not understand the meaning behind this insult but he was sure it was not anything good.

This guy in front of him clearly would not cooperate with him. He could only find the answer himself.

He must be a product of either high-level alchemy or some sort of magical experiment!

Klein quickly deduced a conclusion that corresponded to logic according to his common sense.

All the magical resources in the empire were in the hands of the elves. Under such a premise, there was no doubt the person who could create this kind of half-elf that was unsusceptible to weapons was a powerful mage. Moreover, this type of elf usually was one of the cornerstones of the empire.

They might not be interested in certain positions of a duchy and assumed the responsibilities and obligations of the nobility but they would certainly be one of the nobles with the highest status in the empire.

They must be at least be a grand duke or even possibly a prince!

Klein arrived at this conclusion.

This might not be conformed to logic but this alchemy product undeniably had a very high practical value. It might even be related to the empire’s certain secrets.

Klein knew very well that although the elves had a very long life, powerful mages still zealously pursued the secret of immortality. And their test subjects had always been those who had the elves bloodline yet regarded as unclean objects, the half-elves. This half-elf right in front of his eyes most probably belonged to one of those cases.

Even without such consideration, alchemy that could prevent the elves from suffering any substantial injuries forever, to the elves, it was absolutely an incomparable achievement. Surely, it would not just appear out of nowhere on a desolate place such as this Turks mountain range.

So, was he released by his creator with some kind of intention in mind? Or did he escape by himself?

If it was the former, it would be best to keep his distance from this half-elf. But if it was the latter, this meant an unprecedented opportunity and prospects!

Almost all the high-level elves resided in the so-called residence of gods, the imperial capital Padmiya. Without any special reason, they would rarely leave. Only the young ones, the elves who were curious and had the longing for this world would travel around once in a while.

The highest noble elf that Klein had the privilege to see was the current Grand Duke Santarx. He was only two hundred years old and considered to be a fairly young member among the grand dukes. It just so happened that it was time he was getting bored with the normal things in this world and began to have malice for this world and was full of rebellious tendency. Owing to this, he was now having evil interest in the females of different races.

Such a temperamental superior was hard to serve. This was why Klein had never thought of becoming his servant or direct subordinate.

But if there was a chance to be related with a powerful mage even a little, even if it was just helping that mage to find his lost belonging, the payback would certainly allow Klein to reap the benefits forever.

He stared at Wu Qingsong, trying to find the slightest trace of proof that could help him make his decision. In the end, he sheathed his rapier and took out a rope from the side of the saddle on the war wolf before walking towards Wu Qingsong.

Wu Qingsong faked his struggle. Just as Klein was about to twist the rope on his hands, he suddenly made his move by stabbing the dagger in his hand towards Klein’s throat!

This was the move he used to kill Nager, that mastiffman knight!

However, Klein was not that careless mastiffman. Wu Qingsong’s arm that was grabbing the dagger was immediately seized tightly. Next, he kicked Wu Qingsong’s abdomen and made him fly. Due to the arm that was grabbed, he halted in midair and fell heavily on the ground.

He felt as though all his internal organs had been deformed by this kick but the cruel beating had only just begun. Klein’s left hand had never let go of his right arm. His right hand cooperated with both his legs, knees and other parts of his body to teach Wu Qingsong a course of military combat.

The brutal beating lasted for half an hour. When Klein finally stopped, Wu Qingsong whose body was unharmed was now full of tears and snots from the pain but he was cackling even louder than before.

“Hey grandson, tired? If not, do it again!”

“Don’t try to irritate me again, even if you can’t get hurt, I have my ways to sort you out!”

Facing such a freak, Klein also felt a dull ache in his head. He could see from this half-elf’s expression that the beating was not something that he could be indifferent about. But the scolding from his mouth was relentless. It totally broke the record on Klein’s outlook about this world.

“If your mouth doesn’t stop, I’m going to use my socks to block your mouth!”

This kind of threat finally made Wu Qingsong halt. The truth was that he got tired of all the cursing. After all, he was not Duke Wei who could turn cursing into art. The words he could use to curse was limited. After all the jeerings, he himself got fed up with it.

His body was numb from the pain. But luckily, no matter how intense the pain was, it did not persist for long or else he could not guarantee that he would not surrender.

Taking a beating was nothing, but smelly socks…a wise man knew better than to fight when the odds were against him.

Klein examined him for a while. Seeing that he finally calmed down, he could finally soothe his emotions for a bit.

Nevertheless, as an insurance, he still tied up Wu Qingsong with a rope. He cut out a piece of cloth from his cloak and stuffed his mouth before wrapping him up in a blanket from the army and sped along the road towards Leimu City.

When they reached the city, the sky had not turned dark yet. In order to prevent others from seeing him, Klein did not head straight into the city. Rather, he waited in the woods nearby until it was dark and proceeded to bring him home stealthily.

No matter what secrets were there in Wu Qingsong’s body, he had no intention to share it with anyone.

Just as he entered a door, a tiny silhouette along with an oil lamp came to welcome him.

“Meow~ Master! You are back?”

Klein did not bother himself with her and carried Wu Qingsong towards the basement. There was a cage there that was used for confining the war wolves which he used to train them long ago. It was emptied for a long time, exuding a strong moldy smell.

Klein slightly furrowed his brows. He opened the heavy iron door and threw Wu Qingsong inside before locking the cage with thick chains and lock. He then turned around and told his maid, “This matter must never be told to anyone else!”

“Meow~ Yes, master!” the maid with short stature carefully answered. The triangular ears on top of her round head stuck to her head from all the tenseness and stress and the slender tail behind her swayed around restlessly.

Klein used a huge curtain to cover the iron cage while barking out, “From today onward, you are not allowed to enter the basement!”

“Yes, master.” the maid replied softly.

Wu Qingsong was dizzy from getting thrown. But because his mouth was blocked, he could only let out indistinguishable cries as he listened to the sound of their fading footsteps from the stairs.

Then, the sound of the heavy door being closed resounded and nothing else could be heard anymore.

He exerted all his effort to struggle but it was useless. Hence, after a few more attempts, he simply slept.

In any case, this wretched elf acting all sneaky meant that he had a use for him. Why not preserve his strength and duked it out with him tomorrow!

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