Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters?

Chinese Title: 请活过三章
Author: Chikuyou Kun / 切竹君
Novel Status: Dropped
Total Chapters in Raw: 30 chapters
Translation Status: Dropped
Raws: ciweimao


Kitahara Shinichi passed through into a world flooded with ghosts.
Hell was empty, all gods had died, only the ghosts were revived and raging in the world.

Just this month, 6 people died at school in a row. Bugs with human faces were laughing quietly. A little girl in red peeped at him secretly.
Finally, he returned home. His parents were killers who had been wanted for years. His sister was a zombie feeding on human flesh. His childhood sweetheart was a ghost returned from hell.

But, he didn’t know any of it because he had lost his memories.
Well, from now on, all he could do was struggling for survival.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Horror, Supernatural

Note: After we began translating this novel, after some time the author stopped releasing chapters for it, so we have only translated the first volume of the novel.