Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Welcome Back


Shinichi grabbed Aoba’s hand and started rushing on the road.

Though he realized that he couldn’t get rid of the little girl in red like this. And their efforts would be in vain. But he had no other choices but to continue running.

After a short rest, Aoba recovered her stamina. So, she asked in a hurry.

“Shinichi, what happened?”

Since leaving the restaurant, Aoba wasn’t clear about the situation. She got dragged by Shinichi all the way and didn’t know what really happened.

If she were other girls, she might have considered Shinichi crazy, not to mention running with him.

Shinichi didn’t lie to her. He talked to her while running.

“Aoba, remember the little girl in red we saw at the lunch break? She’s right behind us now!”


Hearing this, Aoba was so shocked that she covered her mouth.

She naturally had a deep impression of the girl in red she saw at noon, but like Takahara Haruka, she doubted whether she had mistaken something else for her, since she didn’t believe that ghosts actually existed.

However, she knew that Shinichi wouldn’t lie to her, so it must be true.

Aoba subconsciously turned back to take a look, but found nothing.

Looking at what Aoba did, Shinichi said with a serious look.

“You can’t see her, I can’t either……but, except us, everyone can probably see her……”

“How could this be……” Aoba murmured.

Her pretty face suddenly turned pale, and she looked like she couldn’t believe it.

At the moment, she finally realized why Shinichi became so panicked when he heard the middle-aged man said that the little girl was behind them.

It turned out that behind them was……

It’s a ghost!

“Then, what should we do? ……. Shinichi, how about going home now?”

Though Aoba loved watching horror movies, but as a girl, she’s still going to be frightened when she really saw a ghost.

In fact, Shinichi felt like going home right away too.

But he didn’t dare to put his faith in luck.

“No, we cannot go home now….. once she follows us home, she might hurt our family!”

After all, that’s how curse worked.

Shinichi couldn’t help but accepted the reality that they had irritated the ghost. But if this affected his parents and sister, he definitely couldn’t bear it.

“What should we do if we can’t go home?”

Tears appeared on Aoba’s eyelids since she’s so panicked. But she didn’t want to burden Shinichi out, so she could only bear her sadness.

But Shinichi knew that she’s scared. So he was very upset when he held her hand tight.

If he knew that things like this would occur, he should’ve not eaten that……no, he should’ve not heard then discussed the rumors about the little girl in red.

Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to calm down.

“Though I don’t know how, but I think the ghost might have used some kind of curse to hide her presence from us……”

So, we have to make sure where she is first!

Otherwise, it would be hard for us to escape.”

In horror movies, using a mirror was always the best way to find the traces of a ghost. Because a mirror was a medium between reality and virtual world, it could reflect the true face of a ghost.

Therefore, Shinichi grabbed Aoba’s hand and ran to other places to get mirrors.

But the result disappointed him.


Not knowing if the little girl in red was a high ranking ghost, the mirror he bought could only show the road beside, but couldn’t reflect her true body.

Instead, they gradually lost their sense of direction when they ran back and forth in the city.

Though they had run for a long time, they suddenly found out that they returned to where they started.

Around them, there was no one else.

“We’re going in circles!”

After trying a few times repeatedly, they still couldn’t get out. Shinichi immediately realized that they’re stuck in a trap. He now became more anxious.

But, he couldn’t show it, at least not now, because Aoba was right next to him. If he got panicked, they would be done for sure.

It’ll be so good if I can see the ghosts!

He thought desperately.

“Ah, I have an idea!”

Suddenly Shinichi realized that though he couldn’t see the ghosts, he had a cheat system!

Level 1: 4/20 (Demon value)

Strength: 10 (+)

Agility: 10 (+)

Physique: 8 (+)

Spirit: 8 (+)

Free attribute point: 7

Skills: (Basic Kendo, Basic, Proficiency: 2%, 0/3)

“I can’t even see the ghost right now, which means that strength and agility won’t help. The only thing that possibly works is spirit.”

“Hopefully it will work, or we’re going to be done!”

Thinking of this, Shinichi allocated two points on spirit at once.

If this wouldn’t work either, he could only allocate all the points on agility and escape with Aoba.

With the increment of his spirit attribute, he suddenly felt an indescribable cool feeling surged into his brain, as if he had chewed dozens of gums at once. The cool feeling couldn’t stop, and it circulate all over his body. He couldn’t help but close his eyes to enjoy its feeling.

The panic aroused due to the situation all disappeared. Instead, he now felt calm, as if he had entered Kenja Time after he cummed.

Also, his sight became clearer, as if he could see anything he couldn’t see before.

When Shinichi opened his eyes again.

A little girl was standing in front of him.

She was in a red dress.

As if blood was pouring on her.

Seductive and weird.


Like waking up next to a stranger, Shinichi found a weird little girl showed up without warning in front of himself, which scared him shitlessly.

But unlike before, the increment of spirit also strengthened his control over emotions. He didn’t flee the scene like before, but stepped out and looked at her alertly.

Though Aoba couldn’t see the ghost, she still reacted immediately after she noticed Shinichi’s move.

……. All this time, the little girl in red was right in front his eyes!

“Are you a human or ghost?”

Though Shinichi asked her, he had already confirmed that the little girl in red in front was indeed a ghost. The bug with human face he crushed with the slipper yesterday couldn’t be compared with the threat she posed.

By only looking at her, he could feel the piercing coldness crawling over his body. Resisting not to shiver cost all his strength, so he didn’t think that he could beat her.

But Shinichi couldn’t believe that strength and agility would work on ghosts.

In horror movies, ghosts were usually immune to all physical attacks.


However, in contrast to Shinichi’s serious look, the little girl in red was still expressionless. After a while, she didn’t move at all, but stood still.

Until Shinichi wondered if she’s stuck, and pondered that whether it would be better if he stepped back slowly with Aoba or not.

Finally, the little girl in red moved.

But it was not as scary as he imagined.

She seemed to be murmuring.

“What are you saying?” Shinichi frowned since her voice was too low. He couldn’t hear clearly, but only saw her pale and dry lips moving slightly.

Luckily, she seemed to know that he didn’t understand what she said. She didn’t stop, instead, she repeated it.

Taking efforts, Shinichi eventually understood what the little girl in red said.

She said.

“So-me-th-in-g is co-mi-ng.”

After that, she became silent. Her eyes without pupils stared right at Shinichi.

Her figure was becoming transparent.

Eventually she disappeared.


The dark atmosphere that shrouded them was gradually dispersed. Unconsciously, the streets became bustling again, and people started appearing around.

Seeing this, Aoba was stunned, and she immediately yelled.

“Shinichi, we’re back! We’re back!”


But Shinichi didn’t answer immediately. He was spaced out, as if he’s still thinking what the little girl in red said repeatedly.

——Something is coming.

What’s coming?

Shinichi was anxious.

He now realized that maybe the little girl didn’t want to hurt them as she kept following them from school, but to remind them that something was going to happen.

However, she couldn’t talk, but awkwardly followed them until he noticed her.

But the question was……

“What on earth is coming?”

After confirming that the little girl in red wasn’t dangerous, Shinichi still couldn’t relax his mind, but feel that the situation was getting tougher.

After all, there must be reasons for this coming.

Uncertainty was the scariest.


Looking at his serious face, Aoba, who was overjoyed since they finally returned to reality, gradually realized it.

It might not be over yet.

“Sorry, I was distracted.”

Shinichi recovered his wits and looked at his childhood friend apologetically. He thought of something right away and said to her.

“By the way, Aoba, instead of going home, how about staying in my house tonight? I’ll ask my mother to call your mother later, we can make up an excuse.”

The crisis wasn’t over yet, so he couldn’t leave Aoba alone, since she might get attacked when she’s alone at home.

In horror movies, it’s the most vulnerable time when they let down their guard.

Aoba also understood what he’s worried about, so she nodded her head.


“Let’s go home.”

The sky gradually became dark, moreover, it’s likely going to be raining soon. Staying outside wasn’t safe at all, so Shinichi could only choose to go home.

At least, the little girl probably wouldn’t follow them anymore, or she could’ve killed them directly then.

As the rain became heavier, they went to Shinichi’s house in a hurry. He opened the door, and they went in the house. But Shinichi noticed that there’s one extra pair of shoes there.

A pair of bright high heels.

This made him feel weird.

“Someone comes?”

Then they went in the living room together.

But they found out that his mother, Keiko, was talking to a woman in the living room.

She seemed to notice that someone had entered the living room.

It’s their homeroom teacher who turned her head slowly.

She had put on heavy makeup.

She had applied heavy foundation and lipstick.


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