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Blade Online Chapter 49 - Zenith Novels

Blade Online Chapter 49

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Well I have some news. My editors are quite busy so what you will see from now on is self-edited versions so I may be very  bad at some places so bear with it. I will notify as soon they edit it. Some lines are different from original so as to keep flow of the story and for easy understanding. Point out the mistakes as usual.

I twisted my body while jumping sideways to avoid a female players big sword while vaguely swinging my tachi and ran away. I can’t afford to face each player. I only have half of my HP left.

As the time passed, the battle between players became intense . Currently the only remaining ones are those who have teamed up with other players or strong solo players.

At first, I fought all the players who attacked me, but slowly my HP was reducing. So It would be best to avoid players before I get in trouble. Fortunately, I didn’t come across very quick players like Ra-san so I was able to evade others attacks while attacking back. Even if I couldn’t finish them myself, the other players would take this chance to attack the player. The female player from before will be probably finished by other players.

Ahead, four players were coming towards me holding weapons. I wonder if they are friends or cooperating with each other? If I deal with like normally then I will lose my HP in blink of an eye. Of course, I don’t plan to fight them. I will thrust into them as they are. They did not think that I would just come towards them as it is and were surprised for a moment. I didn’t miss that chance and powerfully kicked against the ground and jumped. Then I kicked towards the ground in empty air and jumped up one more level. I had used <<Sky Walk>>. You can jump up as many times as you want as long as you have enough stamina, but twice is enough for now. I pass the players from above and land on the ground. Then attacked their open backs with <<Void Slash>>, turned back and ran again. Though <<Sky Walk>> was one of my trump cards, it wouldn’t be a problem for now since it looked like I was using <<Two Step Jump>>.

But If I was attacked by a group from some other direction like before, it would be quite troublesome. While thinking so , I came up with something. Though the qualifying venue was quite wide, it was not endless but there was a wall in front. The venue is square shaped. In other words, If I move along the wall then it means that I won’t be attacked from all directions. It will be easy to avoid. (TL : Really crappy strategy in my opinion.)

While understanding, I immediately started moving towards the wall. While avoiding the spears from behind, I ran towards nearest wall. Although I was attacked many times on the way, I avoided all of them and made my way towards the mall. In <<Bloody Forest>>, I avoided lots of fatal attacks. Compared to that, It was easy to avoid attack by players here. Even so, there were a lot of times that I was grazed, quite a risky scene so as to say.


A huge white wall at the corner of the venue. At last, made it. If I move along this wall I can survive easily. After that, I was attacked from rear and evade in panic and then ran along the wall without looking back. The attacks would only come from three direction – front, back and left. It’s easy to avoid.
In front of me, a player who was running who was also running along wall attacked me. The long sword shined blue while being raised up. He’s trying to activate a skill. I increased my speed and slashed his unguarded belly before he could swing it down. Since the players are protect by barrier therefore I slash again. I still haven’t been beaten yet but can’t afford to keep fighting forever. After kicking against the ground, I run along the wall again.


I thought that if I ran along the wall it would be easier to survive, but it seems like it isn’t going as well as I thought. Many players began attacking me in order to crush me into the wall. At first, I was able to avoid by running around, but I was attacked by many players from all 3 directions at the same time. I had no choice but to get away from the wall. A blade slashed my shoulder which reduced my HP to orange zone. It’s slowly turning real bad. (TL : It was a bad strategy in the first place)

After breaking away from wall, I couldn’t understand where to go and ran around the venue without any thoughts. And then I was being targeted and chased by cooperating players. Since I was acting alone I looked like an easy prey.

While I would run away from one player, I would be attacked by another player, so naturally my HP gradually decreased. It’s still not in red zone, but will be soon. It looks impossible to fight alone. The number of players acting solo are decreasing one by one. If I continue as it is, I will be killed by some group. Well if that’s the case, then I will talk to some other player about cooperating. As I make my way through approaching players, I arrive at the spot where another player is fighting alone like me. The name of that player is…

“Ra-san ! Lets team up!”

I call out to the girl whose black-haired ponytail was swaying in the air while warding off the attacks quickly with her spear. Ra-san without saying anything, immediately pierced the chest of enemy in front of me and frighteningly kicked him flying at some place. After that she stabbed the spear at that spot and turned this way.

“Didn’t we agree to meet in the main battle?… Our reunion is far too early….(;´∀`)”
“Though I don’t like this but….. Why don’t we team up to survive longer? Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend!””Not even two hours have passed yet!(゜⊿゜)”
“That’s right but-!”

“Besides, you can survive if you go all out right?”(TL : Originally this line wasn’t like this. I changed it a bit but meaning is same. Here she means that if he revealed all his hidden moves)

While we were having such conversation, the players surrounded us.

“<<Storm Stab>>”
“<<Four Slash>>”

A tornado was released from the spearhead of Ra-san which blew off the players and the blade of my tachi glowed blue and use 4 consecutive slashes at players who were close to us.
“Oh well! I understand ! Let’s fight to together Mask-Kun (ヽ゜д)!!!!!!!”
” Ah, I owe you one”
“In return, come at me with full power in main battle (゜∀゜) !”
“Of course!”


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