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Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 17 - Zenith Novels

Can I Survive More than 3 Chapters? – Chapter 17

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Translator: Xjshengchen.

Editor: Demonically Inspired

Chapter 17: Sleep Paralysis

After rushing home from school, Shinichi helped his belly with some supper and dashed straight back to his cozy room.

In his hallucinations from when he was at school, he learned that the little girl in red had got a nice name, called Yamagishi Aika.

When she was about nine years old, she died in an accident as she fell off a building.

After her death, the residential area turned into a haunted spot, witnessing a fortuitously large number of paranormal activities, which eventually compelled its denizens to abandoned it.

With these clues, Shinichi tried to retrieve relevant information on the Internet. And as an aeon passed, he eventually found it.

“Ah, I found it.” Shinichi grabbed the mouse and opened a local news channel while rummaging for the details concerning the little girl in red.

He then fixed his eyes prying over an article stating – “A little girl died accidentally”. Although her name wasn’t mentioned in detail, it was the abandoned residential area shown in the news. Hence, she should be Aika.

As for the incident time, it was five years ago.

“The accident five years ago?” Shinichi crooned.

He suddenly recalled his classmates mentioning the little girl in red was rumored plodding in school as one of the seven wonders, even some of the graduates had heard of her.

In this way, it was the correct time.

But Shinichi couldn’t understand why the little girl in red, who died in an accident would appear in the school for no good reason.

And it often seemed that she had stayed for more than enough time to earn herself a name amongst the seven wonders in the school.

Therefore, there were various cases reporting of the students witnessing her vague figure.

“And… what did she mean when she said ‘There’s not much time’?” Shinichi frowned.

He remembered that at the end of the memory clip, a strange voice was chanting something in his ear.

The person who spoke was undoubtedly the little girl in red, who for some reason wanted him to see her past.

But what exactly did she want to remind me? Shinichi scratched his head in confusion.

The Little girl in red…

Seven wonders in school…

Bug with the human face…

“Damn!” Shinichi stood up in a frenzy as he noticed he was missing on some vitals.

Right, he focused too much on the little girl but neglected the source of all the recent incidents – The bug with human face.

If he didn’t make a mistake, the little girl in red should be reminding him that the bugs would keep making troubles.

If the things turned this way, Shinichi paused a little while drinking a goblet of the water to come to his sense,

The situation might be a lot worse. In fact, worse enough that all of the students might get involved.

Thinking of this, Shinichi couldn’t help but clench his fists.

With the intervention of the police today, he had lowered his guards down to some extent.

He thought that if he didn’t go to school, the bugs should have no way to hurt them. But it didn’t take him too long to realize he was too naive.

After all, his homeroom teacher made a special trip to his place yesterday, indicating that they probably had been targeted.

Even if he didn’t go to school, he couldn’t rest assured that he would get rid of those wretched creatures.

No, I should make a call to ask the situation first. Shinichi gurgled.

“Ding.” He dialed the number of his childhood friend, and soon the phone was connected. After greeting, Shinichi cut straight to the topic.

“Aoba, is your father back home now?”

“No, Dad went out after dinner. What happened, Shinichi?” asked Aoba in a perplexed tone.

“Do you have anything to do with my father?”

“No, I just want to ask about the unforeseen incident at the school. You see, didn’t the police barge the school today? I can’t suppress my curiosity anymore. Can you tell me what exactly happened?”

“Ah, That, I have already asked my father.” Coincidentally, Aoba had curiously asked her father at dinner, and he told the truth.

After all, this was also related to her.

Now that Shinichi asked, she answered directly in a bit grave tone.

“Dad said that the police concluded that someone has deliberately poisoned the teachers, the poison In-fact, seemed to have a large dose of a substance that triggered cardiac arrest amongst the teacher, eventually killing them. But they don’t have any luck finding the source of the same. Hence, Dad advised bringing our own drinking water and lunch to school every day from now. It is much safer this way.”

“Poison?” Shinichi stepped aback while troding on his study. However, he wasn’t startled a bit.

Sure enough, it was exactly what he thought.

The police lacked the foresight to solve this case and hence could take only the scientific aspect into consideration.

Of course, it was impossible for them to think in terms of spirituality.

Then it was also possible that someone had indeed poisoned the water supply, and had committed to becoming homicidal by killing so many teachers in just a few days.

In this way, it was evident that there was no way to seek help from the police either.

They couldn’t solve the incident because it had already involved the spiritual aspect to it.

In the end, he still had to find a solution by himself.

Shinichi sighed.

“Shinichi, are you alright?” Although they’re talking on the phone, Aoba could still tell Shinichi wasn’t alright.

“Nothing.” Shinichi thought about it.

Eventually, he didn’t tell her that he encountered the little girl in red again.

After all, informing her with more of details means nothing but inviting more troubles for her.

Although it might be too late, he still hoped that Aoba wasn’t involved since it was too dangerous.

“I am just a little bit tired. I want to sleep. Good night, Aoba. We will chat again tomorrow.”

“Well…then good night, Shinichi,” She placed the phone down and slept with some unanswered questions dwelling in her head.

“Good night,”

Hanging up the phone, Shinichi sat down again.

Somehow, he vaguely felt that he had neglected something.

Perhaps, the little girl in red wanted to remind him of something else, but he couldn’t understand what she meant.

Anyway. “It is necessary to go to school tomorrow,” Shinichi whispered.

At the moment, all the clues showed that something was hiding in Johoku High School.

If he could find it, he might be able to figure out the rest of leads to the case.

However, when he thought that the little girl in red once said ‘There’s not much time’, Shinichi couldn’t help but have a headache.

It was not even clear whether it was still too late or not at the moment.

Perhaps, there’s no time to think about it.

“Forget it, I don’t understand. I should go to sleep first.” Being busy for a whole day, Shinichi felt too weary that he didn’t even pay much heed to his teeth while brushing them.

He turned off the lights and went to bed. No matter what happened now, nothing could stop him from sleeping.

However, he couldn’t sleep well.

It was like sleep paralysis.

Heavy, depressed, uncomfortable.

He became more and more unconscious.

“Wake up.” “Wake up.” “Wake up.” In his ear, it seemed that someone was calling him.

However, his eyelids seemed to be as heavy as lead, and he simply couldn’t open them.

It took a lot of effort that he finally opened his eyes, but he was stunned right away.

What he saw wasn’t the room he was familiar with, but a dark and gloomy classroom.

Every seat was occupied. Lowering their head, the students lied on their desks as if they were trapped in a catacomb.

This shocked Shinichi.

He instantly woke up.

He…actually came to school!

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