Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Taste My Shit




The cold and weird elevator kept falling down along with multiple muffled sounds.

At the beginning, Shinichi still put his faith in luck, hoping that somebody was waiting at any floor so the door would open. But he gradually realized how cruel the reality was.

Because the high-end apartment where he lived was an eight-story building, and they had a two-story basement. They took the elevator on the fifth floor, so theoretically, they should have already landed on the first floor.

But now the elevator was still falling, as if it would reach the deepest hell by any minute now.

Standing inside there almost suffocated Shinichi.

Gloomy, narrow, and weird.


But when Shinichi took another look, something changed in the elevator again. The narrow space suddenly became wide after a series of distortion and fluctuations.

His homeroom teacher, who stood still stiffly, remained in the same place.

As well as the pale and weird face, together with her gloomy smile reflected in the mirror.

All sorts of bizarre phenomenon that kept occurring truly scared Shinichi. Thanks to the spirit attribute he had just allocated, it had played an important role and calmed his mind forcibly.

In the meanwhile, he retreated quickly, opening the distance with the teacher, who seemed to be frozen stiff and motionless.

“So-me-th-in-g is co-mi-ng.”

Shinichi suddenly remembered what the little girl in red was mumbling.

Now, he finally realized that she might want to warn him about the coming of his homeroom teacher.

But since he thought that the little girl in red meant a ‘thing’, not a ‘person’. So he reacted immediately after he saw his homeroom teacher.

In fact, his homeroom teacher actually could be considered a ‘thing’.

“Damn, just if I could react sooner……well, now I can only fight against her!”

Shinichi quickly opened the attribute panel of the cheat system, then he allocated 3 free attribute points on the skill and 2 on strength. Now he had no point left.

Level 1: 4/20 (Demon value)

Strength: 12 (+)

Agility: 10 (+)

Physique: 8 (+)

Spirit: 10 (+)

Free attribute point: 0

Skills: (Basic Kendo, Intermediate, Proficiency 0%, 0/5)

“Damn, it’ll be a lot easier if I had more attribute points……”

Feeling the energy surging inside his body, he clenched the wooden sword tight, but he still didn’t feel relieved at all. After all, the teacher in front of him kept playing weird tricks.

Fortunately, she couldn’t harm him by using external power or attacked with some kinds of curse and long range attack, which would definitely catch him off guard. Instead, she could only change the environment slowly.

Moreover, unlike the ghosts in video games, she had a real body.

At the moment, the homeroom teacher, who stood still since they entered the elevator, finally turned her head slowly.

But this sudden move shocked Shinichi.


Small holes could be found all over her face, even on her five senses, as if they’re damaged by the pests.

This could scare a person with Trypophobia shitlessly. [ED Note : Trypophobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes, or bumps. It is not officially recognized as a mental disorder, but may fall under the broad category of specific phobia if fear is involved and the fear is excessive and distressing. People may express only disgust or both fear and disgust to trypophobic imagery.]


At the next moment, the homeroom teacher, who revealed her true face which looked like a corpse, suddenly rushed over. She crawled really fast and rushed to Shinichi like a snake.

Her pale arms exuded freezing coldness. It’s cold enough to freeze one’s p***s. He didn’t even dare to imagine how he would feel if she touched any part of his body.

If it had not been for the cheat system, Shinichi would have not been able react fast enough, and got scratched by her hands immediately. But with the cheat system, he reflexively bent his knees and squatted down, making her hands totally miss it.

At the same time, he clenched the wooden sword and attacked her lower part of the body!


The intermediate Level Kendo skill had given Shinichi lots of Kendo experience. When he wielded the wooden sword, he felt like someone actually demonstrating it in front of him.

However, the female corpse reacted fast. Though she missed him, she still stabilized her body with a weird pose that humans couldn’t do. Then she blocked the wooden sword that was swinging toward her with her pale arm.


A huge force came through the wooden sword, making Shinichi’s wrists a bit sore.

And his complexion turned bad.

In Japanese Kendo, a wooden sword was stronger than a bamboo sword which was made of tied bamboo chips. It would hurt a lot if a man without protective gears got hit by a wooden sword. Not to mention that he attacked with all his strength.

However, though the female corpse got hit, she still stood stiffly, as if nothing happened to her. But her arm swelled up quickly, and it was covered in bruises.

The next moment, he attacked again. Obviously, the wound on her arm didn’t affect her moves at all.

It’s very reasonable since her body was probably controlled by the bug with human face instead of his homeroom teacher.

It’s definitely not painful as it’s actually its own body.

She suddenly opened her mouth wide.

Her chin was dislocated.


A weird bug with human face suddenly drilled out from that bloody mouth and rushed toward Shinichi.

And the human face bug also opened its mouth, which was filled with sharp teeth. It’s clear that it wanted to bite him hard.


Shinichi was terrified. He had seen how terrible it was when the bug gnawed human bodies, so he wanted to stay far away from it. He immediately swung the sword toward it.

But the bug was very small and agile. Shinichi couldn’t hit it everytime he tried. Moreover, it’s very cunning that it left a part of its body inside the mouth of the teacher, and it retreated to her mouth to dodge Shinichi’s attacks from time to time.

Therefore, Shinichi not only had to fight against a corpse that was not afraid of pain, but also deal with cunning sneak attacks of the bug.

If he got bitten by the bug, it would probably drill into his body instantly, and he would become the next many holes homeroom teacher.

So Shinichi had to worry a lot while fighting it.

“I need to think of something really fast!”

Unlike the corpse in front of him, Shinichi had a limit since he’s a human. Though he could fight against her through dodging, but he was also forced to fall back, and would finally be cornered.

The bug would definitely drill into his body and occupy it when he got exhausted.

His family and childhood friend knew nothing about the cunning bug with human face.

Shinichi couldn’t imagine what would happen if the bug occupied his body and went home.

So he must kill it right here!


Suddenly Shinichi came up with an idea. Then he shouted angrily.

“Don’t you want my body? Come on!”

Like what Shinichi thought, the bug, compelled by its greed for fresh human flesh, it controlled the female corpse and rushed toward him right away.

Shinichi didn’t dodge it, but dashed right away toward it. At the same time, he raised the wooden sword high with both hands and swung it hard.

The dead body raised her arms and blocked it.


The wooden sword suddenly fell apart.

Seeing this, the bug hidden in the mouth was overjoyed. It drilled out from the dead body and opened its mouth wide.

However, Shinichi was exactly waiting for this moment!

“You finally come out!”

Shinichi sneered. Instead of dodging, he grabbed the viscous body of the bug with his backhand, pulled it hard, and pulled the dead body over.

He then immediately clenched his fist and landed a blow on it.

“Taste my shit!”

With a bang, his fist hit right on its face, and the dead body was knocked down.

However, its body was still squeezed back Shinichi. When he pulled hard, it broke in half.


The bug let out a shrill and loud cry. It turned out that even though it didn’t directly die when its body broke in half, it still caused a lot of damages.

Its broken body turned into a dark mist and entered Shinichi’s body.

【Demon value +26】

【You have met the requirements and reached level 2.】

At the moment, the elevator that had kept falling down finally stopped.

No, more accurately, it hadn’t moved at all. It’s already on the first floor. The falling process was all illusion made by the bug.


When the door opened, the dead body which was quietly lying on the ground suddenly sat up and ran out the door, which showed her desire to survive.

Sure enough Shinichi wouldn’t want her to escape, so he started chasing her right away. But since he had allocated the attribute points on strength and the skill, his speed couldn’t be compared with hers. He lost her a while after.

“Damn, she escapes!” Said Shinichi anxiously.

It would definitely cause some troubles if she escaped.

Since he couldn’t grasp his chance to kill her, now he had to be aware of her from now on.

“Why am I in her radar? Is it because I killed that bug before?”

Shinichi felt bad. If it had not been that he returned home in time, his mother and sister would’ve been attacked if she stayed home longer.

Thinking of this, he suddenly turned serious.

“Damn, what will happen in my house……?!”

Instead of finding the escaping dead body, Shinichi immediately rushed back home.

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