Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Don’t Look Back

On the next day.

Shinichi got on the subway heading to Johoku High School early in the morning.

He always met up with his childhood friend before going to school together. However, they set off together since Aoba stayed in Shinichi’s house last night. Therefore, they got on the subway earlier than usual.

It had been rainy these days, and it’s finally sunny today. However, Shinichi wasn’t happy at all since Aoba and he just found something wrong when they arrived at school.

It’s crowded on the playground, and there were many police cars and ambulances. The dazzling red lights were very eye-catching.

“Damn, something bad happened again.”

Shinichi didn’t look good. The reason why he went to school earlier was to confirm whether more people would die at school or not. But what he couldn’t expect was that though he had tried to come to school as early as possible, something bad still happened.

“Aoba, let’s take a look there.” He said to his childhood friend.


They walked toward it.

They squeezed into the crowd. In the meanwhile, Shinichi saw several familiar people, like his classmates, the security guard, the director of academic affairs, and Principal Yamagishi.

On the ground, there were three stretchers, all of which were covered with white cloth. The bloodstains on the cloth were very eye-catching.

The medical staff quickly carried the stretchers onto the ambulances.

There were several middle-aged men in police uniforms inquiring the teachers.

Seeing one of them, Aoba was stunned.


Shinichi was also stunned. Looking up, he saw Aoba’s father, Katsura Shinichi.

He was a square-faced middle-aged man with beard on his face. He looked very strong. The muscles on his arms made him look very dignified.

Knowing Aoba for so long, sure enough Shinichi knew that her father was a policeman. He was even the director of Chiba Criminal Police Station. But what he couldn’t expect was that they would happen to meet him here.

Katsura Shinichi also noticed them. He immediately reminded his subordinates next to him and walked toward them.

“Here you come, Aoba and Shinichi.”

“Dad, why are here?” Aoba asked.

“Something happened.”

Aoba’s father shook his head. He pointed to the ambulance near the gate. The ambulance was heading to the hospital. Those three bloodstained stretchers were already carried onto the vehicle.

“I just inquired them. Did anyone die these two days at school? And both of them are teachers?”


Shinichi nodded his head. He soon reacted and frowned.

“Also today?”


Aoba’s father didn’t want to leak the details of the case to the public. But facing his own daughter and Shinichi, whom he had watched growing, he didn’t care much. Hence, he nodded his head and said.

“The doctor has confirmed that all three teachers died of heart failure. They’ve already died before we arrived.”


Aoba took a deep breath. She was obviously a bit anxious.

Shinichi didn’t look good, but he wasn’t surprised.

“Six teachers died these three days in a row, and they all died of heart failure.”

“It’s definitely related to the bugs with human faces…… Only they can do such a weird thing.”

Since Aoba’s father, the director of criminal police station, had been involved in this case, it’s obvious that the teachers had noticed the troubles and chosen to call the police.

However, Shinichi knew that the police would consider that someone had poisoned them. After all, they had never seen those disgusting bugs, so they would only speculate this case in a scientific way.

“By the way, you’ve known that, haven’t you?”

Aoba’s father seemed to think of something. He laughed a bit and said to them.

“Since we’re going to investigate this case, we have to close the scene. The school is closed today, so you can go home now…… I wanted to call you before. But I forgot since I was quite busy.”

“I see……” Shinichi had noticed that students kept leaving school.

In fact, he had expected that the school might be closed due to police investigation yesterday. But he didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

But that’s fine. It’s dangerous at school. Shinichi couldn’t rest assured that Aoba still stayed in school.

After all, she’s different from him. She had no combat skills. She could only run if she faced danger.

“Well, you should go home now. Be careful.”

Waving his hand, Aoba’s father said goodbye. He returned to the scene and resumed his duty.

Shinichi and Aoba looked at each other.

“Shinichi, let’s go home.” Aoba said gently.

“Sure.” Shinichi nodded his head.

Since most students had left school, there were only police and some teachers in school. Though he also wanted to investigate the case to see whether there were bugs with human faces or not, it’s really inconvenient when so many people looking at him. He then changed his mind.

Taking the subway, they returned the vicinity of their houses soon.

“Goodbye, Shinichi.”

Aoba didn’t go home with Shinichi, but returned to her house. After all, she had stayed in Shinichi’s house last night. Her father received the notification of criminal case early in the morning and set out to work. If she didn’t return home, her mother would definitely be worried about her.

“Call me if anything happens.” Shinichi reminded.

“I know.” Aoba nodded her head.

Shinichi returned home. But he didn’t rest, but started to train himself according to a schedule he made last night.

After defeating the dead body last night, Shinichi leveled up and gained 10 free attribute points. But since he had to plan further, he didn’t allocate them right away. Instead, he decided to used them when facing danger.

Hence he could only get stronger by training. Fortunately, it’s effective, and it could be seen on the panel statistically. This made boring training much more interesting.

Shinichi then worked out all day long.

Taking another look, the stats on the attribute panel had changed.

Level 2: 10/40 (Demon value)

Strength: 12.3 (+)

Agility: 10 (+)

Physique: 8.1 (+)

Spirit: 10 (+)

Free attribute point: 10


(Basic Kendo, Intermediate, Proficiency 4%, 0/5)

“Well……sure enough I can increase the attributes by training.”

Though Shinichi was a bit tired, he smiled right away after seeing his own attributes increasing. It’s worth it.

He then decided that he had to train himself every day no matter how busy he would be. By doing so, he could remain calm when facing danger.

Shinichi put down the dumbbells when it’s four thirty.

He started to changed his cloth.

“It’s about time. I should go.”

Due to the police investigation, the school was closed today. No one was allowed to go in. Hence Shinichi could only get in after it got dark and the police left.

Besides, it’s quite far from the school. Going there on foot was also training.

“I’m leaving.”

Notifying his mother, Shinichi got out after wearing on his sport suit. Then he spent twice it would take by subway running to the vicinity of school.

It’s getting dark, and there were few people on the streets. Looking inside the school, it’s empty and quiet.

Shinichi pondered whether he should get in or not. But it’s late. Getting in alone was dangerous.

He knew that this school was filled with something weird.

Unconsciously, he had an instinct that he might face danger if he got in alone.

But before Shinichi made his choice, he felt something weird.

A pair of gloomy eyes were looking at him from behind.

Shinichi turned.

He was stunned.


He saw a little girl standing alone.

She was wearing a red dress, which looked bizarre at night. Her pale skin was even more eye-catching. But the pedestrians nearby turned a blind eye to her, as if they couldn’t see her.

Shinichi was terrified. After seeing her eyes without pupils and the thrilling red dress, he recognized her right away. She was the little girl following him and Aoba yesterday.

But, the little girl turned and ran away before he could say anything.

Shinichi was stunned. He then ran after her.

“Stop! Who are you?”

Shinichi knew that chasing her might be dangerous. But everything had shown that she must be related to the case in school, or she must know some details. Hence he must chase her.

In addition, he could feel that the little girl in red didn’t bear malice to him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t remind them that something would happen last night.

Shinichi crossed several streets in a row. When he took a turn, the girl in red had disappeared.

Now he realized that he came to a gloomy lane, where trees were planted on both sides of the road.

The dense canopies of the trees provided the shadow that covered the dim-lit street lights.

It’s desolate.

Gloomy and bizarre.

“Damn, did I lose her, or am I going in circles again?” Shinichi looked around alertly.


He didn’t notice.

A pair of weird and pale arms had reached toward his back.

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