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Blade Online Chapter 45 - Zenith Novels

Blade Online Chapter 45

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Hello guys. Its been a long time. We became busy after college opened so we really couldn’t post anything. Really sorry for that. We have become very busy due to college projects and some other matters. Well anyway with my excuse. Here’s the chapter.Quality  may not be on par so please excuse us. We will fix it later. Point out the mistakes if any.

Translator: HDGGXIN
Editor       : humbletroll

A huge dome floating in the sky far from Arcadia. As the <<Event>> is coming closer, will be able to go this place called the sky Dome from the warp gate of every town. Normally, one cannot go there whenever they want to.

A huge screen is set up inside sky dome with seats for watching participants of event. Players who want to see the <<Event>> directly must pay the money and reserve seats. It seems like that there are more seat reservation than ever for the third time. There are no sales of seats in the bulletin board.

Since rare entertainment items are released in the sky dome, there seems to be quite few players coming for them. There are various things available on sale such as a picture and videos of the players fighting at <<Event>>, a picture of an active player, a poster of players of last event with their nickname. I wonder why there is such amount of cheerfulness even though it is a death game. It’s somewhat scary…

Just like the audience, participants must register beforehand in the Sky Dome. This time the minimum level required for participation in the event is level 50 and above. Since my level was 63 and cleared the restriction, it’s was normal for me to able to participate.

This a PvP (Player vs Player) event. The number of participants seems to be around 150. The participants will be divided into groups and will fight until only few individuals are left. It’s a so-called Qualifiers. The wing players will advance to Main Rounds of the Event. By the way, the footage of preliminary round is not shown to the audiences. Instead these are sold to people after the completion of <<Event>>.

Since many people will be fighting all at once so, there may be people working in teams. I wil be at disadvantage since I don’t have any friends, but it’s not a big problem for me. I will fully utilize the evasion techniques that I learned in the forest.
(TL: It’s kind of a last man standing event.)

When I was asked to choose a participation name which will be displayed to everyone, I decided to name myself as <<Silver Blade>>. I chose this name because of silver light effect produced when using <<Overlay Slash>>.

Of course, I will be wearing mask when participating in <<Event>>. Why wear a mask? because it will be very uncool walking in the town after losing in <<Event>>. Anyhow I absolutely won’t lose and I think person wearing a mask looks cool. Thinking back now, <<Masquerade>> would have been better than <<Silver blade>>.


Preliminary round was going to start in four hours. So, until then I will stay in the inn.

After taking a shower to relax. I wrote 人 on my palm for three times as a charm and swallowed it to ease my tension. Rin started cooking food in order to fire me up to win the tournament. What she made was, Katsudon. “Don wins the game” kind of meaning was put into katsu-don. Seems like a bad pun, but some people hold the same meaning for Katduson (TL: Not sure about this). Before giving my high-school entrance examination, I ate Katsudon thinking “Don wins the examination”. But during the exam I don’t seems to remember about it…. I am not able to recall it.

I chuckled alone and got depressed while thinking about such worthless things. When I got off the bed and opened the door, Rin stood there with a smile.


“Onii-chan!! Meal is prepared.”




After hearing Rin’s dialogue, many people would have thought “What kind of eroge is this??”, but don’t worry, I also thought the same thing. I also noticed that Rin’s way of calling me changed from “Akatsuki-san” to “Onii-chan”. I don’t feel anything when my real sister calls me “Onii-chan” but when someone who is not my real sister calls me that my heart tingles. I thought of Ryuu saying to me “kora!! you can’t have my sister.” Don’t worry its ok because I am not a lolicon. I am absolutely not a lolicon.

Yeah, well that’s OK. I come down with the Rin and sit in the chair. On the desk were two bowls on which the thick cutlet wrapped around golden eggs were placed. I see the steam rising from them.

I gulped and swallowed the saliva in my mouth. I requested to Rin with my eyes for permission to eat. Rin laughed seeing my appearance.


“Well onii-chan! Do your best in today’s <<Event>>.”

“Hmm…. Thank you.”


It was impossible for me look into Rin eyes because It was very embarrassing to be called “Onii-chan”.


“Well then, let’s eat.”

“hm… Itadakimasu.”


Well, shall I eat it at once? At first, I ate the leading part of the cutlet. The soft egg, the crisp batter coat, and the thick katsu slices. I am already wining in life if I am able to eat this delicious Katsudon every day. No, I don’t understand anymore.

While thinking so I eat the Katsudon, I gobbled up the food, but for some time I was feeling uneasy. Rin was staring at me continuously while I was eating without even touching her Katsudon. Umm … it’s becoming hard to eat. Like while studying when someone is watching you. I wonder if she wants me to give a reaction like “Uooh! This is delicious. Thank-you Rin.”, similar to a protagonist of a light novel? But this wouldn’t seem normal…. I somehow feel that reaction is not heart-warming…. I should at least say something.

When I looked up to her, *glitter*, she had happy eyes and a rare smile was on her face. Ahh… Such a powerful force….. be calm me. If you get excited here, you will act out of your character…. I should speak normally to her.


“n…. oh.. This is delicious. Thank-you Rin.”

Oops! what the hell. I have taken the reaction of main character of some Light-Novel.

“ano…. Thank-you Onii-chan”

……… …

I will definitely win in today’s event.

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