Blade Online Chapter 47

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Hello guys. Its been a very very long time. Sorry for no updates. We were really busy with our college. It’s 3rd yr so it has become very very hectic. Somehow we did this chapter. Chapter may have lot of mistakes so please bear with us. Point out the mistakes.

Translator: KuroOuji, humbletroll
Editor       : humbletroll

I turned back to look him who fell and thrust the sword towards the man’s neck. My attacks were consecutively blocked by him using his weapon. He couldn’t keep defending against all of my attacks and the tachi stabbed his neck.




But just before the blade could pierce the man’s neck, I heard a sound.


Was it a shield to prevent the player from feeling pain? But still, the man’s HP bar steadily  fell by 40%. I aimed at the neck which is a vital point to get an instant kill but it looks like it didn’t work. It isn’t that easy to hit to score a critical hit. Now that I think about it, It was almost impossible to hit vital points of Kokuu and his men during that fight.


Although there was no pain, the shocks seems to be transmitted so the man screamed and fell back. When I thought of this a chance to pursue him, <<Foresight>> detected an attack and jumped back instead. Next moment, a huge axe struck at the spot where I was standing and blew the ground apart.




The attack looked like some kind of skill. I quickly avoided it using <<Step>> but couldn’t make it in time and got caught up in the blast and was blown away. My HP slightly scraped off. The man who was fallen seems to have been completely engulfed in the explosion. I do not know what exactly happened due to heavy sand clouds.


The dual swordsman tried to attack at me while I was blown away so I stabbed the tachi into the ground to regain my balance and ducked to avoid his attack. I pulled out the tachi while standing up and attacked him. The dual swordsman crossed his swords in front of his body to block my attack. He used one sword to parry my tachi and the other to thrust towards my chest.  Before he could hit me, I kicked him in his belly with full power and disrupted him. I used this opportunity to slash across his face. I could feel that the tachi was hitting the shield. Once again without minding it, I again slash across his face. Sound of sparks could be heard while the man’s HP decreased by more than the half. Before I could deliver another blow, he recovered himself. Wary of an attack, he put guard using the dual swords but suddenly shivered as a sound of hitting shield an be heard. His HP fell to 0 and transformed into grains of light and was transferred outside.


A woman with black hair tied in a ponytail appeared from behind the disappeared man. The protruding spear in her hand proves the fact that she killed the dual blade wielder. Her two dull eyes turned towards me and at that moment, when I thought that I could see a smile on her lips, her spear was pointed at me and was thrust in-between my eyes. Although I used <<Parry>> to avoid the attack, the figure of the women disappeared once again.




She pulled back the spear as soon as I parried it and used <<Step> >to move to my blind spot. It was not that fast that I couldn’t see it but it was absurdly quick. I used <<Foresight>> to detect her presence diagonally behind me and turn around while flicking away the spearhead with tachi.




Her spear was shining blue. Looks like she activated a skill. The spear was thrust-ed at me repeatedly with an amazing speed. Seems to be <<Fifth Slash>>. I used the tip of the tachi to flick away the spear and moved to the back to evade the attacks. The woman’s eyes opened wide, surprised that I evaded all the attacks. After a skill is activated there is always a cool-down time. That cannot be avoided. I activated <<Forth Slash>> and slash at her four times. The woman tried to block it with her spear but it looked like she couldn’t match my power and was blown away. I couldn’t make a direct hit but her HP fell by 10%.


Just as I thought that she was blown away she stabbed her spear into the ground and used to spear to turn on the spot and used to momentum to crash into me. In order to prevent that, I invoked <<Parry>>.




The spear twisted like a snake. The spear that was thrusting towards my previous position, changed its trajectory above the tachi and headed towards my chest. Since the attack was unexpected, my reaction was delayed. I jumped back using <<Step>> but could not completely evade it and slightly struck my chest.




A sound was heard as the shield was struck. At the same time a light shock ran through my chest.


I slide backwards across the ground. Naturally, I was wary of other players other than the girl in front me. Now, that I observed her spear, I could now understand by looking at its shape


“Triple Staff1

What she had in her hands was not just a spear. Although I couldn’t confirm it, the spear had three joints which were connected by a chain. It was probably because the spear used to show joint movement like a snake. I guess, it’s a Unique Weapon.


She saw my amazed expressing and with a prideful face and gripped her spear tightly. The spear made a rattling sound and the joints disappeared. What kind of a structure it has? No matter how you look at it, what she held now was a spear. Does this mean that it can change mode between a Triple staff and a normal spear?


“The movement of that spear. Is that the sub master of the <<Azure Blade>>, <<FunyaFunya>> Ra-san? ”
(TL: I am not clear about the name. If someone can do any better, please. らーさん)

A man watching the fight from a distance, muttered while looking at her.


《FunyaFunya》. Ra-san,  I do remember seeing that name once on the bulletin board.

Looking at her incomprehensible body movements and snakelike spear, The title 《FunyaFunya》is certainly fitting for her. One of the three title holders of <<Azure Blade>>. Indeed. Her strength is way above the man a while ago.

“Are you called Ra-san?”


When I asked about her name, her blank expression changed into an pleasant look and she gave a devilish smile. I was surprised by the sudden change in her looks.


“Hehehehe. That’s right. I am《FunyaFunya》 Ra-san(*´ω`*)”


She had a proud smile on her face. Maybe It’s just my imagination but I think she made an emoji at the end of the word. Ra-san wields the spear while having a smile on her face. What’s this? It’s cute but somehow looks a little bit annoying.


“Fufu. Well mask-kun, lets continue”(・д・)”


While saying so, Ra-san again changed to the expressionless face just like before and starts thrusting. While being dumbfounded with the talk, I somehow managed to stop the spearhead but was blown away in opposite direction. HP decreased slightly. Ra-san did not stop there.


When I thought  the spear shone blue, something translucent revolved around the spearhead. What’s that? Wind?


“《Storm Stab》!”


I probably couldn’t protect against it using <<Parry>> so I jumped sideways using <<Step>>. That judgement was correct. From the thrusting spearhead, a wind twister was shot off with amazing power in straight direction. Several players who were fighting nearby were caught in it and blown away.


Seriously! What was that just now!?


“Arara, you dodged it huh? Don’t move okay, mask-kun. (◞≼◉ื≽◟◞౪◟,◞≼◉ื≽◟)”


The tone was playful, but her body was excluding tremendously sharp aura. A cold and sharp killing intent attacked me.




1 Sansetsukon. Wikilink. Those who watched 36th Chamber of Shaolin would recognize it as the weapon San Te used in it.

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