Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 13

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 13: Here Comes the Meal

In Shinichi’s house.

Aoba sat on the sofa, and she seemed to be a little bit anxious. She kept looking at the door to check whether Shinichi had come back.

Keiko also wondered. “Where did he go? Did it take such a long time to see her off?”

It had been around 10 minutes since he had left.

“Fine, forget it.”

Since Shinichi had always been an independent son, Keiko didn’t worry all too much. She stood up and said to Aoba with a smile.

“Aoba, it has been a long time since you last came over. How about having dinner here? We happen to have quite a lot of meat today. I can call your mother later and tell her where you are.”


Aoba thought for a second before nodding to show her affirmation.

Earlier when they were outside, Shinichi also asked her to stay at his house tonight, or she might be in danger when she went home alone. For this reason, Aoba didn’t reject Keiko’s invitation.

However, since she was a very polite person, she wasn’t that used to getting a free lunch. So when she saw Keiko was about to cook, she said. “Aunt, let me help you.”

“No, it’s alright.”

When Keiko talked to her, she suddenly noticed something. She pointed to the bedroom and said. “Ah, you see, Rinka is awake now. Why don’t you play with her? This kid keeps talking about you recently.”

Aoba turned her head. A little girl in pink dress walked out slowly barefoot. She rubbed her eyes with her chubby hands. She seemed unable to fall asleep.

Aoba finally relaxed her mind after seeing her. She immediately walked over and hugged Rinka.

Getting hugged, Rinka slowly opened her eyes. She was stunned for a bit.

She looked like she couldn’t believe it.

“Aoba, are visiting me?”

“Yeah, I’m visiting Rinka-chan.” Aoba touched her hair and said with a smile.

As Shinichi’s childhood friend, Aoba was familiar with his sister. Since she loved kids and she’s very patient, she was pretty close to Rinka.

They held each other’s hands and sat on the sofa together.

“Sister Aoba, I’m hungry.” Rinka rubbed her little belly. She raised her head and said to Aoba.

“You‘re really a glutton.”

Aoba laughed.

She immediately thought of something.

“Ah, Rinka, wait a second, I have some cookies in my bag, you can have them.”


When Aoba turned to look for the cookies, Rinka sat on the sofa impatiently. From her eyes, it could be seen that she couldn’t wait to eat the cookies.

But something suddenly caught her eyes, so she quickly got off the sofa.


A bug with a face resembling human faces quietly flew to the table. What’s more bizarre was that it revealed an expression of, almost human, greed and joy on its face.

It was staring at Aoba. When it saw her back turned on it, and she’s totally unaware of danger, it quickly rushed over.

But it suddenly noticed something, so he turned its head.

Then it was stunned.



Rinka was squatting beside the table and staring at the bug.

In addition to its weird human face, the ugly appearance of a bug would definitely scare little girl away. But she’s not the case, instead, she focused on looking at it.

Therefore, the bug with human face was confused and stunned.


This awkward situation was similar to when the ghost in Grudge confidently came out to scare someone, and instead of getting scared, she only cares about what hair conditioner she should use so that she could have the same beautiful black hair that the ghost had.

They’re looking at each other.

It became silent.

Looking at it, it’s……


Rinka reached out, grabbed the bug with human face in front of her, and immediately gobbled it up.

When Aoba finally found the cookies and turned back with a smile, she found Rinka squatting on the ground and cocking her head forward, seeming to eating something.

This stunned Aoba, she then asked. “Rinka, what are you eating?”


Rinka answered awkwardly, which made Aoba anxious. She thought that Rinka had eaten something dirty, so she quickly opened Rinka’s mouth with her hands, and lit it with the flashlight. But except her pink tongue and teeth, she didn’t see anything else.

Aoba couldn’t relax her mind, instead, she became more anxious. She said. “Rinka-chan, tell Sister Aoba, did you eat the coins?”

“No, mom had taught me that coins aren’t edible.” Rinka said seriously.


Aoba was finally relieved since she knew that Rinka had always been very obedient. If her mom had taught her what she shouldn’t eat, she probably wouldn’t eat it.

But just in case, she still specifically told Rinka what she shouldn’t eat again.

After all, kids at her age were easy to eat small stuff by mistake.

“I see.”

After Aoba’s explanation, Rinka nodded her head. But she immediately pulled Aoba’s hem and said.

“Sister Aoba, I want to eat cookies. I’m so hungry.”

“O-Okay, I’ll give you now.”

Looking at Rinka, Aoba couldn’t help but laugh and shake her head. She handed the cookies to her.

“Thank you, sister.”

Rinka laughed happily. After she got the cookies, instead of eating them right away, she crawled to Aoba. Rinka sat Aoba’s thighs, leaned her head on Aoba’s breasts, and ate the cookies leisurely.

Aoba stroked Rinka’s hair gently. She used to be jealous of Shinichi since he has such a cute sister. She is very disappointed that she’s the only child in her family. But when she got familiar with Rinka, she treated Rinka like her true sister.

But considering their appetites, Rinka and Shinichi really were brother and sister.

They’re both total gluttons.


Thinking of this, Aoba suddenly recalled something. She looked at the door anxiously. It had been a long time since Shinichi went out. What happened to him?

Did the little girl in red come back with them?

When Aoba decided to call him. Well?

Here he came.

“A-Are you alright?”

The door opened, and Shinichi rushed in. He was covered with sweat, and he looks like he is in a rush.

It was reasonable since his homeroom teacher had visited his house for half an hour before he returned home. Who knew whether or not she had left some tricky traps in his house that might attack Aoba when he went out?

Therefore, when he realized the situation, Shinichi didn’t chase the dead body, but dashed back home as fast as he could.

Luckily, nothing he had imagined happened.

His father hadn’t returned home yet.

His mother was cooking in the kitchen.

Aoba was helping Rinka to eat cookies.

Shinichi now finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank God.”

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