Blade Online Chapter 43

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Translator : HDGGXIN

Editor         : Humbletroll

This chapter itself is a conversation thread or chat so it’s different from usual. As usual point out the mistakes. We will add arc separation later in ToC.

【Outbreak of war】 Blade Online conversation thread 1014::


544: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 23122

Sorry I was away, how bad is it?

Bulletin: <<Bloody Eye>> members have infiltrated <<Ouroboros>>.


545: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 81903

Three days left until the event …… I’m reserving a seat, It’s my win.


546:  This adventurer is amazing! ID: 69503

>> 544

Kwsk (TL: This was written in raw. No idea what author was thinking)


547: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 33211

>> 544

Are false rumors are being spread again to reduce the rating of <<Ouroboros>>?


548: ID:00211


Oh man… I still haven’t made reservation yet….



549: ID: 01639


Several dozen players including <<Lance Knight>> died by PK’ing. Dozens of members are missing from the guild. The three people who survived, confessed that they belong to <<Bloody Eye>> and have PK’ed in the past. Evidence suggests that the player who had murdered <<Lance Knight>> and players who disappeared from <<Bloody Eye>> entered the <<City of Criminals>>.

It is unknown who killed <<Lance Knight>> and rest of the players.

<<Ouroboros>> is intensifying inspection of their members.

or it seems so…


550: ID: 56743


To think that <<Lance Knight>> is dead … Orz


551: ID:33211


Investigation is still going on. This story is circulating on many threads, especially on PK countermeasure threads.

<<Lance Knight>> he….


552: ID: 00325


If the players who were killed belonged to <<Bloody Eye>> then why was he killed?

553: ID: 76547

<<Lance Knight>> also belonged to <<Bloody Eye>> ?

And to think he died…..


554: ID: 63125


Was it <<Ghouls>>? They get into many small fights with <<Bloody Eye>>.


555: ID: 66623

Are you seeing this Kedamaku, I will never forgive you all.


556: ID:00211

What an unexpected thing before the event……


557: ID: 54678

The truth is still unknown….


558: ID: 94321


For this to happen so suddenly…..


559: ID: 98321


I am Kedamaku


560: ID: 69503

No, I am Kedamaku!


561: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 17403
No Idiot! I’m a Kedamaku!


562: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 63125

Since when have you all had the illusion that you are Kedamaku

563: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 00211

LOL hahahahahaha!


564: This adventurer is amazing! ID: 89656

No, in the end who was he……..

TL Notes :


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Nico De Angelo ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

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Thanks you for a chapter


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Dark Jackel

I’d have preferred a POV in Ouroboros itself, as I’m wondering why his identity wasn’t leaked by the survivors who apparently confessed… But, thanks for the update! 😄

Phantasms Namer

I don’t like this kind of chappy…
Anyway, Thx for the Chappy ~!
How is Rin gonna live after this..
Hope Akatsuki take her though! 😛


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