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Blade Online Chapter 41 - Zenith Novels

Blade Online Chapter 41

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Ossu!! So already saying this before, this chapter is not edited or you can say self-edited so read if want to otherwise wait for it to be edited. My editors are busy with RL. Also I am on one week road trip(vacation going on) so not sure when I would release next chapter. Sorry for delaying this. Also changed the skill name – Force Slash to Forth Slash

Now this chapter is very interesting and gives info about MC’s title. Now enjoy

Translator : humbletroll

Editor         : none


“To think that you would come back.”
I used a stamina drink to recover my stamina and came back to the resting area. It seems that Kokuu and others are still at resting area, talking about something. They are surprised to see me return back.

“Well, I forgot something here.”

Take a deep breath.
Fix your breath. Suppress your fears. Be sharp. Stay Focused.
I could be easily surrounded by the group and killed in no time. The game has just started now. I will move at full speed and continue to kill them by aiming at vital points. Though, I am not sure if I would be able to kill Kokuu and the man who killed Ryuu easily, but the level of the others is in 50s. My level is 61.

Remember the training in the forest.
Dodging the horn rabbit at lightning speed while slashing it and keep this repeating till its finished.
The time when I kept dodging shelled scorpion for whole day.
The time when I received a strong blow from the awakened bloody bear.
Those days when I continued training myself; alone in the forest everyday.

I was sent into the forest when I was Lv.1 and was able to escape alive from there. It’s very easy to send these foolish guys flying.

Now then, shall I kill them?

If I survive then I will squeeze the sides of rin.
“Hee? What are you talking about?”
“Revengeeeeeeeee fooorrr Ryuuuuuuuu!!”

I lower my stance and jump with full force. I Instantly appear in front of the eyes of the man carrying dual swords and cut his neck with 《Draw Slash》. His HP became 0 with the blow. His body become grain of light and disappears while having a baffled look. The men around that guy were unable to understand how he was killed had same baffled look.
I slashed away at the face of the first man, he screamed and while staggering I kicked him towards four men next to him and minced them together by <<Forth Slash>>. At this point, the only people who can see me are Kokuu and the guy who killed Ryuu. Our eyes met. However, let’s take care of this quickly before taking care of them.

“《Overlay Slash》!!!!”

Dazzling silver light wraps up the tachi and glides in the darkness like a meteor shower. Surrounding men are swallowed, not being able to do anything and get minced by the blade storm. All this took 6 seconds. While it didn’t kill those five men, but the pain in this world is equal to real word. The Men not able to bear the pain of being slain are rolling around the ground while writhing. They wouldn’t be able to move for a while.

12 guys go down. There are 2 guys who are somehow able to stand up even after eating 《Overlay Slash》 . About 18 people left.
I tried to attack continuously but it didn’t go that way. Three men charged with their spear from 3 directions to stab me and restrict my movements. I don’t like this.

The moment the spear pierced my body, I appeared behind one of the spear user. Because I disappeared suddenly, the spear-men pierced each other’s body and screamed. But none of them are dead. I cut the neck of the spear user who was in front of me and left the remaining two people as it is. I did so because I can’t afford to waste more of my time.

“《Twin Fangs・Behemoth》”

Two fangs covered in huge orange light fell to slash me from overhead. I jump aside using 《Step》 and avoid it. An enormous tusk is greatly pried the ground where the target dodged from.

Kaniya-san, no, Kaniya , started to attack 7 m away from me. His twin swords glowed orange.

“《Twin Fangs-Behemoth》. Higher form of 《Twin Fangs》. I thought it was just a stabbing skill but you could also attack from long range like this?”

“《Twin Fangs・Trampling Behemoth》”(TL: More Higher form)

The two huge fangs attacked consecutively. I jump back and evade the attack but the next fang attacks immediately. I use all 《Twin Fangs-Behemoth》and all my agility that I had trained to jump around and evade the attacks but then I lose balance due to fang aimed at my feet and fall down on the ground. There are two fangs.


I set up my sword above myself and catch the two tusks. I almost got crushed but endured with all my strength till the skill stopped. As expected, HP has slightly decreased even though I didn’t get hit directly. But this much is acceptable.

“Oiiii y’alll!!!! Butcher that bastard!!!!!”

The one-handed swordsman who killed Ryuu gave instructions and men rushed up with their weapons. I firmly grip my tachi and scream and charge. Kokuu and that man are like commander-in-chief and stay at the back because of which it’s impossible for me to attack them. So there’s no choice but to send these guys flying first.



I restrain those guys using 《Vacuum Slash》and fall back using 《Step》. My HP had already decreased more than 50% and dropped into the orange zone. I didn’t receive any fatal injury but there are cuts all over my body and every time I move a sharp pains runs through me. I restored my HP and stamina using items time to time, but now all items are over. However as the opponents stamina reduces, they fall back, recover and fight again, so only two people have been defeated so far. My stamina is gradually reducing and it’s not possible to run away since I am surrounded.

“Maa Maa Maaaaa, yoouuu have done quuiitteee well for someone alllooonneee. I’ll praaaze yoouuuu. I, Kedamaku-sama, aammm shhoocckkkeeedd.”
The one handed swordsman – Kedamaku looks at and speaks loudly and licks his lips. I can’t afford to thrust against this thoroughly disgusting guy. HP is 40% and as for stamina,its little less than half. I will surely die. I will die as it is. However I am not afraid as I imagined myself to be. I felt weakness instead of fear.


One of the guys who got hit by 《Overlay Slash》 suddenly got up and swings his axe. I can’t avoid it. This it then. The axe approaches slowly.
Ahh, I can suddenly see my whole life at this moment.
I’m sorry Ryuu.
Sorry Shiori


Just before the axe could smash my head, something came in front. I tried to defend from axe with a spear but it broke down from middle and scoured Rin’s head.

Rin collapsed and the HP bar above her head swiftly decreased. It went into the red zone and reduction stopped there.

“Shit, This is——-”

I slice the neck of the axe user and embrace the fallen Rin,

“Ehehe…… I m sorry ?”

“Oraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we can kill bothz of em zogethr noooowwwww!!”

Something gooey spewed out from my body. The movement of the men who were going to kill us stopped. Apparently, It seems that 《Big Blue Bear’s coercion》activated without my notice. The body of the men who’s level are below mine stiffened and their movements stopped. Kokuu and Kedamaku didn’t seem to receive 《Big Blue Bear’s coercion》and were surprised to see their subordinates stopped moving.


I go past the men who couldn’t move and approach towards forest woods to escape .
As long as I am not under abnormal condition even if I get injured, my HP won’t go down.

There’s no problem in annihilating them after recovering myself.

One of the men who was able to snap out from the intimidation raised his big sword and attacked. I tilt my neck slightly to avoid it. Blades slightly graze the cheek and my HP drops to red zone.
――――――The conditions for activating of Title【Red Crest】have been met.
――――――Activating Title【Red Crest】

“I will kill you. I will beat you all to death.”

TL Notes

Some lines may feel very weird but they are as it is. Author has used some pretty strange words so I kept it original instead of changing.

Also please pay respects to author which he deserves by clicking here.


Oh and…….

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