Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 16

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 16: Yamagishi Aika

The sunset was picture-perfect.

The park was eerily quiet. The swing was slightly swirling, with its shadow filling the ground.

Looking around, Shinichi felt dazed by the strange scene.

“Who am I? Where am I? What have I been through?” He gasped a little while holding his breath, that seemed to fade quickly.

As Shinichi gradually come to his sense, he recounted that he was chasing a girl in red and he ended up at a desolated path where he felt something fiendish and decided to turn back to ascertain.

It was then when he found himself in unfamiliar territory.

“It should be illusion……” Shinichi frowned and looked around. He had been going in circles for hours. But he knew that most of the ghosts were able to confuse him, so he wasn’t that surprised.

However, this submissive nature of his reflected his weak Spirit.

In contrary to strength and agility, which simply boosted his body, Spirit was a skill vital to deal with ghosts. Therefore, slacking now meant nothing but falling prey to the tricks of the ghosts.

Hence Shinichi decided to allocate half of his free attribute points on Spirit to deal with the illusion.

However, when he opened the attribute panel, he was taken aback as someone showed out of the blue.

Because a person showed up in front of him.




He was suddenly surrounded by cracks of laughter.

But it was not scary at all. Instead, it felt quite usual.

Gradually, several kids started showing up in the empty park.

It should be a beautiful scene. However, Shinichi was shocked when he noticed a little girl dressed in white.

It was her!

The little girl in red!

Though her outfit and appearance weren’t as weird as before, they basically looked alike. Therefore, Shinichi recognized her right away.

“But, why is she here?”

“……Is this her memory from before she died?”

“Why does she want to show it to me?” Shinichi wondered as he saw her frolicking around.

He only knew a little about it, so he decided to give up unveiling the illusion. Considering his current situation, though he couldn’t move at all, he wasn’t in danger. Hence he shouldn’t be too nervous.

He, however, kept chasing the little girl in red because he wanted to discover her identity.

There was no doubt that he couldn’t have gotten a much better opportunity than now.

“I’ll be the father, you’ll be the mother, and let Aika be our daughter.”

“We’ll stay with you. Then, you won’t be lonely, right?”

The children in front of him were playing make-believe, and the little girl in red, Aika, whom Shinichi was familiar with, enacted the role of a daughter.

Shinichi could see that these girls were close. Even the little girl in red, who kept scaring him before, had a big smile on her face.

But they didn’t play long for when it got dark, these kids were picked up by their parents. They thus waved her with a custom goodbye.

But the little girl in red stood aloof in the park for unlike her friends even after a while no one decided to show up and pick her back home. She thus was compelled to walk home all by herself.

She looked like a stray dog.

“It seems like……she has got a problematic family,” Shinichi narrowed his eyes. Since his childhood friend loved to watch horror movies, he also watched a lot of them with her. Hence he already knew that ghosts always are stemmed from problematic families.

However, he wasn’t sure if this was the case for her.

Following her, Shinichi went to her house. It was a luxurious apartment equipped with fancy things. However, there was no one in the house. Even though the lights were on it seemed quite cozy and abandoned.

As Akia sadly gazed at this humongous yet empty house,

The voicemail ringed.

“Aika, sorry, Daddy got a bit busy today. I’ll come home late. Therefore, you can have dinner first. There’s a bento in the refrigerator but don’t forget to heat it before you eat.”


The little girl looked upset when she heard that her father would come home late. But she seemed to be used to it. She thus pouted a little and put the phone down. As for what her father instructed, she took out the bento from the refrigerator and heated it in the microwave.

Shinichi didn’t intercede. He looked around and saw a photo of Aika with a middle-aged man who seemed to be her father on the table.

He often just noticed the house-plate dangling over the door.

It read – The Yamagishi’s.

“Yamagishi Aika……” Shinichi murmured.

Although he had no impressions about the name and he didn’t meet anyone with the identical name either yet somehow, it sounded familiar.

But before he could ponder anymore, the thunder rumbled in the sky, and it started raining.

Hearing it, the little girl put down the chopsticks right away and went to collect the clothes on the balcony.

She pedestaled herself on a chair and tried her best to collect the clothes.

Shinichi seemed to notice something.

He stood transfixed as he witnessed the cruel incident.


The chair spilled with rainwater was slippery. The little girl thus lost her balance and fell down. However, behind her was the balcony on the seventh floor with no security handrail.

Eventually, the little girl fell off from the seventh floor and landed hard on the ground.


The sound of the thunderous thud shooked Shinichi to his core. He knew that it had already happened since he could see it happening. No matter what, he couldn’t change it. But he couldn’t help himself feeling gloomy either.

But things got strange……


Though she crashed on the ground, her skin was penetrated, and some of her internal organs gushed out leaving behind the shreds of human flesh lying on the ground, she didn’t die immediately.

She crawled slowly and reached out to the sky. It seemed that she wanted to ask for help, but it rained too heavy for anyone to hear her crumbled voice.

She kept crawling and left a trail of bloodstains on the ground.

The raindrops kept falling on her blood-soaked and skinny body.

Moreover, her white dress had completely turned red.

And as the blind of her life fell, her pupils turned hollow.

Shinichi felt like retching and suddenly collapsed to the ground.

“There’s not much time left.”

At that very moment, he heard a womanly voice.

It sounded as if it was lamenting over something.

He then felt someone standing behind him.

It suddenly grew colder around him.

“Time to wake up,” A squeaky voice made its way to Shinichi’s ears.

With the crack, someone snapped.

The illusion ended abruptly.

Shinichi suddenly sat up.


“Damn!” The security guard searching for suspicious figures in the shadow with a flashlight whined as he noticed some misty figure. He felt startled and stumbled a little, eventually falling to the ground.

What happened?

Shinichi was also shocked. He suddenly left the illusion only to find a man, directing a sharp beam of light emerging from a flashlight at him. The bright pricks of the light seemed so painful to his sleepy eyes that he can’t help himself but covering them with his rough hands.

But fortunately, he didn’t lose his cool and ask, “Excuse me, who are you?”

“Me? Who are you? This area is abandoned. No one is allowed to come in, expect the security guards. How did you come in?” asked the security guard while sweating like a tired wrestler.

Though it was scary, yet the guard was finally relieved. He must have considered Shinichi as a ghost.

As the guard waited for an explanation, Shinichi made up an excuse.

“Sorry, I’m lost.”

Without caring much of the details, the guard swiftly replied, “Fine, get out of here now.”

The security guard waved his hand.

Shinichi nodded his head and looked around. He didn’t see the little girl in red. It seemed that she probably lured him here to show him the memories from her past.

Thinking of this, he stopped and asked the security guard. “Excuse me, the buildings here look new. Why is this area abandoned?”

“What?” The security guard was stunned. He didn’t expect Shinichi to ask him that. Still, he answered, “Because it’s a haunted place.”

“Fine, get out of here now,” he said to Shinichi as he was about to leave the haunted place.

His answer ended the vague conversation.

Since Shinichi got the answer he expected, he didn’t say much either and left the place right away.

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