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Blade Online Chapter 40 - Zenith Novels

Blade Online Chapter 40

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Hello guys it’s been a long time, more than a month. We had exams for the past month so we couldn’t post anything. Sorry for the leaving it on a cliff. Our holidays started a week ago so yeah, I have been lazing around for past week. No excuses. Now hopefully we should be back to normal schedule. I hadn’t TL’ed anything for past 1 month so it took a longer time. The quality may be crappy. Point out the mistakes.

Translator- Humbletroll

Editor – KuroOuji78



I don’t understand. How? We were just talking normally until now. How did Ryuu die? All of this is happening too rapidly. What is this? Wa~ What’s this!?

Behind Ryu who disappeared as grains of light, the figure of a man holding a one-handed sword appeared. I don’t know this man at all. He wasn’t in Kokuu’s party. Why?

“Oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi!!! you’re still able to moove despite zhe paralysz, huh?? Now we loost zhe chanze to kill zhe tachi user eazily. Moreover, he’z not paralys’zd . Ooi Kaniyaaa!! I wonder if you made him drink the tea properli!!??”

The man while making a wry face, called out Kaniya-san’s name loudly. What’s the meaning of this? Why did the man who killed Ryuu called out Kaniya-san’s name? Paralysis? After drinking the tea, how?

When I looked behind, Rin tumbled down from the chair and fell on ground. HP became discolored and showed state of paralysis. I rush towards her and shook her but I couldn’t feel any sign of movements.

“Strange. I gave everyone the tea mixed with paralysis drug.”

Kaniya-san came out of the tents and answered the man. Smart-san and Kakehi-san too followed behind Kaniya-san.

“What’s the meaning of this, Kaniya-san?”

Kaniya-san ignored my question and draws out the twin swords on his back. Smart-san and Kakehi-san too draw out their weapons and took fighting stance against me.

“You guys, you can come out already!”

A man with one handed sword cried out loudly, and many men with weapons came out from surrounding forest of the resting area.


Wh-what’s this…….. There was no reaction from «Infer». Even so, why?

“Too bad for you Tachi user but we are going to beat you to death.”

A man with one-handed sword jumps over here while licking his lips. Kaniya-san and men who appeared from forest slowly approached here. I am surrounded. There is no escape.

“Wh-, What are you guys doing! Why, Why Ryuu! Why are you coming close!?”

I screamed towards the men and holding Rin but they only showed a filthy smile.

You’re kidding, right? ……… Are these guys going to PK us? Why? Stop Bullshitting. Why do you want to kill us?


That’s right. If we go back to the using warp rope—-.

“Things really don’t go as one wishes to!”

When the one-handed swordsman joyfully screamed “something” happened. An unpleasant sensation ran over my whole body. At the next moment, the warp rope in my hand disappeared.


What’s this. What on earth did you do!


“kuhahahaha. fer someone liek meh who haz PK’d a whooole bunch, I have skill called «Lock on» which preventz anyone to escape uzing item fer a while. Kuhahahahaha!” (TL: It’s a specialized PK skill which works well on player)

«Lock on»…….. What’s that….. I have never heard of such skill which can prevent warp rope from being used. Damn it…….

They are getting closer. I can’t fight while holding Rin. What should I do now? How? How……

“Akatsuki! Are you ok?!”

At that moment, Kokuu jumped out of forest. I knock down the men approaching us.

“Ko- Kokuu! Hey! These bastards! Ryuu…, Ryuu’s dead! Kaniya-san and others are your comrades right!”


“I saw many unknown men approaching resting area so I observed for a while!”


Though Kokuu is a disgusting guy but still his strength is the real deal. If we work together, then we might be able to escape.

Kokuu is quickly coming here. Together, we might able to take on all the surrounding opponents. While thinking about such things, I decided to put Rin down on the ground.

There’s a reaction from <<Foresight>> in front of me. Strange. Only Kokuu should be coming from that direction. While thinking so, I take a look at Kokuu.


――――――Kokuu thrusts his spear towards me while floating a disgusting smile.


I instantly activate step jump to right. The tip of spear grazed my sides a bit. A little bit of HP scraped off.


“Huh……. You managed to doge it? You really are fast”

“Wh, Why? You… you too?”


Kokuu nods while putting up a smirk.

“That’s right. I am also one of their comrades. I put you in my party to PK you all”

“Saying that you belong to «Ouroboros», is that lie?”

“Nope. I am in «Ouroboros» but the guild I truly belong to is-”


No way. Kokku is, these guys are—–


“«Bloody Eyes»”

My spine froze.

“«Bloody Eyes»”

A large-scale PK guild in equal standing with «Ghouls». Gathering of powerful people who are murderers and have fought against clearing group many times.

Impossible. I cannot win against them fighting normally. Moreover, there’s Rin too. It’s impossible to fight while protecting her.

“Although it is bad, please die for our experience value and item collection”

Kokuu thrusts his spear out towards me.

What should I do? What should I do?

The tip of spear is coming closer.


I desperately use «Sky Walk» and flew up while holding Rin.


Kokuu looks at me with amazement. «Sky Walk» was a Rare Skill. Indeed, they did not expect this. Other men too looked at me with surprise.

I jumped to the limits of my stamina above the forest and fell down into the trees. Not minding about the branches that scratched my whole body, I descended and laid Rin on the ground.

What should I do? If try to escape from forest while taking Rin just as it is then they will catch up to me. Even If it tried to escape to boss area or entrance of the forest, it’s my first time coming here. I would surely get lost. Also, those guys seem to know about this forest’s topography very well. Also, nocturnal monsters are loitering around too. Though I am not sure if I would able to escape myself but while carrying Rin, most likely――――――.


“Akatsuki-san…….. Please quickly run away.”


Rin said with a weak voice while opening here mouth a little. It seems that paralysis did not heal completely but she seems to have recovered to the degree that she is able to speak.

Rin told me to run away while shedding tears.



I took out Paralysis antidote from item box and poured it into Rin’s mouth. Rin choked painfully while drinking it but did mind it. HP bar returned to normal color. Paralysis seems to be removed. I grasp Rin’s hand and let her stand up.


“Rin how many recovery and stamina drink do you have?”


“Answer quickly”

“Ah, umm….. I have four recovery potions and three stamina drinks.”


I took out 6 recovery potions and 7 stamina drinks and hand them over to Rin


“Eh, ano~”

“I will deal with these guys somehow, you get away from here. Luckily enough you would be able to escape to entrance from this road and after some time would surely be able to reach the entrance. Also, I don’t till how long they would be able to use «Lock On» again, but it’s possible to use for them to use it immediately. Don’t give up and do your best.”


“But Akatsuki-san”

“It’s ok. I am the strongest Tachi-user. Rin’s concern is unneeded. I will knock these guys down. Wait for me in the town.”


“No buts! Quickly run”

I wiped Rin’s tears with my hands and stroke her head.

I’m sorry. Ryuu got killed because of me. If I had grip on myself then this would not have happened. Therefore, I will avenge Ryuu.


Finally, I was able to squeeze Rin’s side and made her go in the direction of town. Ryuu is no longer here so I was able to do this. It felt good. (TL: I can report him right?)


I will probably die. I don’t want to. To die. I am scared and want to run away even now but Ryuu had asked me to take care of Rin. If I run away now, then it would be my end as a human being. Even though I am NEET, I still am a human being.


So, why don’t I kill some of them?

TL Notes

The man who killed Ryuu spoke in a crude manner so I edited it just now. If you don’t like, tell me in the comments or any improvements.

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