Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: You Can’t Escape

“Welcome back.”

Looking at their homeroom teacher in the living room, Shinichi and Aoba were both stunned. Obviously, they didn’t expect to see her in his house.

The homeroom teacher didn’t talk at all, instead, she just sat on the sofa quietly like the surface of the calm lake. Then, she stared at them expressionlessly.

The makeup she applied was heavy. The foundation on her face was so thick, and the lipstick she put on was very red bright.

She looked like the Geishas, who put on heavy makeup in ancient Japan.

Shinichi couldn’t understand the way people in old times defined how beauties looked like.

He thought that the Geishas looked too similar to the ghosts.

Now he was finally convinced.

She indeed looked like a ghost.

“You’re finally back. Your homeroom teacher comes to visit us. Hurry up, greet your teacher.”

His mother, who sat on the sofa, suddenly stood up and urged Shinichi.

Shinichi was stunned.

“A home visit?”

“Yes. Your teacher has been here for almost half an hour.”

His mother nodded her head. She didn’t really know why her son came home late, so she pretended to be angry and then said.

“You must be eating outside, right? I’ve already told you that if you want to eat meat, just go home. I can cook them for you.”

She walked over while scolding him. Immediately, Keiko noticed Aoba, who was standing next to him.

When she saw Aoba, her facial expression changed to the better in instant.

As if she saw her future daughter-in-law.

“Oh, it’s Aoba. Welcome.”

“Hello, Mrs. Kitahara.” Aoba greeted politely.

Because she had known Shinichi since they’re kids, she’s obviously familiar with his mother. Though they’re very close, she still greeted with courtesy since her family educated her strictly.

Keiko also knew that Aoba was nice and a hard-working girl, so she didn’t mind her indifferent tone at all. Instead, she just laughed it off and pulled Aoba’s hand softly as they sat on the sofa next to each other.

Keiko looked like she had forgotten her own son.

“Katsura-kun, why are you here?” The homeroom teacher stared at her and asked.


Before Aoba could answer, Keiko cut her off and explained this for her. She said. “Well, actually Aoba lived in the vicinity. She grew up with Shinichi, so she often came to our house.”

The homeroom teacher nodded her head slowly. “Good.”

“Thank you, teacher……” Aoba didn’t know why she complimented her, so she nodded her head reluctantly.

She didn’t know why but, she felt that her homeroom teacher was a bit scary, especially her pair of hollow eyes, not even the slightest emotion could be found in it, so that she unconsciously lowered her head, and dared not to look at her.

Shinichi stood still and stared at his homeroom teacher.

He somehow felt that she had become a little weird.

She’s a totally different from her at school.

“Moreover, the semester has just started, why does she come for a home visit so early?” Shinichi frowned.

But except him, no one felt anything wrong.

Well, Aoba probably noticed it, but his mother obviously didn’t. Otherwise, she would’ve not stayed with the teacher alone for a long time.

“By the way, how about having dinner with us tonight? I happen to buy lots of meat today.” Keiko seemed to think of something, and she said to the teacher with a big smile on her face.

“No, thank you.”

The homeroom teacher shook her head and said indifferently. “I……have to go home. It’s late now.”

After that, she stood up.

“Well, I’ll walk you out…..”

When his mother just stood up and asked to walk her out, Shinichi stopped her.

He narrowed his eyes and said.

“Teacher, I’ll walk you out instead.”

“Sure.” The homeroom teacher took a deep look at him for a second and didn’t decline.

However, before he saw her off, he returned to his room first. He took a black bag, where his wooden sword was placed.

Noticing his move, Aoba seemed to know something. She caught up with them, but she suddenly stopped at the door.

Because she knew that even if she followed them, she couldn’t help him. Instead, she would even drag Shinichi down.

Just like getting chased by the little girl in red, she could only kept up with his speed.

This suddenly made Aoba feel herself very useless.

She clenched her fair hands tightly.

“Shinichi, please be careful.”

Though thinking a lot, she could only stare at the door and pray in secret.

Shinichi’s house was located on the fifth floor of a high-end apartment.

They took the elevator down.

There happened to be nobody in the elevator.


He felt himself falling down.

In this closed space, the lights above their heads were very dazzling.

Shinichi stood behind his homeroom teacher and stared at her. He looked very serious.

From her weird behaviors and his instincts, he felt very strange.

Even he had a thought that someone else pretended to be his homeroom teacher, who stood in front of him and put on heavy makeup.

When he was pondering, he became more and more alert.

This made him clench the wooden sword in his bag tight.

He stared at the back of his homeroom teacher’s head.

He looked very serious.

Should I attack her?

Or not?

What should I do?

“You can’t escape……”

The sudden voice stunned him.

The homeroom teacher was still motionless. But her weird eyes were reflected on the cold mirror of the elevator.

Her face with full of thick makeup looked strangely stiff, as if it had gone through a plastic surgery.

It turned out that she kept staring at him!

Shinichi felt terrified and took a few steps back.

He bumped into the wall the elevator.



She grinned.

In her opened mouth, there’s bug with human face crouching.

It’s also grinning.

And it seemed be laughing at him.

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