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Blade Online Chapter 38 - Zenith Novels

Blade Online Chapter 38

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ANNOUNCEMENT: All right everyone helloo. We have moved here from our old website so new chapters will be posted here. Thanks for your support to our website up till now. Well we are getting already established set up which really saved us from many troubles.
As to new readers, welcome to the world of Blade Online. Well first please read from starting. You can find earlier chapters in TOC.

Well then, Sorry for late update. I was busy with projects, labs and lots of college work so I was quite slow while translating it.

Translator : humbletroll

Editor         : Kuro_Ouji78


Kokuu asked us in the resting spot just before the place where we would fight the Creepy Worm . It seems that he wanted to grasp all the skills of the party member could use to put together a strategy.

Ryuu and Rin answered to this question obediently, but I hid some skills and titles. If I told him that I have an Extremely Rare Skill then It would become troublesome in future, also Red Crestwasn’t announced anywhere in the bulletin board so far. Besides, skills and titles were like lifelines in this world. Since I still didn’t fully trust Kokuu and the others yet, I concealedParalysis Resistance,Poison Resistance, Strong VitalityandOverlay slashfrom him.


“Hmm? You still have Force Slash?”


I too had been troubled about the problem Kokuu was referring to for a while. Normally, Force Slash should have been transformed into Fifth Slash when used to a certain extent.

I used it reluctantly in the caves of Bloody Forest and also used it quite often after escaping from there. Nevertheless, It still remained as Force Slash. This was rather strange. Perhaps, my status might have been affected because of being dropped in the forest due to the bug.


……….Although I deceived Kokuu properly, but it really was quite serious matter. But If It wasn’t only limited to skills and something happened during battle then it wouldn’t be just a laughing matter. Kokuu reconfirmed my skills but he seemed to be little wary of me now.  


“Yoshi, Shall we get going then?!”

Kokuu said as he got up from the stump which was to be used as chair for sitting.

Creepy Worm — Human Caterpillar huh? I can take rest in in resting lounge after defeating this thing today.  Judging from the the story, I guess it had extremely ugly appearance, but still let’s defeat it quickly.


The air started feeling worse as we moved further away from the resting area. It’s a strange way of speaking, but I have no other way to describe it. My whole body became itchy and a feeling stickiness enveloped my whole body.

Hah~. I want to leave quickly.


“This is the spot”


The location we had arrived was a circular place surrounded by a big trees. It was somewhat similar to the place where Guruvaijo appeared in the Bloody Forest. Maa, that place was like an archaeological site. The place where boss appears was often circular. It’s faintly resembles Rome’s Colosseum. We were called players, and we were slave gladiators whose life have been stolen away. There is no choice but to fight to stay alive.


I examined the surroundings while thinking about such things in a corner of my head. Creepy Worm did not appear yet. Boss made a flashy appearance while entering so there’s nothing to worry about something like surprise attack…….


After a while, a thud could be heard from somewhere. It gradually approached here.


The next moment, something huge crawled out from woods while knocking down a trees. A light brown squishy cylindrical body, with countless legs attached to its body, two huge arms that should have never existed and a big man’s face having light brown skin, wide open yellowish eyes and and a huge mouth from which saliva was dripping down. It’s Hair wasn’t growing anywhere and head was bald.


Creepy Worm. It Indeed was a huge human face caterpillar as described in by Kokuu and others stories.

Creepy Worm(Human Caterpillar) opened its mouth after seeing us  and gave out a shrill cry similar to a monster bird. Wind pressure attacked us. Ryuu and Rin lowered their body to withstand the wind so as not to be blown away, but as expected, Kokuu and others calmly receive the wind. It was bad for the two of them, but wind pressure of such degree was nothing much for me too.


The Human Caterpillar raised its right hand. Its one of its attacking technique, crushing attack by the huge arm. We avoid the attack by scattering. Human Caterpillar glared at Kakehi-san and Smart-san with its huge eyeballs who had moved to right and then attacked them with left hand this time. They easily dodged it.


Meanwhile, we sneaked around the Human Caterpillar and used our skills to hammer its defenseless flank.

Kokuu’s Fifth Stab, Kaniya-san’s dual swords stabbed forth, just like an animal’s fang – Twin Fangs, Ryuu’s Heavy Swing, Rin’s Tri Stab and my Force Slash sliced the Human Caterpillar squishy skin like a tofu.


Human Caterpillar’s HP bar reduced by about 30% at a stretch. It screamed with a shrill voice while further distorting its ugly face, collapsed and writhed with pain. I naturally furrowed my eyebrows while looking at such disgusting appearance. What a disgusting feeling.


After a few seconds, Human Caterpillar scowled at us while looking angry as he got up with both of his hands. Then, using its arms and abdomen legs, it rushed towards us with tremendous momentum. It was pretty fast.


“Lets all go at once”


Kokku went around the sides of Human Caterpillar with a dash and invoked Comet Impact. He thrusted his spear which crashed into the Human Caterpillar’s flank at high speed while being covered in blue light. Under normal circumstances, Kokuu who had plunged into the Human Caterpillar with rush should have received damage too, he’s at a high level indeed. The Human Caterpillar’s huge body was blown away byComet Impact.


Human Caterpillar flew/danced in the air while having a shocked expression and then fell onto the ground. Since It could not return to its original posture because it fell on its back, all of us attacked it all at once at the spot where it was struggling while trying to get up using its abdomen legs.


Kokuu used Beehive twice. Kaniya-san attacked with higher form of skill Twin FangsTwin Fanged Beast, Smart-san’s Fifth Slash,  Ryuu’s Heavy Swing, and Rin’s Tri Stabdrove into it. I sneaked around and attacked withForce Slashtowards it face.


The HP of Human Caterpillar decreased at a tremendous rate. The moments its HP fell into red zone, the human caterpillar rotated its body and returned to its original position, then slammed into the big trees with a frightening force. The Human Caterpillar escaped in the same way as it came.


There was one last battle with Human Caterpillar where it becomes an adult, but this boss round was over for now.

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