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Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 8 - Zenith Novels

Beastwomen Will Never Be Enslaved – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Sorry, but I’m not that kind of person!

Yet, before he managed to take his relationship with the cat maid to the next level and obtain his opportunity to escape, Klein brought over a new companion for him.

A shivering furry beastwoman.

Currently, she was curled up due to fear. This completely stumped Wu Qingsong in his attempt to know what she was.

“This is?” he could not help asking.

“Giving you a companion,” Klein replied indifferently.

Lately, he had been going around asking about Karazan and Medivh but there was no result even to this day.

It was not easy. Though Illiar Barony was located in the middle of the continent and the distance to the empire’s center, to be honest, was not really far, but due to the majority of the region located in the mountain range, hills and forests, only a small piece of land in the southern part was considered rich. It was not even a significant place in the Santarx duchy, much less the whole empire.

Those half-elves that had been reduced to live here, the majority of them were discarded by other places or their capability were simply not good enough. Or else they were illegitimate children like him who due to various reasons, were demoted to this place. For most of them, the imperial capital was forever an existence that was in sight yet unattainable.

Anything related to the imperial capital was all big news here. This also meant that this place would never truly get any important and accurate news.

Klein could only withstand great humiliation and use social relations from his paternal family. But even so, the news would only arrive here two months later at the earliest.

During this period of time, how should he handle this half-elf who called himself Wu?

Klein felt a slight headache.

The simplest and most dependable way was, without a doubt, tying him up, stuffing him inside a sturdy box and then chaining the box before burying it inside the basement or garden. He would not die anyway. He could simply dig him up after everything had been investigated clearly.

For Klein, this way would appease the hatred in his heart the most.

Yet, if he had done so, both of them would inevitably become enemies through and through. And Klein had been pondering over a problem: Was Wu Qingsong an escaped slave or an escaped experimental subject? According to his observations, aside from his undying and imperishable body, Wu Qingsong did not know any martial skill and magic. Then, how did he escaped from a magic tower that had tight security?

Klein had never believed in luck, especially the descriptions according to Wu Qingsong. Karazan was absolutely not like Leimu Town which did not have many forces for protection and could allow people to easily enter and leave, not even if the person in question was Wu Qingsong that had an undying and imperishable body.

He would rather believe that it was someone close to archmage Medivh that gave Wu Qingsong the convenience.

Although a lot of elves regarded half-elves as freaks that had tainted the elves’ bloodline, with the increasing number of half-elves that had taken up a large amount of basic complicated works, which allowed the elves to freely do what they like, the status of half-elves in the empire had improved a lot compared to the past.

However, such a reason was in no way enough for an elf with a promising future to offend an archmage. Unless Wu Qingsong had an even more intimate relationship with him.

Illegitimate child.

That was Klein’s judgment. An illegitimate child between an elf and an ape kin beastwoman.

A freak with a vile nature!

This answer would definitely cause Wu Qingsong to jump up and curse him but Klein felt that he had already found the answer.

Even if there was no such relationship, Medivh perhaps might regard the emotional aspect of his precious experimental subject important. Thus, if Klein wanted to get some benefits from Karazan, specifically Medivh or Khadgar in the future, he had absolutely no reason to become irreconcilable enemies with Wu Qingsong.

The previous beatings and long-term imprisonment might cause some problems. Sending Wu Qingsong back to Karazan might also make him dissatisfied. But since he had lived at that place for so many years, he might not actually feel that there was any problem with it. As for the beatings and imprisonment, there should be a solution that could resolve that. But if he was buried underground for one to two months or kept imprisoned like this, the hatred would surely be enormous.

So, he decided to ease the tension between the two of them and eventually acquire Wu Qingsong’s trust.

Since Wu Qingsong was merely a half-elf that had been locked up inside the magic tower for his whole life, finding a suitable method would not be too hard.

As a result, when he went outside the town to recruit new subordinates from the commoners, he happened to find something that could help him close the gap between them and brought it back while he was at it.

“She’s a mixed-blood. You can do as you please. It’s fine even if you break it,” he said so to Wu Qingsong.

Klein soon walked away and left the space to Wu Qingsong but this only made him uncomfortable.


Do as he pleases?

It’s fine even if he broke it?

Mothaf*cker~ these words, even if it only entered through his left ear and came right out of his right ear, it was still a type of pollution to his soul!

However, that furry head that was buried between her knees with that pair of pointed ears, it was simply even more appealing to his heart than that little cat maid. He had this urge to massage it….

“Er, that…”

After a long time, Wu Qingsong finally spoke out. But his voice triggered the beastwoman to pull back to the edge of the cage in fright, her body increasingly trembling.

“I am not that kind of person you assumed to be…” Wu Qingsong said awkwardly. “…rest assured, I won’t touch you. Are you hungry? How about eating these?”

He split the food that Klein sent into two halves. At this moment, he realised that there was also the portion that belonged to the cat girl in here…but with the addition of this anonymous beastwoman, taking into account her timid nature, she would not be appearing these few days right?

Due to the appearance of this beastwoman, the routine he did everyday before he went to sleep, the thing where he pees at the iron bars was unable to be continued now. He could only secretly pee into the chamber pot. What made it even more awkward was the location where the beastwoman curled up at, it just happened to be the place where he peed and kicked everyday.

Sigh~ what to do about this matter?

The sky gradually darkened and the situation had not improved at all. Contrary to that, Wu Qingsong’s every single movement and sound made this unfamiliar beastwoman alarmed and tried to struggle or hide.

But this cage was only this big, where could she hide?

“I’m going to sleep, do what you want…” Wu Qingsong could only say that. In any case, he would not get injured or die. There was no need to worry about her doing anything extreme.

He tried his utmost to lean against a iron bar that had the most wind blown to it, laid his head on his arm and shut his eyes. After a while, his breathing became drawn-out and deep.

But that beastwoman was still shrinking at the same position without any change.

Just what happened to her? Why did she turn into this?

A lot of negative thoughts came to mind naturally. Of course, he did not witness them with his own eyes. But as a person who once lived in a highly developed world, it was not difficult to know and to imagine these things.

So, he could not help but let out a sigh.

Apparently, the world he had arrived at was far more terrible than the one he had ever imagined.

In the silent darkness, his consciousness became more and more relaxed and gradually almost began to fall asleep. Whereas, she finally stealthily raised her head.

In the dark, her luminous eyes could be seen glowing similarly to those wolf girls. Soon after, she slowly and quietly moved her body while looking at Wu Qingsong’s face. It seemed that she wanted to make sure that he was truly asleep. Then, she quickly made her move.

Wu Qingsong was shocked for a bit. Fortunately, he managed to resist doing anything. In the dark, he saw that beastwoman stole a glance at him but soon after, the sound of chewing and swallowing came from the corner she stayed at.

Oh, hunger won in the end!

Wu Qingsong slightly shook his head and truly went to sleep.

When he woke up, the day had turned bright. Sunshine passed through the vent that cat maid usually used and happened to reflect on the empty plate.

His ears could hear the sound of Klein walking here and there. He always wore stiff leather boots and this allowed his footsteps to be easily differentiated.

That beastwoman surely had woken up long ago but due to the tight space, there was nowhere for her to go except the corner which she continued to pitifully shrink herself at. When she noticed that Wu Qingsong had woken up, she once again buried and hid her head.

Hey, you were a beastwoman! Not an ostrichman….

Wu Qingsong helplessly said so in his heart.

If I really wanted to do something to you, I would have done it last night. Why would I wait until now?

“Morning~” such grievance had caused him to greet out with a bit of bad temper before getting up from the floor.

The beastwoman became frantic once again. But such a cage was only that big, where could she hide?

Wu Qingsong did not bother himself with her. He clicked his tongue and moved his numb body around, drank some water and afterward, sat opposite to her.

“Looks like both of us would need to stay inside this cage for a period of time. This kind of situation can’t go on!”

He decided not to care about this beastwoman’s behavior for now and proceeded to make things clear.

“Even if you’re not tired, I would get tired of looking at you like this! Besides, putting all else aside, we still need to relieve ourselves, right? With you acting like this, what are we to do?”

Yet, the beastwoman was obviously not listening to him. She was like a startled rabbit, tensely shrinking herself at a corner and deceiving herself by closing her eyes while her body was trembling nonstop.

“I’m Wu, what’s your name?”

No response.

“If I want to do something to you, I would’ve done it last night. I wouldn’t have waited until now, don’t you think?”

Still no response.

Wu Qingsong finally could not endure any longer. He moved his head close to her and shouted, “HEY!!!!”

At last, the beastwoman grabbed the cage in despair and cried. Wu Qingsong too was in despair.

“You want to cry but I want to cry even more…is this meant to torture you or to torture me? Can’t you be a little bit more rational?”

Still no response.

“I see now, Klein that bastard is using you to torment me!”

The sound of sobbing resounded.

“Fine, you win. Do what you want,” Wu Qingsong said helplessly.

At this moment, the sound of a heavy door closing occurred. Klein had left. If it was before, the next thing that happened would be the cheerful and relaxing time for both him and the cat girl. But it was now obvious that their routine had been disrupted by the arrival of an unfamiliar beastwoman.

The little cat maid’s silhouette soon appeared outside the vent. But, just like what Wu Qingsong had expected, she did not dare to come in and instead prudently peeked in from outside. Sitting at this corner of the cage, he could clearly see her tail angrily waving here and there. And, though he did not know why, this sight caused Wu Qingsong to nearly break out into laughter.

Alright, though the situation was not the same as before but at least, he could sing a song for her to listen to.

Thus, he went and hummed softly. Yet, beyond his expectation, the moment he finished humming that song, he noticed that newcomer beastwoman had already lifted up her head with her face full of tears.

Although, I could not deny that my singing voice was very good, your reaction…Hey! Could you be any more exaggerated than that?

That beastwoman seemed as though she had just realized it and frantically wiped away the tears with the back of her paws. She wanted to shrink back into a corner as usual and upon this scene, Wu Qingsong finally could not hold back his sigh, “There’s no need for you to be afraid of me. Did you like the song?”

That beastwoman had already hidden her head behind her knees but after some time, she still nodded silently.

“Then I’ll just sing once more,” Wu Qingsong said in response.

The cat maid by the vent finally also calmed down at this moment and enjoyed her brief period of leisure. On the other hand, upon hearing his singing once more, the beastwoman newcomer sobbed silently. Just like that, the barrier between the two of them began to fade away without anyone noticing, discreetly.

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