Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: It’s Getting Dark……

“Oh, Shinichi, you finally came back.”

When Aoba got impatient after waiting for a long time, she decided to go downstairs to take a look. However, Shinichi ran suddenly almost in a frenzy to which Aoba got stunned and immediately got up.

Shinichi already knew that Aoba must have been troubling her head with him lately, he thus walked over and apologized to her in a repenting tone. “Sorry Aoba, I’m late.”

“It’s fine. Are you alright?”

Aoba shook her head while analyzing Shinichi from head to toe. After confirming that he didn’t get hurt, but only sweated a lot, she felt relieved.

“Where’s Teacher Katsurai? Is she back?”

She cocked her head over Shinichi’s shoulder and looked behind to ascertain no one had followed him.

As Aoba was busy resting her head over his shoulder, Shinichi paused for a second and said.

“Well……she’s already back. In fact, we just cradle for a while, so I ended up coming late.”

Eventually, he didn’t choose to tell Aoba what happen in the elevator. After all, Aoba and he had just escaped the hot pursuit from the little girl in the red. Moreover, Shinichi feared that Aoba was too timid to accept their homeroom teacher was already dead and it was actually her dead body who paid her family a visit.

Thinking of this, Shinichi became anxious again. And as he was vigilant inspecting his own house, he asked something out of the blue,

“By the way, did something odd happen when I was out?”


While Aoba was shaking her own head, she pats Rinka’s head gently and said,

“Your mother was cooking. I wanted to help her, but Rinka happened to wake up, so I played with her in the living room.”

“Really? Okay.”

Shinichi was a bit relieved. He didn’t think much before chasing the homeroom teacher. However, he had neglected his family. He would have never forgive himself If anyone of his family or Aoba got hurt in his relentless pursuit.

But he still had to stay alert.

Shinichi already knew that the bug with human face must have some sinistrous plans that compelled it to possess the teacher to visit his family.

If he didn’t guess wrong, the reason why it went after him was probably that he killed the bug with a human face the day before yesterday. He was therefore on its radar, and it must have planned to take over his body to avenge its comrade.

Even those teachers who had accidents at school in the past 2 days posed a great danger to be a bug in disguise of human flesh.

But if that’s the case, Shinichi couldn’t understand who on earth controlled these bugs.

Moreover, who was the little girl in red?

Why did she know that the homeroom teacher would visit him?

And why did she remained so kind to him all of the time?

Shinichi frowned with a dwindled head.

“But I’m very sure that lots of danger exist in school,” he muttered as he can’t help himself feeling terrified over the circumstances.

“Not only the disgusting bug with a human face but also the little girl in red. Maybe there are even more……”

In the face of this harsh situation, Shinichi thought that Aoba and he probably shouldn’t go to school anymore. They should stay away from it, or they might get involved.

Shinichi didn’t even think of calling the police since he knew that no one would believe him. Even though he had already witnessed the ghost in the shell of his own homeroom teacher and the girl in red yet his reality seem too hard for the rest of the world to swallow.

Of course, the police would definitely get involved if more people died in the school. After all, if teachers kept dying in the masses, ‘heart attacks’ could no longer remain the reason enough to explain this severe situation.

This way they might get a good reason to skip school.

“By the way, when I was fighting against the dead body, I remembered that I had acquired some demon values. And it seemed that I had leveled up?”

After his clash with the dead body, Shinichi immediately dashed back to home. Since he was quite tensed about his family, he didn’t have the time to check what he had acquired back then. But now, he finally got some time to spare for the same.

Therefore, he cautiously opened his attribute panel with his chubby hands.

Level 2: 10/40 (Demon value)

Strength: 12 (+)

Agility: 10 (+)

Physique: 8 (+)

Spirit: 10 (+)

Free attribute point: 10


(Basic Kendo, Intermediate, Proficiency 0%, 0/5)

“I did level up……”

Shinichi giggled with a gleaming smile. Though it’s pretty dangerous to fight against the dead body, he still had gained something. It was thus totally worth the toll.

“It seems that the experience required to level up his particular attributes, also known as the demon value, comes from the ghosts.”

Besides that, as he thought before, the free attribute points that he already used up had increased by 10 points again. It was thus correctly estimated that the points would increase correspondingly as he leveled up, which indeed seemed a great news.

It’s his free attribute points that helped him to stop going in circles, see clearly the little girl in red, and fight back the dead body. Without them, he might have been dead meat in the elevator itself.

And this was the reason why Shinichi hold the temptation to use these points right now.

He thus needs to be tactful while using them.

It would thus be much wiser to use them in crunch time.

“Both strength and agility can help me to fight. As for the spirit, it helps me to increase resistance to ghosts, so that I won’t get fooled easily”, he pondered deeply while planning his expenditure of abilities points.

Shinichi hadn’t used physique yet. But literally, it ought to be related to body physique. Which in turn could considerably enhance one’s body strength.

Anyway, leveling up had made him confident.

“Though it may be dangerous, I still have to go to school tomorrow. I have to find the traces of the bugs with human faces and investigate the little girl in red.” Shinichi thought as he was about to get retired to his bed.

It’s getting dark.

The sky already seemed to be covered by the pall of darkness.

It’s also a bit windy and rainy. It’s cold on the empty streets.

The only trace of the light ushered through the security office in Johoku High School wherein an old man was resting like a w***e.

But he is not the one in the Chinese tales.

“It’s rainy all day……” The old security guard was eating melon seeds to kill time. He kept looking at rain hitting the window sill, and he seemed careless and bored.

He normally went to sleep in the staff dorm at this time. But teachers experiencing the horrible accidents lately had extended his working hours.

Of course, he was paid correspondingly. Therefore he didn’t care at all. He had always lived alone, no matter whether he was in the dorm or in the security office.

But he didn’t see anyone suspicious entering the school all night, so he gradually became careless.

It was empty and dark in school. It seems pretty damn Sure that there’s no one in the school.

Even a person with diabolically acute hearing could hear nothing but the wind whistling.

But, at this moment.


He suddenly stood up as if he had noticed something. He came close to the window and looked out. However, he saw several figures walking over slowly from the darkness.

They walked very slowly, actually stumbled a bit, as if they’re wounded. The old security guard opened the gate to see what had happened to them.

But when they came close, he was stunned.

“Teacher Katsurai……?”

Among the 3 figures walking over, one was a teacher he was acquainted with.

Of course, it was impossible for her to know such an old pervy security guard like him. However, in contrary to her, this old geezer can’t help himself remembering her receding figure as she passed by every day while returning from her daily chaos. Moreover, this lewd man had often undressed her in his countless times as he masturbates dreaming of her heavenly body.

But seeing Teacher Katsurai at midnight confused him.

The other two also looked familiar. They should be teachers too.

Therefore, when he saw them coming, he was ready to open the gate.

But he was suddenly stunned and choked as he steps back with firm resolve.

“Wait a minute, they came here stealthy at midnight for no reason. Are they really humans or ghosts?”

The old security guard looked pale. He suddenly felt wobbly at his feet and was shivering like a rat, seeming to be shocked by what he suspected. He thus immediately locked the security office and grab the phone to call someone.

However, before the call was connected, he became stiff.

A bug with human face drilled in his skin along his neck.

When he raised his head again, there’s already a dull fainting light in his eyes.

He looked lifeless.


The old security guard reached out and opened the door, allowing the three teachers outside to come in.

The three of them seems to be pretty gloomy themselves as they marched ahead without giving much attention to our old pal.

It’s getting darker……

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