Blade Online Chapter 50

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“Fuu, I am tired.”

With the qualifiers over, me and Ra-san were sitting on chair in resting rooms in the sky dome. We bought ourselves canned juice from a vending machine and made a toast to celebrate for clearing the qualifiers. Not only unusual tasting drinks but carbonated drinks of real world were sold in the vending machines of this game. I don’t know the details but in exchange for (financial) support, they seemed to have signed a contract to sell the drinks in game. So not only drinks but there was food from real world too.

I chose Cola while Ra-san chose a strange juice called [Electric Bomb Lemon Cider].I felt the sweetness and fuzziness of the cold cola as it flowed down my parched throat. It still has that nice familiar taste. While thinking so, I looked at Ra-san who was drinking Electric Bomb Lemon Cider. I could hear dangerous crackling and buzzing sounds from the can she was holding and without any hesitation started drinking it. She removed the can from her mouth, gave out a cheeky sound and once again drank the cider. As i stared at her and thought that it was quite hard to guess whether it was tasty or not from her reaction, she noticed me and gave me the can, thinking that I wanted to taste it.

“Oh sorry.”

The moment I received the dangerously sounding can, the thought of in-direct kissing came in my mind but the person in question didn’t mind it so I started drinking. When the cider came in, something crackling hit my mouth. My tongue become numb due to the crackling and buzzing and it slipped down my throat as it is.

I almost choked.

While choking, I thanked her and gave her the can back and she vigorously gulped it down with without showing any expression. Even though I could only manage just a sip, she gulped it all down once….. I can’t do it.

After a while, I finished my juice.
By the way, I was wearing a skeleton mask so my mouth was exposed since the mask which hid my mouth was suffocating.

“Even so Mask-kun….. Eh, or should I say Silver Blade? You really are strong( ´∀`)”
Ra-san smiled as if the expressionless face while drinking wasn’t there. Her expression changes are too quick after all……
“No, Ra-san was the one who amazing with her spear. You didn’t let the surrounding players get close.”

After that, we moved towards the wall of the field while shoving away the attacking players and continued to move along the wall just as I was doing before. I chopped down the players who were in front while Ra-san pierced the players behind. At first, only some groups were attacking us but most of the players were avoiding us till the ends. Still, some players were attacking us. Among them, was a very strong dual-blade user who was a high-schooler and challenged us before the end of the qualifiers. Since he came from front so I fought him but he was quick and his hits were quite heavy. He’s having such a skill level that it wouldn’t be strange for him to be a title holder. Though I didn’t lose, but if I had kept fighting like that I would have certainly lost. He was that tough of an opponent. Black short hair and sharp eyes. I think I have seen him somewhere. I can’t remember him as my memory was vague, but for a second , that face, somewhere……

“Well, at any rate I am tired. My HP was pretty low so It was nice that qualifier ended at that time.(・∀・)”
“Silver Blade-kun(・∀・)?”
“Huh? Ah! Sorry, I was thinking for a bit and didn’t hear you.”

I got caught up thinking about the dual-wielder and entered my own world. Ra-san glared at me while sighing.

“No, It’s my bad”
“You were thinking – ‘Ra-san sighed while staring at Silver-kun’ but It was a yawn.”
“That gentle sigh, was a yawn.”
“Yes, It was a yawn.”

No, I didn’t understand……. Ra-san once again sighed(or yawn?) and suddenly stood up.
“In other words, I am tired, sleepy and going back to home. I will sleep in my home.”
“Well thanks for teaming up today. As promised, I will fight with my full power in the main battle.”

She nodded and left the rest chamber. What a strange child……. Well at any rate, I advanced through qualifiers splendidly. Only 6 people can advance through qualifier. Looks like three players declined their seeding rights this time. And because of that, the total no of players resulted in incomplete numbers.

Only the strongest would reach main battle. Any player can defeat me If I give them a chance. I fought four strong players in qualifiers, including Ra-san and that dual-wielder guy. They are strong so I have to give my all If I meet them in main battle. There are several days before main battle takes place. In the meantime, I will go to the Area and improve my skills more.
I got up and left the rest room. Rin is waiting for my return at the hotel. Let’s hurry back and tell her that I won. I am looking forward to the celebration meal.
If I had gone out of the rest room a bit more late or at-least turned back.
I would have recognized.


The person who had entered the resting room.


The owner of that familiar red hair.

Author Notes : Yes, it was a yawn.


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do my essay for me

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