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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 6 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Friend, Do You Play Warcraft?

He did not know how much time passed since then but he got woken up by the creaking sound of a wooden door turning.

He felt like he had been stomped by a herd of elephants for the whole night. Every single place on his body was aching, numb and painful. At the same time, the ache brought about by hunger and thirst were increasingly intense.

Light ray appeared from beneath the curtain that covered the iron cage, allowing him to understand that the sky had brightened up. Then, someone pulled away from the curtain. He squinted his eyes only to slowly open them a few seconds later.

That someone also took away the cloth blocking his mouth.

“Seems like you slept well,” Klein said mockingly. His mood seemed to be bad. Wu Qingsong did not know the reason but a simple deduction made him think of the defeat in the battle before.

And this totally made his day right away.

“Not bad, but the look on your face seemed like you had a one-night stand with Sister Feng. What? Haven’t had enough yet?” hence, Wu Qingsong asked deliberately.

Klein knitted his brows. Again with the things he had never heard before, yet obviously some sort of trash talk.

He was itching to stuff that piece of cloth back into his mouth. No, he should find the dirtiest and the most smelly cloth to block his mouth.

But this morning he had just suffered serious accusations and doubts. Wals and other squadron leaders who were envious of his capability since long ago had obviously wanted to blow things out of proportion. This made him consider getting something out of this captive’s mouth to settle this problem.

“Who are you?” he forced down the anger rising in his chest and interrogated in the most undisturbed tone he could manage. “Where did you come from? Where are you going? Why did you appear in that place?”

“Why don’t you guess?” Wu Qingsong said. He tried to adjust his posture right after, but the numbness spreading throughout his body after sleeping while tied up for the whole night made him feel like dying.

Nevertheless, he had to give his best here. Granted, his body was in pain, he still had to grit his teeth and pushed on.

He was already at the mercy of others. If he even lost in momentum, then he had no hope left.

“You don’t want to get your ropes off?” Klein asked.

“It’s okay. I personally don’t mind it,” Wu Qingsong answered.

Klein felt himself on the brink of an outburst. However, last night’s beating had made him understand; Wu Qingsong was a tough nut to crack, beating him up did not serve any purpose.

“As long as you answer my question honestly, I’ll undo the rope.”

He tried not to let anger display on his expression. Because plainly, this half-elf was doing this to fight back. The angrier he was, the happier the opponent was.

He simply could not understand his way of thinking.

On the battlefield, he could use one hand to turn his enemy into a twisted hemp rope. Yet, this guy happened to be someone that would not die no matter what he did. Beating him up would not convince him too. What else could he do?

“Hehe,” Wu Qingsong chuckled. “Undo the ropes and I’ll consider it.”

“Then you can continue lying down!”

Klein stood up furiously, stuffed the cloth back into his mouth and covered the cage with the curtain again before he stormed out of the basement.

“Just what do you want?” Klein asked.

A foul smell of urine wafted out from the cage and caused him to feel disgusted and nauseating. In contrast, Wu Qingsong merely closed his eyes and hummed with a contented look on his face.

Klein used his rapier to poke at him. Only then, did he opened his eyes.

“Oh, you’re here? Welcome welcome, do as you like! No need to be polite, make yourself at home.”

“What a deplorable person!” Klein commented. He had never thought that one person could go to such lengths. If he was in his shoes, he would crumble in one day.

Still, Wu Qingsong continued to close his eyes and turned a deaf ear to his words.

Finally, with a single slash, Klein cut open the rope binding Wu Qingsong. But his limbs were rigid from being tied up for a long period of time. Only after quite a while could he recover from numbness to the point where he could stretch out.

“Ah~~” he could not help letting out a groan.

On one hand, it was due to the pain from his body, on the other, it was due to the delight from the bottom of his heart.

Although he lost in combat, in the end, he won in the battle of will!

Klein could not help snorting at this. Wu Qingsong slowly got up and moved his body parts little by little in the cage.

“Who on earth are you?” Klein questioned again.

“Excuse me, hungry stomach, parched throat, and smelly body. I’m really not in the mood to chat with you. How about this? Why not take the trouble to tie me up again?”

“I gave you an inch and you want a mile!” Klein spoke with a dark look.

“So, tie or no tie?” Wu Qingsong squeezed out a smile with all his effort and asked.

He got dressed in clean clothes, with a chamber pot covered by a lid placed on the side of the cage and given some fresh dry straw and a blanket. Although he was still a prisoner, it was already paradise compared to before.

Wu Qingsong swallowed the last mouthful of roasted meat and burped with relish. He patted his stomach and sighed.

“Refreshing!” he remarked to Klein.

“Who are you?” Klein questioned again with a glum face.

“Considering your sincerity, I can tell you this. You can call me, Wu.” Wu Qingsong slowly walked around in the cage for digestion and said.

“Wu?” Klein put out his next question. “Where did you come from?”

“A place called Karazan,” Wu Qingsong replied.

During the time when he was under confinement and having a battle of wits and courage with this elf called Klein, he was always pondering on how to escape. Keeping mum was blatantly impossible. Sure, this Klein was presently getting toyed by his non-violent and non-cooperative acts, but the initiative was still in his grasp. If he had nothing of worth for him, he could chuck him inside a box and bury him or even drown him. This way, even if he wouldn’t die, being alive was totally pointless.

He was getting more and more anxious and conceding again and again. This proved that he was hoping to get something out of him. In the event that he could not reach his goal, he would surely pay him back in an even more vicious manner.

Therefore, he must dangle bait in front of him to make him give out more so that he could improve his chances of survivability and make his escape from here.

“Karazhan?” Klein parroted with doubt. He had never heard of this name before.

“It’s a tower that is located at the depth of a forest and swamp…”

Wu Qingsong tried to put on a look that was both painful and as though having an unbearable reminiscence in order to conceal the distorted expression on his face. Fortunately, his control over his facial expression had made remarkable progress over this period of time. Klein did not notice anything out of place from his face.

“Where is it situated?” Klein continued questioning.

“I don’t know…I move around alone in the forest for a very very long time, almost two to three months, until I arrive at that village by chance,” Wu Qingsong shook his head and carried on saying. “I only know that Medivh called that place Deadwind Pass…from what I remembered, I’ve always been living there.”

“Medivh? Deadwind Pass?”


Wu Qingsong put in every bit of effort to resist the urge of laughing out loud and nodded his head seriously.

“Medivh is the owner of that tower.”

Thanks to the influence of novels and movies, Wu Qingsong knew that the best lies were those that contained a lot of details and truths while mixing in as few untruths as possible.

Nevertheless, it was impossible for him to announce his true identity to Klein. For him, this world that was similar to the one that he had familiarized himself with, a game world that he had put in a huge amount of time and energy so much so that it could be called his second life, undoubtedly became his best choice.

Although he had not played the game for years due to the college entrance exam, making his memories a little vague, that CG movie that just came out allowed him to look back on the storyline. He especially logged in to see that dungeon he had conquered countless times. With his memories refreshed, he could use the details from the game and movie to deal with this elf in front of him.

As expected, although the answer was very close to his guess, Klein still asked for the details. Luckily, Wu Qingsong did not cook up a whole new world and characters at the last moment but rather used the characters and settings he was familiar with for his description. At the same time, the setting he gave to his own role was an obscure and unknown servant whose scope of activity was limited. He could even use his humble status to muddle through a lot of details.

Reclusive, powerful yet insane to the point of having multiple personalities, archmage Medivh, loyal and devoted housekeeper Moroes, fat chef Cook, intelligent and studious sole apprentice Khadgar, golems propelled by formidable magic and finally the illusions that wandered around the surrounding forest and ghost town as a result of a magic failure. All these details rapidly assisted Klein in constructing an imaginary mysterious place that conformed to his guess. Wu Qingsong’s familiarity and thoughtless words about these characters gradually dispelled his suspicions.

How would this half-elf know, Wu Qingsong’s world had things that could let others experience a different life?

Archmage Medivh! Magic apprentice Khadgar!

Klein memorized these two names. In addition, he decided to utilize all his connections to investigate these two names immediately.

Though according to Wu Qingsong’s description, Medivh was an eccentric and dangerously powerful mage, Klein’s thirst for success drove him to try his luck. Of course, Wu Qingsong refused to mention anything about his reason to leave Karazan but Klein believed that he had seen through him. Even if he really was as he described, an insignificant character in the tower, as long as he sent him back, he could at least have some relations with that magic apprentice Khadgar. Klein was sure that this elf that was willing to leave the comfort of the imperial capital to follow his teacher and received the inheritance of an archmage was no ordinary individual.

“Now that you know everything you wanted to know.”

Wu Qingsong put on an innocent face and inquired.

“When will I be released?”

“Wait until I confirm your words,” Klein said.

Confirm my words? Then I hope you live long enough and your connections extensive enough.

Wu Qingsong stretched his body and slightly nodded his head.

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