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Blade Online Chapter Side Story (SS)

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Ah well Hello. Sorry for a very late update. Its been quite a long time. Well I will keep it as short as possible. Due to some IRL issues, then my windows got corrupted so I wasn’t able to post this chapter.
Well enough with excuses
Also our semester exams have started from last week so it may not be possible to post a chapter at all till 31st May, but we will try our best to provide at least single chapter a week and finish this cliffhanger. We are really sorry.

So this chapter is a side story from Ryuu’s pov. It was before chapter 25, we stalled it, but I think this might be best time to post it. Also this chapter was not translated by me but by the editor. So big applause for him!! As usual point out the mistakes. Well now enjoy.

Translator : HDGGXIN

Editor        : humbletroll


Story from Ryuu’s PoV.

We were given《Dream》for our birthday and as soon as the 《Blade Online》started, me and my sister started playing the game.

It was impossible to escape the game before clearing, without knowing we were put up in a prison.


When playing games, we both took out IGN names from our real names, Me, Ryuu from [Ryuunosuke] and my sister Rin from [Suzu] (TL: SUZU AND RIN, BOTH HAVE SAME MEANING, i.e. BELL).We thought that we would only use these name while playing games. However, in this world the name Asada “Ryuunosuke” is not known to anyone and the player named “Ryuu” became my sole identity. I guess that was same for everyone. Whenever I cut down a monster with the axe, I actually felt like being Ryuu. I don’t know how to explain this, but this feeling of losing something important was unpleasant.


Since we were children, nobody noticed us and we were at loss as to what should we do, but it was Taka-san who picked us up. He was a person with such atmosphere that you would feel calm by just being together with him. Taka-san gathered all the children players, formed a guild, raised our levels safely by defeating low-level monsters. We defeated our first area’s boss without any victims, made new armour and advanced to the next area 《Dinosaur Jungle》. We were raising our levels in the similar way and all was going well. Even timid Rin used to come and laugh together with us, I really thought that it was possible to live peacefully even in such a place.


The boss of the 《Dinosaur Jungle》looked like a Tyrannosaurus and was also called the Double Headed Rex. By following Taka-san’s instructions, we defeated the boss after a long time. Next day, we were excited by new weapons which were obtained, and we tested our new weapons until in the area till sunset. The scene of that day is still etched into my memory.


Suddenly there appeared a spear which pierced through the chest of taka-san. Unfortunately, that spear aimed at the vital point and Taka-san died immediately. HP bar emptied in a flash. Taka-san looked at the thing growing out of his chest with his eyes wide open making expression like he couldn’t believe this, and then turned into grains of light and disappeared just like that. A person died just like that. He simply turned into grains of light. It easily looked identical to the death of a monster. He disappeared without leaving a trace. This world was not real after all, and I am Ryuu.


While everyone was stunned, I only thought of saving Rin. I noticed a man approaching behind Rin’s back, and I attack him with《Full Swing》. It seemed that he did not expect any resistance, and he screamed while holding down his right-hand which had received the attack. The pain experienced was similar as it was in the real world. I gripped Rin’s hand, pushed the man away and started running. Rin was still looking back and was not able to accept Taka-san’s death. I took out warp rope out of the item box. I was telling Rin to use it, but she did not use it and was saying that her friends are still here. Men’s voices were approaching us from behind. Everybody were not unreasonable and stupid as Rin and told her to use ‘Warp Rope’ to escape. Rin didn’t look convinced but when she saw that the men brought out their weapons, she took out the Warp Rope.


「Ryuu, hold my hand」


After using warp gate, Rin while being covered in green light stretched her hand towards me. The Usual confident Rin looked very weak at that moment.




I grasped Rin’s hand, and were completely wrapped in the light. The place we were heading to was 《Golem Mountain》 which was next to 《Dinosaur Jungle》. I just wanted to escape from this area quickly where PK players resided.

After that when we opened our eyes, we were in a strange town. There were many shops opened by NPC players compared to previous areas and players were still strolling even though it was night time. The scale of advancement of the city seemed to grow more as we move to more interior area of the town. While thinking so, I looked up to the mountain made of big boulders near the town.


We decided to stay at the closest inn. After taking the shower, since we didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to sleep. I asked Rin whether she want to report those PKs, because in order to do so you must at least know the name of those PK players. Why was it like this? I knew that I can’t trust the management of this game from the first day.


I removed my armour and weapons and went to bed. When I closed my eyes, scene of Taka-san keeps playing back and due to that I was not able to sleep. What happened to my friends? Are they alive? Though I said to Rin like that, but I think everyone was dead. Everyone was stunned at the sight of taka-san ‘s death, so I think that they could not possibly fight back and were killed.


「Ryuu,.. Could I sleep with you? 」


Before I could reply, Rin entered my bed. Rin too put her head onto the pillow. It turned into situation where we were facing each other. I thought that Rin had a beautiful face. If a stranger see us, won’t he think of us as lovers?


「Taka-san died.. and everyone else too…」


Rin’s looked strained and buried her face in my chest. My eyes were also moist, I blinked my eyes to stop the tears and endured it. I am Suzu’s elder brother Ryuunosuke. Even though we were born at the same time, I am still the big brother. I can’t be timid in front of my younger sister. Now, only I could protect her from harm.


「Your onii-chan.. Your onii-chan is not going anywhere. 」


I was tightly embraced by Rin.


「It’s okay.. Because I will protect you forever. 」

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Various kind of Golems were falling down. It’s a freaking Monster House. Shit! To think that there would be a trap in such a place.

I knock down the falling golems with the help of Rin, but it was useless, there were too many. What was happening? I decided to protect Rin, so why?

HP was gradually decreasing and number of monsters was not decreasing at all. It won’t be long before we die just like Taka-san.


「I will support you.. Are you all right…? 」


Heaven had not abandoned us. Someone finally came to help us. He was wearing beginner’s equipment and had a long sword, his appearance was lacking in common sense. But still, Golems were knocked down one after another. He jumped high in the sky and dashed toward us, and cut down the golem who was trying to attack us from behind. Rather than an Angel coming to save us, he gave an impression of a monster. Seeing him killing monsters was pleasant to my eyes. Did this person completely adapted to his other self? I will soon completely become Ryuu out of Ryuunosuke. Will I become like him, If I did so? It was bit fascinating, but scary.


Because I have to protect Rin.


Current me possibly can’t protect Rin. This person’s strength may help us.

「No……  Because it is a natural thing to helps each other」


He gave a refreshing smile to us, who were expressing their gratitude. His expression completely changed from before and became that of a gentle person. If it is this person, then he may protect Rin. I thought that it was impudent and selfish, I still asked him. Please form a party with us.


I thought he would refuse, but he accepted it. Perhaps the impression I got of him earlier was wrong.


When we were talking, I understood that he was very much strong. There seemed to be some circumstances he was not willing to talk about, but everything else was good.


After defeating the Giant Golem, when we returned to the inn and Akatsuki-san seemed angry.


「Elder brothers were born to protect their younger sisters, that’s why they are “Elder Brother”. Younger sister getting Injured because of elder brother, what are you doing Ryuu . Ryuu should protect Rin firmly. 」

My thoughts were exactly same. Even though it was necessary to protect Rin, even I have to risk my life, but if couldn’t even protect myself, then everything would have no meaning.


I understood that Akatsuki-san also had a younger sister. It seems that his Imouto-san was also here in this world. However, her whereabouts was unknown. When mentioning the word “Imouto”, Akatsuki-san’s eyes became turbid. However, I was not sure because, the light went out immediately and eyes became jet black again. I wonder if something happened to his younger sister or something? But I hesitated to ask about iy.


「If it’s good, then will you eat my meal every day.」

Rin suddenly suggested something. I was unintentionally dumbfounded. Akatsuki-san had the same reaction too. However, to unite a party, it seemed typical. I was surprised. Because I was thinking of asking Akatsuki-san to party with us for a while, but Rin took the initiative.


Akatsuki-san seemed to be hesitating. I can’t understand what the other person wass thinking. Unless one was an Esper, nobody can understand what other was thinking, and for this person, his expression changes suddenly over time. I thought that he would refuse, but he agreed, although it was only until he captured the next area.

Even I thought that it is impudent. like a parasite. But we had to borrow someone’s power to live in this world.


If it was Akatsuki-san, then he may look after Rin if something happened to me. Because, there would be nobody to take care of Rin If I died, then she would not be able to live. I don’t know what am I thinking, but I feel like Akatsuki-san would help me.


It’s all for the sake of protecting Rin. It’s better to have a close relation with a strong person.


I would protect Rin. Even if it’s not done by my own hands.


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Dark Jackel

Kinda raises his own death flag, didn’t he… ?


But he was a good guy… was kinda of hoping to see his reaction to Akatsuki pinching RIn’s belly though.


Thank you for the- OH MY GOD IS THIS POV ONLY BECAUSE RYUU DIED! Sorry, thanks for the chapter! But really, I only realized that half way through. At first, I thought that it would be about Akatsuki’s past, then a random stranger, and only later I realized it was Ryuu’s death flag. Darn, now I’m even sadder.


the feels

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