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Blade Online Chapter 48 - Zenith Novels

Blade Online Chapter 48

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Translator : humbletroll

Seeing Ra-san slowly approaching me, I took a step back. I thought about this in battle with Kokku but compatibility between spear and tachi really is bad. If it’s one-handed swordsman then one can defend themselves with shield against the spears and while with tachi you can flick away the spear and deliver a powerful attack. The <<Storm Stab>> from before was dangerous. I can’t defend against it with <<Forth Slash>> and <<Parry>>. It’s hard to clash against it without using  <<Overlay Slash>> or that “New Skill”? I don’t like to reveal all my trump card in qualifiers but It’s not worth something to lose now.

I tighten my grip on the tachi and watch the lightly grinning Ra-san carefully. What should I do? Should I avoid the spear like I did while fighting Kokuu and attack with one-handed thrust? However, Ra-san’s weapon is Triple Staff. It’s spear now but don’t know when it will transform . It’s not a good idea to thrust when I haven’t figured out how to counter Triple Staff. Shit…. What should I do!?

“What’s wrong? If you won’t come here then I will(ヽ゜д)”

Ra-san rushed here. The spearhead shone blue and enveloped her. Then she starts running with Spear aimed at me. Behind it a blue light followed like a tail.

“<<Comet Impact>>”

It is a high ranking powerful spear skill. You can only counter using it same powerful skill. I thought about avoiding using <<Step>> when there was more distance between us but It looks like I don’t have enough time.

Should I use <<Overlay Slash>>? When I was going to activate it with tachi, the man wielding an axe crashed into Ra-san who was wrapped up in blue light. It was the man from before who had destroyed the ground a while ago. Ra-san eyes opened wide in surprise. However, since she was aiming her skill it me, she couldn’t do anything to protect herself. The man’s axe was shining blue.

Megaton Swing 》!

The axe tore up the blue light which was wrapping up Ra-san and drove into her sides. The barrier and axe grinded against each other, making violent sounds. Ra-san’s <<Comet Impact>> activation was interrupted and was blown away. She flew away for so many meters, then crashed and tumbled on the ground. Her HP decreased to the orange zone.

I was surprised by this unexpected interruption but this not a 1V1 after all. It’s natural that there will be chance to do surprise attack on already fighting players. The Axe-man who was smiling while being satisfied with the attack, ran towards the fallen Ra-san. She stood up using her spear as cane but did not have clear conscious because of impact. It will be difficult to defend from the man’s attack.

Iyaa, that was close. It feels bad that I couldn’t finish my battle with Ra-san. That man didn’t attack me but Ra-san probably because she was a Title Holder. You can easily make name for yourself by defeating Title Holders, even if its a surprise attack. You can’t condemn him since it was such kind of match. That man could have also attacked me instead of Ra-san. I was lucky.

The man activated some skill and raised the axe greatly. She is trying to defend with her spear but probably won’t be able to protect against it. I don’t know he can her finish her with this attack but no doubt it will deal a fatal blow. Well she and I are enemies, so It doesn’t really matter what happens to her, but I do have option to help her.

I get near the back of the man with <<Step>> and cut his neck with the tachi. The man was so excited to defeat a Title Holder that he was full of gaps. The attack dealt at vital point was successful and his HP instantly dropped to 0. Not knowing what happened, the man disappeared without being able to say anything. He had a very surprised look.

“Hoe? You saved me?”

Of course there was no such reason. Thanks to that man, now I had chance to defeat a Title Holder. If I can do it, I want to do it with my own hands. When I was going to cut down defenseless Ra-san, she suddenly sprung up. Never expecting something like this, I was taken by surprise.


In a hurry, I ready my tachi but couldn’t do it in time but I didn’t feel that shock that I expected. Rather than attacking me, Ra-san grasped my hand and waved it around. What,…. What is this!?

“Thank You(*´`*)

Showing a cheek-melting or rather relaxed smile, Ra-san thanked me.
“Ou” I could only give such reply after seeing such gap between this and her expressionless look . oioi…… If you show such reaction then I can’t attack you like this…….

After waving around my hands, she let go of my hands when she felt satisfied.”Thanks m(__)m”  said while lowering her head. “Ou” I once again replied. So awkward….

“yaaa, we got interrupted at such a nice time. I am totally exhausted. Let’s continue this in Main Battle Mask-Kun(b´)”

After saying so, she ran away from me. Where are you going? While being half-dumbfounded, she suddenly stopped running and looked back at me.

“Come at me for real next time”

She had a sharp smile that was different from the one a while ago, and looked full of spirit. After saying that she turned her back to me again and ran away. It looked as if it was a scene from a novel except that the she had eccentric spirit which would not be there in this kind of novel. I was completely defeated mentally. As I thought, I was saved by the interruption. If we continued to fight then I might have been defeated. She really is strong. After that I refocus on the match and avoid the slash from the one-handed swordsman from the back. It’s going to be fun.

Though I didn’t come to event to have fun, still I instinctively grin.


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