Blade Online- Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

<Worm Forest>, In a room of an inn, I was sitting on bed, and was patting Rin’s head. Her tears were flowing out of her closed eyes, leaving a mark on her cheeks. I wiped it with my finger.


A few days after that event, after anonymously forwarding three people who survived to ‘Criminal’s Town’ , Kokuu and his companion’s information was anonymously forwarded to ‘Ouroboros’. After that I rented  a room at this inn and we did nothing and time passed slowly.

After trying to stop me from killing those three people, Rin also fainted. Although Rin was trying to act like a grown-up but after losing her brother, there was no reason to stay calm. After returning to town Rin’s personality changed. She always displayed a forced smile, and tried to remain calm. That form resembled Shiori, and seeing that I felt my chest tighten.

Although her brother was dead, she was still not crying.

When Rin was making my favorite japanese food and she showed a forced smile, I hugged her. Her body trembled while saying “Ah.. aa a a?” and she seemed confused. Even I thought this reaction was normal. My body moved without permission and hugged her. I felt like hugging her and without noticing, I hugged her.


“You don’t need to bear it anymore..  Please don’t make it so difficult for youself…”


While embracing her I muttered, Rin’s body shook again.


“Ah…….. ”


After saying so her voice began to waver, and she started weeping.

“tsu.. . Very much difficult…”

“When you show such expression, It’s very painful for me too…  Please don’t hold it in anymore..”


Before knowing it, I was also shedding tears and told Rin, as if begging.

Rin, who was silent for a while slowly extended her hand to my back and hugged me. Then buried her face in my chest and squeezed me as hard as possible and began to cry. I felt warm tears soaking my clothes, but I ignored it and stroked Rin’s head.


That night, Rin entered my room and said “I want to be together with you until I sleep”. When Rin asked me this my chest tightened.

I arrived at Rin’s room and I felt relieved seeing Rin’s sleep peacefully. I was sitting on the chair while patting Rin’s head. I looked for information of <Bloody Eye> and <Ouroboros> on the Bulletin Board.


The guild which the people who killed Ryu belonged to, I will absolutely kill them. And secondly, the guild <Bloody Eye> entered, <Ouroboros>. Until that top members doesn’t apologize for death of Ryuu I will not be satisfied.

The guild master of <Ouroboros> was champion of previous <Event>. Top rankers of this <Event> will be given seed rights. I really can’t understand what management is thinking. Well…., that seems to be the case from the beginning.

Anyway, probably Kyuuryuu having seed rights will participate in <Event>. I already applied for participation in <Event>. I will win to top position and will have a word with Kyuuryuu.


While hunting for information, I fell asleep. Light was passing through crevice of the curtain. I supressed my yawn and stood up from my chair and stretched my body because of  sleeping in strange posture. After again suppressing my yawn I saw Rin sleeping on her bed, and suddenly a shock ran into my abdomen.


“Oufuu…. ..”


I lost my balance and fell to ground, I realized that Rin have jumped on me.


“Wha… what happened?”


Her body was trembling a little and the way Rin embraced me was not normal, it seemed like she was scared of something. I balanced myself and patted the head of Rin while embracing her.


“Ryu, Ryu … … Ryu was killed …, I… I was alone, I thought I was a grown up, but I became … Yu, I thought it was a dream … but it is real … Ah, Akatsuki-san I can not fight, but I can cook … I will do Anything, so please do not abandon me. ”


Apparently she dreamed of me abandoning her and she was left alone. It seems like she was afraid of being left alone. I strengthened my hug and said something in a tone which will relieve her.


“Don’t worry. Ryuu entrusted you to me and I am not planning to abandon you even if someone told me to. I will take responsibility of you until we get out of this world. so don’t worry.”

“Don’t abandon me…..”


I hugged Rin who was trembling after saying that.


A few days later, the third ‘Event’ started.

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First!!! XD


“Don’t worry. Ryuu entrusted you to me and I am not planning to abandon you even if someone told me to. I will take responsibility of you until we get out of this world. so don’t worry.”

I got a death flag-like feeling from these lines


cmon its obvious in final match she will die for saving him ! or will die before and a new heroine will appear


Asuna or Sachi huh, interesting enough sachi and rin using same weapon


Interesting comment lel


_l≡_  _ |_  ( Thank!!
 (≡・ω・)  ) Nepu!!!
Dammit, am I the only one expecting that they’ll comfort each other by making love?


I dont think so XD

Pantasma Namer

Your not alone Nepu-senpai ~!
I too, did wanted them to lick each other’s “wound”…

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